NCIS Recap: Who Lived? And Who Died?

NCIS_Ziva_Car_CrashWarning: The following contains major spoilers from this Tuesday’s episode of CBS’ NCIS.

CBS’ NCIS this week wasted no time sorting through the aftermath of the gnarly car crash which Tony and Ziva were involved in, and by hour’s end, a key player in the Ilan Bodnar case was dead.

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Within minutes after the hour opened, both Ziva and Tony were up and around at the hospital, the former champing at the bit to hunt down Bodnar, the driver of the car that purposely sidelined the NCIS duo, so that he could pinch back his cache of diamonds.

One raid of a remote rental property later, Gibbs’ team had their only lead on Bodnar – his getaway driver “Carl,” who had been through so much plastic surgery and measures to conceal his identity, it took the serial number off a jaw implant to ID him as a South African mercenary whom Bodnar once served alongside.

Meanwhile, McGee analyzed a video call that Bodnar made to Ziva, deducing from the foliage and lampposts that their target was in New York City. Alas, McGee had fallen into a (rather obvious) trap, since Bodnar had manipulated the background to send the feds – or at least Homeland – on a wild goose chase, and buy him some time.

Luckily, some banter with Ducky led Tony to realize that a cryptic note found after the raid – “See Reisiger 19” – was written in Afrikaans, and once translated alluded to a freighter leaving out of Baltimore that night. Ziva went rogue with this intel, sneaking onto the ship and confronting Bodnar by herself. A furious bout of Krav Maga (I presume) ensued, with each party thoroughly pummeling the other. Just as Gibbs, DiNozzo et al arrive on the scene, Bodnar’s body plummets to the dock with a fatal thud — as a bloodied Ziva looked down from the stairwell above.

“Is it over?” Vance later asked the agent.

Looking worse for the wear yet internally seemingly at peace, she replied: “It’s over.”

Elsewhere in the episode: When Tony paid Gibbs a visit at home — to return a plunger and express concerns about Ziva — Gibbs wondered aloud if “something” happened in Berlin that DiNozzo wasn’t sharing…. Tony did a bit of Jack Nicholson circa Chinatown…. Palmer wondered what to get the Mrs. for their first anniversary (and alluded to never going on that honeymoon, heh)…. McGee chauffeured Tony, for one day, after DiNoz’s auto insurer dropped him after a third totaled car (cue La Grenouille reference!).

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  1. Tybois says:

    I have the feeling that the ink dried on Cote’s contract with CBS weeks ago, but they are keeping it hush-hush to build the suspense…..which isn’t a bad thing. :)

    • Alexandra S says:

      I think so too, a similar thing happened over with one of the CSI’s a few years ago.

    • Claire says:

      I certainly hope this is the case. Which if it is then fine, but until the announcement is made (whether already signed or not), I hope CBS is hearing loud and clear that she MUST STAY. Season 10 has been brilliant thus far, and am so happy for the cast and crew. Mark Harmon is to be commended for his leadership. Seriously though, in the entertainment industry, what is the likelihood of a cast and crew having steady work in a HAPPY environment for 10+ years? It could very well be 20 years given that some may have started with JAG. Fantastic! The intensity of their Season Finales does seem to be increasing though so I am not entirely sure I am ready for the next few episodes. I run a mean mile and keep a steady HR, but I swear this show may do me in.

    • felinefriend says:

      I’m still hoping she’ll move on. Especially after tonight. I know NCIS is not known for realism but really – my sister said Marsha Brady had a worse broken nose than Tony had. And that fight? Maybe I should consider this a comedy.

    • Superninja89 says:

      I think so too, i was never worried after the crash.

  2. Gina says:

    Omg can’t wait and that did NOT help, I was really mad at the end of last week episode.

  3. So says:

    Wait, were we supposed to think it was an accident? I mean, come on.

  4. Statia says:

    I’ve had an uncomfortable feeling all season that NCIS could be headed for it’s final round next season. Where do the writers go if Tony and Ziva get together? Abby and Tim have gotten closer. Looks like resolution and an end. Certainly hope I’m wrong.

