Revenge Recap: The Falcon Crests

revengeblogThis Sunday on Revenge, Emily and Nolan use the Falcon-forged record of Victoria’s abortion to smoke out the hacker that they hold responsible for fabricating evidence against David, getting Padma killed and also global warming. (Okay, maybe not that last one.) But the revelation of her identity – she’s just some chick named Edith – and subsequent arrest pale in comparison to what they have in store for Victoria.

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TRUE LIES | Thinking that she’s covered her tracks, Victoria is ready to “admit” during a Nightline interview that she terminated a pregnancy while a teenager. Unfortunately, thanks to our scheme team, what Juju Chang actually wants to know is, didn’t the ice queen give up a six-month-old boy named Patrick so she could accept an art scholarship? Busted, Victoria confesses, then offers Nolan his company back if he’ll help her find the son she abandoned. (She doesn’t even seem fazed by the fact that he spends most of the episode dressed like the Mad Hatter!)

RETURN ENGAGENT | In the middle of that same eventful Q&A session, Daniel prompts Juju to ask Emily whether they’ll be tying the knot. (Punk move, bro. Not cool.) Later, he gives his ex-fiancee an engagement ring, which Aiden puts on her finger. “Marry the son-of-a-bitch,” he says (literally), adding (almost literally), “Then, hurry up and ruin his family, divorce his sorry ass and marry me, alright?”

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STRANGE BEDFELLOWS | Jack is so peeved over Emily’s reunion with Daniel that he fires her as Carl’s godmother. (Who knew you could even do that?!) Meanwhile, his new coconspirator, Ashley, is busy getting herself rehired by Conrad by offering him photographic proof that she knows he’s been secretly meeting with the Governor’s wife (who just happens to be a former member of True Blood’s Vampire Authority).

GIRLS GONE WILD | Remember Regina, the girl Charlotte decked at the masquerade ball? All it takes is a coupla lines about their shared interest in suicide – Charlotte tried it, Regina’s brother succeeded at it – and suddenly, they’re BFFs. After Regina encourages Charlotte to “embrace [her] inner bad girl,” she even blows off a date with Declan to make out with her gal pal on the Revenge version of TMZ.

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Were you surprised that the Falcon wasn’t Marco but somebody random? Who would you cast as Patrick? Hit the comments!