Revenge's Nick Wechsler on Jack's Revengenda, Why He's Now 'Distrustful' of Emily and Nolan

Revenge Season 2 SpoilersQuick, someone make Revenges Emily a t-shirt that reads, “I saved my soulmate from a gun-toting psycho on a boat and all I got was his lousy attitude!”

As evidenced in our recent sneak peek at tonight’s episode of the ABC drama (9/8c), Jack is deep in the throes of grief after losing Amanda, and, per his portrayer Nick Wechsler, he’ll be taking at least some of that out on the woman he once loved most.

“Jack’s just freshly devastated, [so] it’s too soon for [he and Emily] to be together,” he says. Complicating things even further, he’ll soon “learn some stuff that makes him not trust [her]” — and she’s not the only one.

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“Things are strained between Nolan and Jack a little bit, too,” the actor adds. “You’ll see why in this next episode. It’s partly because Jack’s all f–ked up, and partly because sometimes you push people away when you lose someone that significant — or at least you’re more fragile and more likely to tell someone to f–k off.”

That said, Wechsler reveals that “some stuff does come out that makes him distrustful of Nolan, [as well as] Emily.”

Referencing co-star Gabriel Mann‘s previous tease that we’ll now be seeing a “smarter, meaner, revenge-y Jack Porter,” Wechsler elaborates, “Just as you would imagine, he’s heartbroken. The thing that is driving Emily’s revenge is her broken heart; she was robbed of her father, of her childhood, of her innocence. Jack was naïve and innocent for so long and then they took his wife. Now he’s got that heartbreak driving his revenge engine as well.”

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As polarizing as Revenge‘s second season has been, Wechsler assures that there’s “some really exciting stuff coming up” in the year’s final batch of episodes — “and I’m not saying that the other stuff wasn’t exciting. But if it wasn’t for some people, they’re going to like what we’ve got coming.” (With reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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