Vampire Diaries Recap: Dance the Night Away

Pictures of YouIt’s prom time on The Vampire Diaries, and the event is probably has more in common with Stephen King’s Carrie than organizer extraordinaire Caroline would like — not to mention that Elena commits a major girl crime against her… before getting even more lethal against Bonnie!

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FEEL IT ALL | Stefan and Damon decide that the way to get Elena to take the cure is by making her turn her humanity back on. So they’ll bombard her with emotions. If that doesn’t work, they’ve got a Plan B: Lock her up until they come up with Plan C. (Boys, there’s a reason the plans start to correspond with lower grades the further along you get. And at the rate you’re going, you may need a Plan D.)

The prom’s theme, “Pictures of You” — complete with a video yearbook showing off Elena and her loved ones — fails to raise any feelings from the vamp. Stefan decides to get personal with her, reminding her what his touch feels like during an intimate dance. Surely, that intense scene must stir something in her heart? Elena leans in for what looks like a kiss and then replies, “What heart?”

The moment actually ends up affecting Stefan more than his ex. He can’t seem to move on, he tells Caroline, who responds that he’ll meet someone new and, without even realizing it, he’ll fall madly in love. Um, did it already happen? Was it just me, or were there sparks during the friends’ dance? Meanwhile, Damon – and let’s pause for a minute to hear Elena’s thoughts on her other date: “You’re overage, and honestly, it’s kind of creepy” – doesn’t have any better luck as the humanity-free Gilbert says anything she felt for him was just because of the sire bond.

DRESS ME UP | On top of being a cruel date to Damon and Stefan, Elena swipes Caroline’s prom dress. It does look better on the brunette, but still – major friend faux pas! Rather than this turning into a 90210 moment with both girls wearing the same outfit, Caroline goes to Klaus, who’s more than a little amused, for help. She wants him to dig out a dress from his vintage collection that will make her look “Princess Grace-hot.” Weird choice of words, right? Both the monarch and the gown Caroline ends up wearing are more “elegant” than “hot.” And perhaps Klaus really is turning over a new leaf: Not only does he save Caroline from a fashion disaster, he even lets Tyler, who returned to give his girl the perfect prom, leave without inflicting any bodily harm on the boy.

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BEING HUMAN | Elijah agrees to give his sister the cure – if she lives as a human for a day to prove that is really what she wants. That means going to the prom alone — gasp! — since she can’t compel a date (or a nicer dress, it seems). To top it off, Matt – her “beautifully human” role model – tells her she wouldn’t make a good human since he’s never seen her do anything remotely good. But Rebekah is actually playing by Elijah’s no-vamp-powers rules – until her new roomie Elena decides to take it upon herself to make the Vampire Diaries Season 4 Recap PromOriginal prom queen. (The actual King and Queen: Matt and… Bonnie?) That means attacking April, who for some reason is at the seniors’ dance and is in charge of the ballots. As she lies bleeding on the floor, Matt begs Rebekah to save April. She refuses at first – it’s a vampire privilege – but ultimately gives in when Matt tells her this is how she can prove she’s good. Meanwhile, Silas appears as Rebekah and snags the cure from Elijah.

BONNIE GOES BOOM | What’s prom without a few ghosts? Bonnie is haunted by visions of Jeremy, thanks to Silas. He tries to convince her that she needs him to control her magic, but she’s not having any of it. The thing is, he’s kind of got a point. When Elena tries to take out Silas by attacking his witch, Bonnie nearly kills her with her powers. (Before that, Elena throws up her pal’s blood after feeding on her. Hmm…) However, there’s a positive side to the confrontation: The presence of a human emotion — fear — in Elena’s eyes during the moment leads the Salvatores to Plan C: Make her life a living hell. Meanwhile, Bonnie comes face-to-face with the real, disfigured Silas, who just wants to die even if it means bringing back every dead supernatural being.

Next week, it’s off to New Orleans as Klaus follows up on Katherine’s ominous letter!

Vampire Diaries fans, how would you rate the show’s prom? Which dance – Stefan/Elena, Stefan/Caroline, Matt/Rebekah or Tyler/Caroline – was your favorite? And was Silas’ real face too hidden in darkness to really be creepy? Sound off in the comments!