Performer of the Week: Emmy Rossum

Shameless Season 3 Emmy Rossum Performer of the WeekA weekly feature in which we spotlight shining stars


THE SHOW | Shameless

THE EPISODE | “Order Room Service”

THE AIRDATE | March 31, 2013

THE PERFORMANCE | Shameless‘ coffeehouse-set clash on this past Sunday’s episode might have been Jimmy’s exploding moment, but it was leading lady Emmy Rossum who once again blew us away (no disrespect to her extremely talented co-star Justin Chatwin).

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With her boyfriend’s secret plans for his Gallagher-less life in Michigan exposed, Fiona and Jimmy’s relationship reached its boiling point during an ugly, heated fight. (In case you missed it or want to relieve the messy blowout, click here.) The confrontation wasn’t pretty or easy to watch, but it was a thing of beauty. From Fiona’s heartbreak and disappointment at the realization that the love of her life was pulling away to her fiery anger at his betrayal to the hurt in her eyes when Jimmy labeled her home “a goddamn slum,” Rossum was captivating. She may have let out a disbelieving chortle when he threw the last insult her way, but the emotion that followed was no laughing matter.

“You made me feel like I could depend on you, and now it’s a slum?” she spat back, tears in her eyes.

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Later, after confessing her “idiot” mistakes to her boss mid-drunken makeout – “It’s not even the first time that he’s lied. I closed my stupid eyes to it because I wanted it to work so badly,” she said, her voice cracking at her own denial – Fiona called Jimmy to tell him they can make it work.

We might not have done the same thing in her situation, but Rossum is so terrific and believable as the wounded tough girl that we totally bought her late night plea.

HONORABLE MENTION | Revenge‘s Gabriel Mann, who fell apart so beautifully when Nolan learned of Padma’s death. The couple never got much screen time, but Mann’s complete destruction as Emily hugged her techie pal made us ache for his loss nevertheless.   

What performance knocked your socks off this week?