Scandal Enlists John Barrowman for Guest Stint

john barrowman scandal season 2Olivia Pope meet Captain Jack.

Scandal has tapped Torchwood-turned-Arrow actor John Barrowman for a Season 2 guest stint, series creator Shonda Rhimes announced on Twitter late Tuesday.

“John Barrowman is here working today at Scandal,” Rhimes wrote. “Life is good.”

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Rhimes didn’t reveal any further details about Barrowman’s character. Sources, meanwhile, confirm he’ll appear in this season’s penultimate episode on Thursday, May 9.

Barrowman had a role in Rhimes’ ill-fated ABC period drama pilot Gilded Lilys.

Thoughts? Who do you think the actor is playing? Post your theories below in the comments.

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  1. madhatter360 says:

    First of all, YAY!
    Second of all, it’s Captain Jack. Not Jake.
    Third of all, WHOO! More John Barrowman on my TV screen.

  2. What implications does this have for Malcolm Merlyn?

    • Zorkel567 says:

      Probably won’t affect that, as Malcolm is recurring, and this is just a guest stint. Hopefully.

      • shuayb says:

        Arrow had already finished filming this season and he is probably the case of the week.

        • Holli says:

          I’m with Anna…”OMG, this is all kinds of awesome. Scandal is a fav and Barrowman onscreen has always made my day! Arrow is still filming until 20 April, and Barrowman is back in Vancouver today for filming. Seems he’s filming Arrow and Scandal in the same week. Busy guy.

  3. Michael Ausiello says:

    FIXED! I was overly excited!

  4. Kim says:

    It’s Scandal so he’ll be a lying, cheating, stealing kind of dude. And all we want is Olitz. Like Captain Joke said, “Olitzer’s would be happy to see Liv and Fitz drink tea together for 45 minutes” #MorePlease #SorryNotSorry

    • Kerry says:

      I’m with you on that. Olivia and Jake have no chemistry. Zzzzzzzz Bring back Olitz.

      • Mechelle says:

        Olivia and Jake have plenty of chemistry! Keep Olake!

        • chris says:

          Jake and Liv together are just lame. Olitz or find another guy. Jake is one creepy dude

        • Jeanne says:

          Amen to that. Fitz is okay and of course I love their chemistry but until Fitz gets a divorce not more Fitz and Olivia, period. Jake is the man and if Fitz doesn’t get his act together I want Jake and Olivia permanantly while Fitz stew in his own juices (which will be 60 proof mind you LOL) with his wife and three kids.

    • E says:

      Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, but for me the Olivia/Fitz relationship has quickly become the worst part of the show. I find any scene where one of them is pining for the other unbearable, no matter how much Shonda Rhimes tries to shove their “epic love” down our throats.

      • GeekGirl13 says:


      • Plum says:

        Fitz is a prototypical Washington prince; entitled, pouty, charming, wealthy, mean-spirited; he’s exactly the type of guy that on the surface women adore, very JFK Junior.

        It’s fun to watch them nail that character type and give us the behind the scenes on that type of character, and make it complex and complicated, instead of just making Fitz the Knight in Shining Armor. Long term it will be more interesting to watch the characters than ship the couples, and good or bad Olivia and Fitz have terrific chemistry.

      • If SR would let them be it would be a wonderful ride with Olitz. It seems like every time they get a little closer, the creater throw another monkey wrench between them..How much more are going to test their love for each other? This is why it may seem like it’s getting old. But, I do watch in hope for an Olitz reconcilation. But, I know about SR that will never happen. Jake doesn’t keep my attention. I will eventually get bored.

        • Suz says:

          Re-election announcement coming up. President cannot be separated. That campaign could bring them back together but First Lady will see to it that it doesn’t happen! Olivia will focus on work, not love, since she is creeped out by Jake and Fitz.

      • Moe says:

        Not even close to agreeing. Up until now, network heads have been making such statements and decisions denying viewers more interesting television.

        Olitz is foundational to the success of the show, but not the only thing keeping the show alive. Without Olitz, we wouldn’t have the major story arcs intertwining believable emotional decisions and behind-the-scenes politics. The writer’s did a beautiful job developing all of the characters to the point where outrageous moves and decisions could be rationalized in our heads. From incredible to credible. The powerful chemistry and the on-screen development of Olivia and Fitz, in part, makes this possible.

        It is probably one of the most mature writing we’ve seen regarding a couple in recent television memory in this genre (one minute, 3-dimensionality of characters). Try to think how the story would have developed without them… I’m just not convinced that it would be the Scandal we know and love today.

        • On point. Remove Olitz and it’s over. We live for them, we can’t breathe without them, we watch for them, our, well, my whole life is about Olitz. Never ever, ever seen such chemistry. Can’t be duplicated. They are too intense for romance to work with anyone else.

  5. M says:

    Made. of. Awesome.

  6. Janie says:

    SQEEEEEEEEEEEEE! (fangirl-dom out of the way now) It will certainly involve questionable morality, tons of sexual tension, sardonic humor and a definite threat to Fitz’s Presidency, I hope.

  7. Charlie Schneider says:

    Captain Jack for Spoiler Alert! Let’s make it happen :)

  8. Sara says:

    I. Just. Died. SO EXCITED!!!!

  9. KND says:

    I don’t know how I could love this anymore! Totally made my night!!!!

  10. Barrowman on my tv!! I’m a happy woman!!

  11. TVPeong says:

    I wonder who he will play. Probably a slick politician or another fixer.

    • KCC says:

      How much fun would it be if he plays another fixer? I can see them playing a chess game with two different clients.

  12. Don’t think my comment went through :( Anywho as I said before….looks like I’ll have to tune into Scandal to see Captain Jack/Malcolm Merlyn/Dark Archer

  13. leo says:

    GREAT NEWS! :)
    I’m addicted to Scandal and just keeps getting better

  14. Liz says:

    Yeah! Don’t watch any of shonda rhimes shows. But heard she’s a big Doctor Who fan! And yeah for captain jack

  15. Daisy says:

    I would very much like to echo the existing enthusiasm. I would be very happy if he somehow became recurring. Overjoyed really.

  16. Michelle says:

    That explains John’s twitter pic of him going back to LA from Vancouver from a couple of days ago! ;)

  17. Whatever says:

    Now that’s some good news ! I do love me some Capt. Jack.
    Didn’t think the show could get any better but it just did .

  18. Anna says:


  19. Valery says:

    Didn’t his TORCHWOOD co-star Burn Gorman have a small role a couple of shows ago?

    • Valery says:

      Oops, sorry; my bad. Burn was on REVENGE, not SCANDAL. Still, so thrilling to see any of the TW actors on US TV!

  20. Tessie says:

    I think John will play Abby’s ex.

  21. I am a Scandle fan , a Capt. Jack fiend, and a torchwood nut, I have just died and gone to heaven. OMG is this for real!!!!!????????

  22. LostSoul says:

    While always grateful for any appearance by the irrasible John Barrowman…Major thumbs down to Steven Moffett for cutting Cap’n Jack outta Who’s 50th anniversary!

  23. Bianca says:


  24. Nina says:

    Hadn’t watched this show until John was on. If he’s going to be a recurring character…I’m IN. \o/