Castle Sneak Peek: Kate's Come-Hither Striptease Fails to Push Rick's Buttons [#Facepalm]

Rick, Rick, Rick, Rick….

It turns out we do get a sneak peek at tonight’s episode of ABC’s Castle (which was swapped in late last week to replace the bomb-themed “Still”), and frankly it does a certain mystery novelist no favors.

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As seen in this clip from “The Squab and the Quail,” Rick is too busy mashing buttons against some kid in India to instead play a much more adult (and dare we presume fun) game with a scantily clad, writhing Kate.

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With the thrill of the chase long gone, is Castle taking his lady love for granted? As I shared on Twitter the other day, the teaser for this episode did say, “Beckett is forced to reflect on her relationship with Castle, which has begun to plateau.”

And who might help the top cop get over this relationship hump? Enter Ioan Gruffudd (Ringer) as Erik Vaughn, a dashing billionaire entrepreneur whose life is in danger — and who, in this second clip, seems able to spot an unappreciated femme when he sees one. Talk about your Fantastic Fourplay!

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