    • Stacey says:

      CBS would be a fool to give up 18-22 million viewers a episode unless the ratings start to sink. So unless the actors (Pauley, Michael and Sean will be up for their contracts next year). Mark just re-signed a multiple. So I can see it going on. But then who knows. It’s still getting too much viewership for CBS to lose it. With some of their other shows losing steam!

      • meem says:

        Plenty of shows go out on top. Ever heard of MASH? Seinfeld?

        • Stacey says:

          CBS has shows losing steam. Only NCIS and BBT are keeping up. So I doubt they will want to lose NCIS. Only if the actors leave.

        • Pat D. says:

          Jerry wanted to end ‘Seinfeld’ didnt he? I havent heard anything from the NCIS crew saying anything other than they love the show and working on new episodes.

      • D says:

        All of the cast members’s contracts will be up next years. That’s including Harmon.

        • Stacey says:

          Harmon reupped this year. In January when the show was renewed. They announced he had a new year. He and Cote are the off year from the rest.

    • TVDIVA says:

      NCIS has consistently been the number one rated drama all season. No network would kill a golden goose laying millions of dollars in revenue. Chariie Sheen left Two and a Half Men and CBS just re-tooled that golden goose. And if Mark Harmon ever left NCIS, I get the feeling Michael Weatherly would just step up as lead, as Tony lead the team in the past. As long as a show is generating millions and millions of advertising dollars, it will remain on the air in some form or fashion.

    • Storie says:

      Did you never see the way that Jag ended? It seems to be the same approach they are using for Tony and Ziva.

  5. estefania says:

    I can’t wait to watch one more hour , I am dying I love NCIS and TIVA

  6. MSHcountrygirl says:

    I wonder where they’re going to go from here? I can’t wait to watch it! My favorite tv show

  7. Catherine says:

    Losing Tony would be a heartbreaker; however, I wish he would over to the big screen and take over from Gary Grant…… he is a natural from those old romantic movies.

  8. TROUBLE says:

    That wasn’t a BAD Accident. NO Damage to the Door, the FRONT Fender was hit… means Ziva is OK ans Tony has to be also his side wasn’t HIT!
    HOWEVER, the Guy, from the OTHER Car APPROACHING….COULD HAVE A GUN and may be Someone from the PAST????

  9. Izzy says:

    Where are the airbags? At least they were wearing seatbelts.

    Glad that Ziva is ok consider that the impact was on her side.

  10. Miss Katie says:

    Cote was amazing.

  11. Pat D. says:

    Oho, from this week and next week’s spoilers, looks like Tiva did indeed do the nasty in Berlin!

    • Amanda says:

      No way! When would they have had time? Seemed like they napped then hit the club. Maybe they did earlier – like after Gibbs quit and before Ziva had him come back to help her out back in Season 5 or 6.

      • Pat D. says:

        Amanda, did you see the teaser for next week? Colin Hanks’ character seems to ask Ziva “Did you sleep with him?”—-my guess is he wasnt talking about Oded Fehr, but you never know.

        Also, what would you make of the scenes this week when Tony is asked about Berlin (especially the one where Gibbs asks, and is cut off by the phone?)

        We shall see…..

        • Stacey says:

          Or it’s a misdirect. And is asking if Ziva had a improper relationship with either Gibbs or Vance? Since it’s obvious those are the targets, with a minor helping of Ziva. Vance is making Homeland angry. And Gibbs has always been known to flaunt the law to get the results. As much as I would love if it was a question about Tony. I think it’s editing, and it’s really a question about either Gibbs or Vance. But it sounds like Tony’s trying to protect Ziva with the prosecutor.

