Parks and Rec Recaplet: Five Women and a Baby

Parks and Recreation PregnancyA baby bump mystery is afoot in Thursday’s Parks and Recreation finale — and who better to hop on the case than retired FBI pro Bert Macklin?

Upon finding a positive pregnancy test at Ron’s cabin following a work retreat, Andy’s crime-fighting alter ego once again dons that coveted blue windbreaker. Of the five prime suspects — Leslie, Ann, April, Donna and Mona Lisa — the first four are initially ruled out, leaving a potentially with-child Ralphio as the most likely mother-to-be.

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Confronted by her boy toy Tom, Mona Lisa confesses to the pregnancy, and then follows it with a big, obnoxious “Psyyyyych!” — making April the new likely suspect. Andy excitedly congratulates his wife, but then April confirms that she is not with child. Instead, she has a different life-altering announcement: She’s been accepted into an out-of-town veterinary school and really wants to pursue her dream of working with animals. (Andy gives his blessing and vows to make the distance work.)

Andy, meanwhile, brings Ron up to speed on the mystery and, in the midst of filling him in on the whereabouts of the positive test, a flustered Diane busts in and says that she and Ron need to talk… in private. Andy’s expression says it all — case closed!

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In other Parks finale goings-on, Leslie holds a town forum to find out if Pawneeans deem themselves better off today than a year ago when she first took office. Turns out, they seem to think they are not better off (well, at least the candy-loving, sex-opposing, burger-inhaling, pot-smoking ones feel that way). So disgruntled are the citizens that they’re aiming to recall their newlyish-elected city councilwoman — a threat that Leslie decides to face head on.

And then there’s poor Tom, who, after refusing to sell his successful Rent-a-Swag empire to an anonymous buyer, learns that said mystery person plans to open their own youth-based rental store — and directly across the street from his establishment!

Surprised Diane’s preggo? Will Pawnee indeed kick Leslie out of office? Can Rent-a-Swag live to swagger another day? Hit the comments!

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