What to Watch: 5 Web Series Worth Checking Out

joanriversA woman who needs no introduction, Joan Rivers, enters the web series fray via the boudoir, a late-night host offers advice to teens, Phil Dunphy’s middle daughter reprises her viral video role and popular website Reddit launches a YouTube series.

Explain Like I’m Five | The subreddit ELI5 purports to be a place where one can ask questions about really anything without fear of judgment. Hosted by comedians Michael Kayne and Langan Kingsley, the new web series by the same name takes a more literal approach to the title than the online forum, posing questions like “what is existentialism” and “what’s going on in Syria.”

Dora The Explorer and the Destiny Medallion | Way back in the summer of 2012, College Humor served up a Dora the Explorer reboot trailer that notched more than 13 millions views. That fake trailer spawned this miniseries in which Dora (Modern Family‘s Ariel Winter) searches for a special medallion with sarcasm, sass and bad-assness.

Ask a Grown Man | The super-simple format of one of our favorite web series is as follows: web cam + questions from kids = answers from celeb guest. The adorable and (allegedly) Tonight Show-bound Jimmy Fallon offers sweet and sane advice to teens. Among his gems: “Don’t stare at anyone while they’re sleeping, because that’s creepy” and “It’s a long, long, long, long life and you have a lot of time to figure it all out.” Whew!

Alive and Kicking | A seriously sweet documentary series about two men who met while living at the Motion Picture Television Fund retirement home. Tony Lawrence is a retired screenwriter who recently lost his wife. Larry Kelem spent many years as a songwriter. Lawrence suggests they join forces on a musical, which Lawrence envisions as a tribute to his wife. “The more we write, the more we find out,” Kelem explains. Watch the 11-episode series and prepare to be inspired by their partnership.

In Bed With Joan | Rivers (with daughter Melissa in tow, natch) launches a new web series in which she interviews celebs in a bedroom setting. So far, Sarah Silverman, Nick Kroll and Kelly Osbourne have hit the sheets the legendary comic. Joan coaxes some interesting stories out of her subjects, but the nearly 30-minute running time needs to be cut in half.

What are your faves from the Web these days? Comment away below, and feel free to offer your own recommendations!