NCIS Recap: Who Lived? And Who Died?

NCIS_Ziva_Car_CrashWarning: The following contains major spoilers from this Tuesday’s episode of CBS’ NCIS.

CBS’ NCIS this week wasted no time sorting through the aftermath of the gnarly car crash which Tony and Ziva were involved in, and by hour’s end, a key player in the Ilan Bodnar case was dead.

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Within minutes after the hour opened, both Ziva and Tony were up and around at the hospital, the former champing at the bit to hunt down Bodnar, the driver of the car that purposely sidelined the NCIS duo, so that he could pinch back his cache of diamonds.

One raid of a remote rental property later, Gibbs’ team had their only lead on Bodnar – his getaway driver “Carl,” who had been through so much plastic surgery and measures to conceal his identity, it took the serial number off a jaw implant to ID him as a South African mercenary whom Bodnar once served alongside.

Meanwhile, McGee analyzed a video call that Bodnar made to Ziva, deducing from the foliage and lampposts that their target was in New York City. Alas, McGee had fallen into a (rather obvious) trap, since Bodnar had manipulated the background to send the feds – or at least Homeland – on a wild goose chase, and buy him some time.

Luckily, some banter with Ducky led Tony to realize that a cryptic note found after the raid – “See Reisiger 19” – was written in Afrikaans, and once translated alluded to a freighter leaving out of Baltimore that night. Ziva went rogue with this intel, sneaking onto the ship and confronting Bodnar by herself. A furious bout of Krav Maga (I presume) ensued, with each party thoroughly pummeling the other. Just as Gibbs, DiNozzo et al arrive on the scene, Bodnar’s body plummets to the dock with a fatal thud — as a bloodied Ziva looked down from the stairwell above.

“Is it over?” Vance later asked the agent.

Looking worse for the wear yet internally seemingly at peace, she replied: “It’s over.”

Elsewhere in the episode: When Tony paid Gibbs a visit at home — to return a plunger and express concerns about Ziva — Gibbs wondered aloud if “something” happened in Berlin that DiNozzo wasn’t sharing…. Tony did a bit of Jack Nicholson circa Chinatown…. Palmer wondered what to get the Mrs. for their first anniversary (and alluded to never going on that honeymoon, heh)…. McGee chauffeured Tony, for one day, after DiNoz’s auto insurer dropped him after a third totaled car (cue La Grenouille reference!).

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