Kitchen Nightmares Exclusive: A Scary Mystery Pudding With 'Old Trout' and...Trichinosis!?

When an aghast Gordon Ramsay asks “What is that?” on Kitchen Nightmares, it’s often a rhetorical query. In the following exclusive preview clip from this Friday’s episode (8/7c on Fox), however, the identity of the food product in question seems to be a genuine enigma.

Is it savory or is it sweet? Is it fresh or has it been sitting in the kitchen of Everett, WA’s Prohibition Grille for weeks? You’ll have to press play to get some answers.

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If that’s not enough reason to ch-ch-check it out our preview clip, you’ll also get to see Ramsay berate Prohibition Grille owner Rishi, a former belly dancer, about cross contamination of food. That’s right, raw pork really shouldn’t be stored within shouting distance of cooked ribs, nor should old trout be swimming in the same jus as today’s catch.

Hit the play button below, then sound off on which aspect of this preview was grossest!

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