Lying Game Finale Recap: A Killer Revealed, a Bittersweet Twin Swap... and a Shocking Death?

The Lying Game Season 2 SpoilersEmotions were running higher than ever in the Lying Game finale Tuesday night, as each and every devious character was forced to face their respective demons.

The hour also answered several burning questions — some two seasons in the making — including who killed Teresa (and Derek?), which guy Emma would choose and what Alec has really been hiding all this time.

Here’s what went down in what was hopefully not the series finale of the addictive ABC Family drama:

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As Dan mourns the loss of his bride-to-be Teresa, Alec finally sees fit to fill him in on the secret that is Emma and Sutton’s twin-dom. This revelation, of course, only makes Dan feel even more betrayed by all of those in the know around him — namely, his trusted baby bro Ethan.

Battling some pretty severe grief and a bit of rage, Dan gives Ethan an ultimatum: From here on out, the lovelorn biker needs to choose his family (aka him) or whichever twin he’s loving that week. Unfortunately, this all comes about at the exact moment Emma has finally made her choice between the latter and Thayer. (She chooses Ethan.) However, E’s made his own choice and, living up to his brotherly duties, breaks both of their hearts and walks away from Emma for what she thinks is for good.

Over in Thayer Land, the adopted Ryback boy becomes increasingly angry and aggressive, forcing Emma to pick between her beaus. Much later in the installment, when Emma comes to his place to end things, a jaw-clenched, hands-fisted Thayer “listens” to the break-up speech, but only for a second. Fuming, he demands Emma leave his place immediately — but more on that in a bit.

Rebecca finally approaches Emma and tries to explain everything to her — even going so far as to describe the moment she reluctantly gave her daughters away. The scorned twin will have none of it, though. Instead, she reunites with Sutton and vows to stick around as part of the family. It soon becomes clear, however, as Ted repeatedly insists on bringing Kristen in on the baby secret, that Sutton is terrified to have Emma reveal her true identity to their adopted mom. “She might want you instead,” the normally guarded twin shares with her sister. An understanding Emma empathizes, ultimately agreeing to go back into hiding until Sutton is OK with her officially coming out into the open.

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Elsewhere in the installment, Dan continues the search for Teresa’s killer and finally — with the help of Sutton and one half of that much-talked about silver friendship necklace — is able to pin the crime on Rebecca.

Now a fugitive, Rebecca decides that skipping town is her only option and sends the girls with a quick, tearful goodbye via Skype. But her evil streak isn’t done just yet. Rebecca attempts to blackmail Jordan into leaving with her by threatening to reveal “what [he] did to [his] brother in Los Angeles.” Nonetheless, he decides to stay with Mads — only it’s too late and he’s quickly arrested for murdering his aforementioned sibling. What’s more, Rebecca later reappears at Teresa’s memorial and, in a top-secret meeting with Alec on the roof, reveals that she knows he’s been setting her up, noting that it’s crazy “how far we’ll go to protect our loved ones.” (In case you missed it, she’s referring to an allegedly murderous Thayer!)

Without warning or explanation, Alec then falls many a story through the roof’s glass ceiling, landing bloodied and unconscious (and dead?) on a table in the middle of the event — and just as Ted is about to come clean to his estranged wife.

Oh, and then there’s Thayer, who’s now alone in his room and losing it. After retrieving Teresa’s murder weapon from under his couch (!!), his proceeds to destroy said dwelling, pausing for only a moment to stare at a framed photo of Emma that he’s just smashed.

So, Lying Game fans, what did you think of the game-changing finale? Hit the comments!

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