Revenge Recap: Change of Plans

revenge season 2 engagementSunday’s Revenge might as well be titled “Aiden and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.” First, Takeda’s file reveals to Daniel that the Brit’s father was the baggage handler who smuggled the bomb onto ill-fated Flight 197. Then, not only is he fired by his romantic rival, but he’s also canned by Takeda. (Who knew mysterious mentor types could do that?) Yet neither of those things – nor the sight of Emily wearing Daniel’s Real Housewives of the Hamptons-sized engagement ring – is the rottenest thing that happens to Aiden. Wanna know what is? Keep reading…

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“AAAND… CUT!” | After Aiden tells Takeda that, if he’ll just let him run away with Emily, he’ll never reveal to her what their Mr. Miyagi’s “true objective” is, the two wind up in a Samurai swordfight to the death… Takeda’s death, it turns out. Later, with Nolan’s help, the survivor drains the Amanda Clarke Foundations’ coffers – in other words, bankrupting the Graysons! (Good thing Daniel already pulled all of his money out!)

COLD SNAP | When Victoria learns of Daniel and Emily’s re-engagement, she (pricelessly) remarks, “How… repetitious.” But she’s in no mood for jokes upon finding out that, in two weeks’ time, the couple will be moving – mondieu! – to Paris! She’ll be fine, Daniel says sarcastically, as soon as his “replacement” turns up. What he doesn’t know, however, is that, when half brother Patrick was a teenager, he did show up – and Mom paid him $5 million to beat it!

POLITICS AS USUAL | Determined to keep Conrad from winning the election, Jack presents Victoria – the one person who wants her husband to lose more than he does – with that photo of him rendezvousing with his opponent’s wife. Unfortunately, Conrad manages to turn the women’s subsequent conversation – in which Mrs. Stoddard reveals that her better half has a weak ticker – into exactly the headline that he needs to score a slam dunk at the polls. (“Curses, foiled again!” reads the thought bubble above Ashley’s head.)

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QUEEN TAKES PAWN | During her meeting with Jack, Victoria “lets slip” that his tryst with Emily was the reason she and Daniel broke up last year. But, though Jack takes the bait and confronts Emily, Victoria doesn’t get her desired outcome. (Not yet, anyway.) Later, the ice queen convinces Jack to tell her why he so badly wants to see Conrad fail. In response, he plays her his recording of the would-be governor ordering Amanda’s murder. “I’ll drink to that,” she doesn’t literally say. But, since they’re in a bar at the time, she does literally drink to it.

BAD GIRLS CLUB | When not complaining about “overexposure” in the tabloids, Charlotte makes time to agree to be Emily’s maid of honor. But then it’s right back to partying with her new BFF, Regina. Declan finally catches up with his girlfriend just as she’s leaving a nightclub, only to see her throw up and get arrested. After Daniel bails her out, she admits to her brother that she’s pregnant!

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Did you have a favorite Victoriaism? (Perhaps her opening line to Mrs. Stoddard: “Were you expecting your husband or mine?”) What do you make of The Initiative using Carrion to turn off the lights all over New York? And do we really need to wonder about which character is about to bite the dust? Hit the comments!