Southland Finale Recaplet: Down for the Count?

Southland Season 5 Recap John Cooper ShotSouthland signed off for the season – and possibly forever — on Wednesday night with a shocking, cliffhangery finale.

Let’s just say that star Michael Cudlitz’ tease that it would be a “satisfying, if not aggravating” episode came true.

So how exactly did our heroes go out? TVLine breaks it down partnership by partnership…

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LYDIA AND RUBEN | Decked out in uniforms, the detectives spend the hour tracking down leads in the kidnapping of Hank and John and basically doing the job of the Robbery/Homicide Division. They eventually capture one of the tweakers involved. (The other was shot in the head by his own pal and thrown out of the car to become roadkill.) Ruben takes RHD’s glory, while Lydia eschews the press conference to spend time with her son and Russell, whom she’s starting to rely on quite a bit. “What are we doing here?” he asks, to which she replies, “I don’t know.”

BEN AND SAMMY | All the secrets Ben’s been keeping from Sammy come to a head as the latter officer attempts to track down a car connected to the break-in of his house. Ben gets to the car first, has it impounded and warns the owner – his girlfriend’s brother – to get out of town before slipping him a wad of cash. The thug calls Ben a “dirty cop” – with the path he’s been traveling down this season, it’s not an unfair label – and leaves Los Angeles. But the damage is done. Sammy finds out about the impounded car and his partner’s connection – he used his own badge number – leading to a violent confrontation. “We were partners,” Sammy yells pointedly during the fight. It’s very hard to imagine these two ever riding in the same car again.

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COOPER | This is where it gets brutal. After the events of last week’s episode, John is on desk duty and has to see a therapist. There’s also mentions of keeping weapons away from him. But the cop maintains that he’s OK, even if he walks out abruptly after his training officer asks him why he and Hank gave up their guns. And he’s moving full steam ahead on the baby train, telling his ex, “I see things clearly like I never have.” Unfortunately, she doesn’t want to have a baby with him. During the night, a neighbor’s noisy generator wakes up Cooper. He goes outside to turn it off and ends up in a verbal confrontations with the neighbors, one of whom has a gun. When the other one calls him a “pig,” John finally loses it and takes out the gun wielder. Then he beats the other one to a bloody pulp with the gun. He doesn’t stop, not even when the cops arrive and tell him to put his hands up. As he turns, they fire several shots into him(!) before realizing he is a cop. As he lies on the ground bleeding, the episode ends with Cooper’s fate up in the air.

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