Performer of the Week: Justified's Mike O'Malley

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THE SHOW | Justified


THE AIRDATE March 19, 2013

THE PERFORMANCE | It speaks volumes about the quality and daring of O’Malley’s work on Justified this season that he’s making such a (wonderful! awful!) impression as Theo Tonin’s slimebucket henchman Nicky Augustine. This is the show, after all, that gave us Margo Martindale as the fearsome Mags Bennett. Its bar for villains is set high. Real high.

Yet, in this week’s exceptional episode, O’Malley made Nicky so skin-crawlingly vile during his misogynistic tete-a-tete with Ava that when she pulled a gun on him, you could almost hear every viewer at home shouting, “Do it! Shoot!”

Perhaps especially impressive is the fact that O’Malley’s performance here is a full-on 180 from the role for which he’s best known: Kurt’s dad – perennial Father of the Year Burt – on Glee. That he can not only make us forget Burt but make us forget Burt and absolutely loathe Nicky is the kind of feat that deserves recognition.

What performance knocked your socks off this week?

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