The Walking Dead Finale Recap: War and Peace -- Plus: Find Out Who's Returning for Season 4

The Walking Dead FinaleIn Sunday’s season finale of The Walking Dead, it’s less the battle royal between Team Jailhouse and Team Woodbury that leaves countless casualties – including two characters we’d come to know and love (and okay, to be fair, be annoyed by) – and more the dustup’s prelude and aftermath that results in such a high body count.

Here’s how it all shakes out…

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THE WISDOM OF A FORTUNE COOKIE | The episode opens with the Governor beating the living daylights out of Milton and telling him that, come hell or high water, he’s not leaving the torture chamber before he kills Andrea. Choosing high water (or is it hell?), Milton uses the dagger that the Governor gives him to (duh!) attack ol’ One-Eye. Seeing it coming a mile away (even with only the one eye), the Governor turns the weapon against Milton and leaves him to die and become a zombie – a zombie who will, in turn, do away with Andrea. “In this life now, ya kill or ya die,” says the villain. “Or ya die and ya kill.” But either way, eww!

THANKS, BUT NO THANKS | Meanwhile, as everybody packs up the jailhouse (you know, just in case), Carol tries to cheer up Daryl by telling him that Merle “gave us a chance.” (And, loathsome though Merle was, it’s true.) In another cellblock, Rick appears as uneasy with Michonne’s forgiveness (for thinking about offering her up as a sacrifice to the Governor) as he is with her thanks (for accepting her into the group).In other words, to quote Casablanca, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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DIE HARD | In Woodbury, Tyreese and Sasha inform the Governor that they’re happy to fight walkers for him, but they’ll take no part in any kerfuffle with humans. They’ll happily stay behind, though, and guard the children. “Thank you,” says the Governor, clearly replacing a word that starts with “f” with the word “thank.” Following an action-movie assault on the prison, in which only walkers are shot and egos bruised, the Governor is in such a fit of pique that he picks off everyone who’s decided to desert him. Everyone except one female Woodburyan who escapes his notice (the asthmatic’s mom from weeks ago?). UPDATE: David Morrissey aka The Governor is set to return as a series regular for Season 4, says The Hollywood Reporter.

KID STUFF | When a young Woodburyan happens upon Hershel, Beth and Carl in the woods, Carl – who’s been pissed at Rick the whole episode long (for considering giving up Michonne) – shoots the lad. When confronted about it, Carl insists that, though “I didn’t kill the walker that killed Dale,” he did take care of this. Hershel, on the other hand, counters that “he gunned that kid down.” So, in other words, “Dear diary, my teen angst bulls— has a body count.”

ONCE BITTEN | Upon gaining entry to Woodbury, Rick & Co. discover Milton dead… but uh-oh… apparently, Andrea wasn’t able to put him down before he chomped down on her. “I just didn’t want anyone to die,” she says in trying to explain her motivation for not taking out the Governor when she had the chance. Reluctantly, Rick leaves her with Michonne so that she can kill herself before she turns. “I know how the safety works,” she cracks. But it’s really Michonne’s tears, hard-won as they are, that break us down.

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode and, for that matter, the season? How do you think the Woodbury survivors who relocate to the prison will fare? Will Carl go crazier before he gets his act together? Will we get a Glenn/Maggie wedding? A proper Daryl/Carol hook-up? Sound off below!

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