Revolution Recap: Major Power Play

Revolution - Season 1Monday’s Revolution finally revealed what caused the power to go out 15 years ago, and the answer is: Tiny, tiny, tiny computers?

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Rachel shows Aaron a sketch of a design involving a very small circular object with extending arms. Each one is the size of a virus, and they’re everywhere, even in the air they’re breathing at that moment. There’s a couple hundred quadrillion of these things floating around out there with two programmed commands: To absorb electricity and to replicate. One day, something went wrong in the tower and they started reproducing out of control.

And there you have it.

Elsewhere, Monroe gives Neville a mission to retrieve something very important. But before he leaves, Neville exchanges some name-calling with Randall (Randall: “Your record represents a staggering level of incompetence.” Neville: “You’re just a civilian with a smug smile and a cheap suit.”) The officer ends up proving Randall right though when he lets himself get hijacked by Miles and the rebels on the road while joyfully listening to Lionel Richie. Rachel wants to kill Neville for what he did to Ben and Danny, but Miles plans to beat him, let him heal and then beat him again until he tells them where he was headed.

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It appears that Neville’s about to find a way out when Jason, who has joined the rebels, sneaks in to talk to his father. “What’d I do wrong?” he asks. “I did everything you asked me to. I hurt people. Killed people. For you. And you just look right through me. What more did you want from me?”

“If you’re weak, you’re dead,” Neville replies. “I didn’t want you to be like that. I didn’t want you to be like me so I was hard on you. Maybe too hard. But Jason, I was always proud of you, I swear to God.”

The sweet heart-to-heart is cut short when Jason announces that the speech is “crap.” His dad is just telling him what he wants to hear so he’ll cut him loose. “I know you too well,” he adds.

So Neville pulls out the trump card. If he doesn’t complete his mission and return home, Monroe will have Jason’s mom killed. The good son doesn’t want that, right? Jason unlocks his father from his restraints and tells him he’s going with him since mom’s safety is at stake. Neville reveals the location of his destination, but not why he’s been sent there.

“It’s OK. You said enough,” responds Jason as the doors swing open to reveal Miles and the gang. Oh snap, Jason played his dad! And it worked! And I totally didn’t see it coming. You know what else I didn’t notice? That nail that Neville somehow swiped and used to unlock himself before killing Nora’s friend. And how did he get home so fast to warn his wife to get out of dodge?

As for the mystery mission, the rebels arrive at the site to find Randall getting a suitcase from a man. He manages to escape the gunfire, but there’s still some troubling evidence left behind in the form of flammable materials and weapon-like sketches. If Monroe is building a nuke, how are the rebels to fight back? Rachel’s answer: She and Aaron will travel across the Plains Nation to the tower to turn the power back on. Miles isn’t thrilled about this plan, especially since it involves giving everyone power back, even Texas. But judging from the very passionate kiss he finally laid on Rachel after she told him to take better care of Charlie than he ever took of her, we’re betting he’s also not pleased that she is leaving with no plans to come back.

Revolution fans, what did you think of the blackout reveal? Did Jason prove himself to be a worthy rebel? And how steamy was that kiss?