          • Pat D. says:

            Maybe so, but then, what do you think the awkwardness when Abby asks “how was berlin” or Gibbs “Is there something you’re not telling me about Berlin” is all about? I suppose Ziva could have been a loose cannon or something on the trip (and we didnt see it), but I’m thinking it was some real Tiva action…. =)

  12. abbie s. says:

    who dies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

  13. william.gruendler says:

    Well, now I won’t need to watch the ep. DVR space available for TCM …

  14. Julia64 says:

    After that amazingly exciting and unexpected car crash last week I couldn’t have been more disappointed by tonight’s episode, probably something to do with the most misleading promo I’ve ever seen. I love this show and the cast and I’m not expecting serious drama but this is starting to get silly now.

  15. N.A. says:

    Great episode and great recap, Matt. Thanks. :)

  16. lame says:

    That last fight scene is why Ziva David won the most badass detective on tv. NCIS isn’t afraid to show their heroine bruised, cut and battered the day after the fight, unlike other tv series where things seem to miraculously disappear.

    • felinefriend says:

      It’s funny how different people see things. I hated the fight scene. I thought the writing was not so great in this episode. I did like Abby as the “receptionist” though.

  17. Benjamin Lister says:

    Loved the call back to “The Frog” blowing up Tony’s mustang in season 5 premiere

  18. dassala says:

    Enough Tiva. When’s McGee gonna get some lovin’? Poor guy has to be so lonely! :(

    • Pat D. says:

      Its his own fault for dumping Abby (been awhile, didnt he dump her?)—sorry, but I have little sympathy for the dude.

    • John says:

      Given how hot his M.I.T. gaming “buddy” was I sort of doubt he’s at all lonely, just discreet.

  19. Pat D. says:

    Almost forgot: Best line of the night:

    Palmer (to Gibbs): “…what I meant was…uh…its the first time I’ve ever seen you do actual…uhhh.. (work)”

    Ducky: “Mr. Palmer, I suggest you concentrate on your Job before I have a second body to examine.”

    • lyn says:

      I liked when he said the guy had more plastic surgery than Joan Rivers and Cher combined.

      • Pat D. says:

        Bahaha, or

        Girl (to Tony): “Why did you wait so long to get your nose done? You’re like older than my DAD!”

  20. TVDIVA says:

    I loved this episode – especially the scene with Ziva and Vance at the end. But I am really looking forward to seeing Muse Watson (Mike Franks) back as GIbbs conscience now that the fallout will hit the fan.

  21. badpenny says:

    I wanted to like this episode but it just came off as incredibly ordinary. The car accident was nothing and advanced the story in no direction. Ziva is sick of Tony and his whining about his car, which makes the whole holding hands and her saying “Tony” pointless. Even a 13 year old who uses photoshop could have figured out the background in the video was was fake. And then Ziva kills the badguy. It was all just ordinary and somewhat anticlimactic compared to last week’s build up.

    • Stacey says:

      Ziva was badly hurt from the car crash. She didn’t want to stay at the hospital, so she left early and took off her arm support. And obviously she was feeling the pain. Same with Tony. Their behaviour shows that. I would be testy if I was trying to push the pain away to catch my father’s killer. Tony could see that she affected, and worried about her… She gave him her car. That was a dead giveaway.

      • badpenny says:

        Ziva was so “badly hurt” that she still managed to beat/kill an uninjured, male, fully-trained Mossad operative. Thus the accident had no real meaning. The drama of Ziva being injured added nothing to the outcome. The fight would have gone the same way even if they had never been injured in the accident.

        • arial2 says:

          I think the point was obsession for revenge makes you stronger than usual when you’re a fully-trained female former Mossad operative who keeps up with her training regimen. If she hadn’t been injured in the accident, no one would have found her destroying Elon anything unusual.

    • Pat D. says:

      Yeah, I too coulda swore that it looked like somebody had pasted Oded’s head onto a fake background, just figured it was poor production by the show, like a cheap green-screen setup. LOL that McGee didnt catch it since it turned out that fakeness was a real plot item.

    • TVDIVA says:

      Bodner rammed Ziva’s car to get his diamonds back so he could leave the country. That was the point of the accident. And if Tony and Ziva died in the car, that was fine with Bodner.

