Once Upon a Time First Look: Regina Tests Snow White in 1983, Rumple Warns the Charmings

Once Upon a Time SpoilersThis Sunday’s Once Upon a Time has two provocative story threads to pick up — and we’ve got a sneak peek from each.

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In “Welcome to Storybrooke,” as the episode title suggests, the ABC drama will flash back to 1983, just as the Evil Queen’s Dark Curse plucked scores of fairytale land VIPs out of the Enchanted Forest to populate a sleepy town in Maine. In this first clip, we see Regina seemingly “test” Snow White (now known as mild-mannered schoolmarm Mary Margaret) to see what, if anything, she remembers — in part by gauging her reaction to a certain “John Doe” in the hospital.

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In the present day, meanwhile, Regina vows to make Mary Margaret pay — with her life — for her role in Cora’s death. Rumplestilstkin thus visits the Charmings to share that grim news, to which David has a pretty spot-on retort à la You owe us, imp!

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