'Red' Alert: First Look at the NCIS: LA Spin-Off

What JAG starteth, the March 19 episode of NCIS: Los Angeles hopes to continueth, laying the foundation for a spin-off of a spin-off of a spin-off — and here’s a fresh batch of photos of the new team.

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In the NCIS: LA episode “Red,” when a murder weapon in Idaho matches the one used in a national security case in L.A., Callen and Sam fly to the crime scene to join a mobile team of NCIS agents who live and work together as they solve crimes in various locations.

Kim Raver (24) and John Corbett (Parenthood) lead the planted pilot’s ensemble, respectively playing Special Agent Paris, the athletic, smart, witty and bold leader of the Red team, and Roy Quaid, a former NCIS Special Agent forced to retire from active service who now works as an analyst.

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Rounding out the “Red” team are Aussie Gillian Alexy (Damages, as Clare, a brainiac, lawyer, photographer and military junkie); Scott Grimes (ER, playing Dave, the forensic specialist and resident oddball; and Edwin Hodge (Cougar Town, as Kai, the group’s young IT guy). Additionally, NCIS: LA‘s Miguel Ferrer would pull “double duty” as Assistant Director Owen Granger if the offshoot gets picked up by CBS in May.