      • badpenny says:

        If Bodner wanted either of them dead he could have just shot them well they were stunned in the car. He didn’t need to just leave. And my point about the accident was that it was played-up in the promos as a big deal. Tony’s bloody hand reaching for Ziva, a body in the morgue, and so on. It was really a non-issue. The ad-hype was that someone was seriously injured. The reality was that it Ziva got some bruised ribs and Tony got a cut on his nose.

  22. Spikenalabama says:

    Could they PLEASE kill Ziva off already? Ugh, I can’t stand that actress.

    • Mary says:

      What has she ever done except play an awesome character that you so obviously do not like… don’t blame the actress for a character she doesn’t write for. Should she get punished and lose her job unless she actually chooses to do so? Cote de Pablo has a lot of talent, a lot more talent than I imagine YOU do.

    • arial2 says:

      Can’t stand strong women who can take care of themselves? Ziva’s the best thing to happen to women on tv ever. Constant training and self-discipline are way better than hand-wringing and looking around for some guy to save you.

      • Ryker says:

        We don’t need unrealistic women on television. Laura Holt on Remington Steele – she was smart and had some self-defense. Ziva’s like a combination of the Terminator and Batgirl. they need to tone her down.

  23. Donna says:

    Anyone get a good look at what Gibbs was working on in the basement?

  24. Syd E says:

    Ziva did feel the affects of the accident. She was in the gym, and she fought through the pain to get back on track. She also trained right up until the fight scene, that’s why she slaughtered him. I don’t understand why people dislike her. She’s amazing, there aren’t many heroines on prime time TV… and she’s definitely damn good.

  25. Ella mosely says:

    NCIS is a well developed, entertaining show. Full of good drama and comedy. It’s well balanced in both plots and casts. Each makes this show what it is. We live it. Ziva is sexy and strong; Tony is smart , funny, and clever McGhee and Abby brains to match anything out there; everyone needs a good Ducky full of sometimes meaningless knowledge. Palmer brings up the goofy but smart side. Now Gibbs he’s the backbone of the entire team. He keeps them focused he’s calm but gets the job done. Vance oversees the lot. It takes each to make this show WORK!!!!!! Sasha Alexandra was ok, Lauren Holly was good but Cote is AWESOME! Action! I hope they are Around for a long time. Best show on TV.

  26. Susan Jackson says:

    This was a very disappointing episode. After the apparent severity of the crash, Tony has a cut on the nose and somse bruises? Super Ziva can get off several shots at the vehicle and then does some boxing and runs to and from work while Tony whines about his car? And really, NO type of discussion between Tony and Ziva about the accident? I don’t know why I’m surprised. Rarely has anything lived up to the hype when TIVA is involved. I can’t even muster any excitement for the rest of the season. I already know nothing will really happen.

  27. Danny says:

    I think Tony and Ziva will end up together. They were holding hands, and just before the accident she said ” Tony ” as nif she was gonna say she Loves him.
    Gibbs asked what happen that he not telling him …. My guess is Tony & Ziva Slept together and will end up together

    • Traci King says:

      Whatever anyone things never happens. I thought the accident was serious, but it looks like it was just another plot to move the story along so Ziva could make the kill.

  28. Zebedee says:

    I am confused. Expected to be watching series 10 finale on fox hd uk right now, it has been series nine finale instead. Last weeks episode ended with Gibbs having his FBI mate in the sights of his rifle, this week we are back to the bomb at HQ and Duckys heart attack.

  29. Luo Xiaowei hurriedly looked up: No, no way, the company running everything is normal.

  30. Guy & Judy Strickland says:

    I love this show ncis my wife and I are cripple and we look forward to our favert show I am praying that the show will be back soon

  31. Don says:

    Best show on TV in years. I even bought a “NCIS” hat to wear and wear it daily, I’m 85 and love Ziva. Tony is teriffic also.

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