Vampire Diaries Recap: Elena Cheers Up

Bring it OnWith Jeremy’s death in her rearview mirror, a humanity-free Elena stepped back into her old cheerleader outfit in Thursday’s Vampire Diaries and not only went to town on the helpless competition, she almost killed one of her friends!

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GIMME A ‘B’ FOR BLOOD | Elena’s new life begins with Stefan and Caroline deciding a return to school is a good idea. Damon tells her to study and not eat anyone, but from her slightly bemused look, it’s clear that the sire bond no longer works now that she doesn’t feel anything. Elena gets herself back on the cheerleading squad so she can feast on the vervain-free competition. Caroline catches on to what she’s doing and confronts her. Then, in the first sign that we’re truly seeing a new Elena, she lets Caroline fall to the floor during the middle of a routine. Of course, she survives, but still, way harsh! And it only get worse from there.

At Elena’s rager, it seems like things are finally turning around. Elena’s having fun, and Caroline’s OK with it, even urging Stefan to let loose on the dance floor. Elena practically offers the Stefan/Caroline ‘shippers her blessing, telling Care to take him out for a spin. But then the little vamp attacks Sheriff Forbes, leading to a full-on girl fight – “Under any other circumstance, this would be a major turn-on,” says Damon – that almost ends with Elena killing her best friend! In spite of this, Stefan tries to convince Caroline that the girl they know and love could someday come back to them. “Even when I was at my worst, Elena wouldn’t give up on me,” he says. “So we can’t give up on her.”

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DESPERATELY SEEKING KATHERINE | While his brother is babysitting Elena, Damon takes off to find Katherine. He needs to locate a vampire with some intel, but there’s just one problem: The guy is dying of a werewolf bite. But hey, Rebekah is here with some of Klaus’ blood! So the two team up and eventually track down Will, whom Damon recognizes from his past. Instead of catching up, Damon rips out his heart and tells Rebekah “losing this cure is the best damn thing that ever happened to you” because now she won’t suffer some miserable, boring human life. But there’s obviously more to the Will/Damon story (in next week’s flashbacks), so the episode ends with Damon taking Elena to the one place every newbie vamp should go: New York City!

THE ART OF SEX | On top of all of Elena’s sex talk this week – To Stefan: “You look good. I remember our sex. And it was good sex. But I don’t feel anything about it anymore” – there’s an actual sex scene, too, between Klaus and the mischievous Hayley! After much back and forth over his art and a lot of drinking on her part – was there a scene where she wasn’t holding a glass of alcohol? – the werewolf lets the hybrid have “control” on top of a table. Afterward, Klaus reveals that he recognizes the mark on her back as one belonging to a lineage of werewolves from Louisiana. Cue the forthcoming spin-off.

AND EVERYTHING ELSE… | Bonnie’s MIA in this episode, but her cohort Silas gets a mention when Stefan suspects that he’s the one stealing all of the blood supply from nearby hospitals. … As if almost getting killed by her pal isn’t enough, Caroline is dealt another major blow when Matt gives her a letter from Tyler that basically says he’s never coming back and he gave Matt the deed to his house.

Vampire Diaries fans, what did you think of the new Elena? Was Klaus and Hayley’s hook-up steamy? And who do you think are Katherine’s “allies” that have helped her escape Klaus?