Mad Men Season 6 Poster Clones Don Draper! Plus: Who's the Mystery Woman?

The new poster for Mad Men‘s sixth season is giving us ideas about a theme cocktail you can serve at your premiere viewing parties: the Double Don Draper.

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Start with two shots of the dapper Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce partner. Add a pensive gaze, a perfectly parted ‘do and a briefcase full of business. Stir in an unidentified female — probably Megan, but substitutions are acceptable — and pour over a bustling Manhattan spring day. Voila! Even Roger would approve.

Study the art below in advance of the AMC drama’s two-hour return on April 7 (9/8c), then hit the comments: Does the image slake — or stoke? — your thirst for more Mad Men?

Mad Men Season 6 Poster Don Draper