Vampire Diaries Recap: The Original King

Vampire Diaries Season 4 Recap Hayley PregnantThe Vampire Diaries travelled to New Orleans this week to lay the groundwork for a potential spin-off — and dropped a Hayley-related bombshell on Klaus in the process.

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Turns out their one-night stand resulted in the impossible: A baby! While vampires can’t procreate, werewolves can — and through some freaky loophole, the Original has knocked up the wolf girl.

So how did the episode get to that revelation and what does it mean for Klaus?

Well, the hybrid first heads to the Big Easy to track down the witchy threat Katherine warned him about, but he runs into a few challenges. First, no one will give up the location of spellcaster Jane-Anne because they don’t want to break Marcel’s rules. The man in charge is Klaus’ former protege (played by the charismatic Charles Michael Davis having loads of fun), who now controls New Orleans and has a tight leash on everyone. He’s gotten the human locals to look the other way while vampires feast on tourists, and he’s even “got the witches here wrapped around my finger,” he tells Klaus. This comes as a big surprise to the Original since Marcel was basically a wimp when he left him behind. (Fittingly, when we first see Marcel, he’s singing “How Do You Like Me Now” like a boss.)

Marcel ends up witch-blocking his maker when he kills Jane-Anne in the middle of the street among a big crowd of vampires. (Everything really is out in the open here, which is just one of the things this potential spin-off has going for it.) Thankfully, Elijah, who can always be counted on for a fantastic kill, saves her sister Sophie (Daniella Pineda) from some of Marcel’s chumps with a swift heart removal. He then brings Klaus to the witch, who drops the big baby surprise on him and announces that if he doesn’t help her stop the out-of-control Marcel, she’ll off Hayley and his kid.

Vampire Diaries Season 4 Recap Hayley PregnantKlaus listens in on his child’s heartbeat before replying, “Kill her and the baby. What do I care?”

PHOTO | Vampire Diaries Season 4 Spoilers — Caroline and Klaus’ Heated Confrontation

Elijah, however, is not ready to give up on the hope that the very unplanned pregnancy might be just the thing to redeem his brother and bring their family together. “It’s a gift,” he says. “It’s our chance to start over.”

But Klaus is too hung up on the fact that the witches are trying to manipulate him. Elijah tries to convince him to move past that. If he kills them, then what? He just goes back to Mystic Falls and continues to be The Hated One? Is the power of fear the be all and end all?

Family is power,” Elijah pleads. “This is us, the Original family. We remain together always and forever.”

Klaus is having none of it until a fateful, antagonistic confrontation with Marcel. “I’m the king! Show me some respect!” the latter yells as the two argue. So what does Klaus do? He bites one of Marcel’s vamp buddies.

“I’ve broken one of your rules and yet, I cannot be killed,” declares Klaus. “I am immortal. Who has the power now, friend?”

Seeing the family and loyalty that his former siree has built for himself, Klaus decides that’s what he wants too. And with Hayley knocked up, he finally has the chance to make it happen. “Every king needs a heir,” he tells his brother.

So Klaus makes peace with Marcel and reveals that he plans to stick around. Meanwhile, Elijah says his goodbyes to Katherine. It’ll take some convincing to get Rebekah on board – she makes it clear that she has no intention of leaving Mystic Falls for the brother who’s made her life hell – but it looks like we’re poised for an Original family reunion next fall. There’s no way the CW isn’t going to pick up this ready-made, lived-in spin-off, right? Between the love-it-or-hate-it Hayley twist, a dynamic new character in Marcel, the vampires vs. witches war, and the drink-blood-and-party-all-day-and-night hedonistic vibe, The Originals has a lot of promise.

The episode was scarce on Mystic Falls happenings/characters, and, frankly, I didn’t even notice. But there is one thing I’d like to see: Caroline in New Orleans, which would open up the character in a fresh way. Klaus did call her to say he’s looking around at all the culture and “all I can think about is how much I want to show it to you. Maybe one day you’ll let me.” Until then, psych student/bartender/human Camille (Leah Pipes) will have to be The Originals‘ blonde, I guess.

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