Once Upon a Time Recap: Royal Pains

GINNIFER GOODWINThis week on ABC’s Once Upon a Time, Mr. Gold was caught in the worst sort of NYC tourist trap, triggering a race in Storybrooke to find The Dark One’s dagger. Meanwhile in the fairytale land that was, young Snow White was faced with a difficult decision — one that would  have a profound ripple effect in the here and now.

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IN NEW YORK CITY…. | Mr. Gold, Emma, Neal and Henry went out for pizza, apparently — because that’s what you stop and do in the middle of life-changing, mystical-magical revelations! — during which Emma suggested that Neal come back to Storybrooke to get to know his son/reconnect with his father. But before Neal could get out some news in that regard, their day was interrupted by the arrival of Captain Hook, who drove his poisoned prosthetic into his arch enemy’s chest. Emma promptly KO’d the pirate, who was no stranger to her baby daddy, and locked him up in a storage room, but the damage had been done: Gold is dying, and only the magic of his dagger can save him. As such, the four of them set out to return to Storybrooke post-haste, using Hook’s ship — but not before Neal introduces Emma to his fiancée Tamara. [Sad trombone]

IN THE FAIRYTALE LAND THAT WAS…. | Young Snow White’s mother, Queen Eva, falls deathly ill, leaving her daughter to consider a drastic solution: As “hesitantly” prescribed by “The Blue Fairy,” Snow could use an enchanted candle to save her mother’s life — in trade for someone else’s. In the end, Snow reveals to her mother that she just couldn’t do it, and a funeral is held for the queen. After the ceremony, Cora materializes at dead Eva’s side, abandoning the guise of the Blue Fairy, and reveals to us how she orchestrated all of this, knowing Snow’s limitations, so as to free up the king for her own daughter, Regina.

IN STORYBROKE…. | Mary Margaret reunites with her former nanny, Johanna, now that things have settled down some in post-curse Storybrooke. The kindly caregiver however becomes but a pawn in Cora and Regina’s sinister scheme, when Mary Margaret and David emerge as the first to find Rumple’s dagger hidden in the clock tower. Cora compels Mary Margaret to trade the dagger for Joanna’s heart/life, and that deal is made — but Cora pitches the old lady out the window, crashing to the pavement below, anyway! Mary Margaret, upon then realizing that Cora plotted her mother’s death as well, reevaluates her “Be the Better Person”-based life choices and trades in her snow-white fuzzy sweater for darker garb by episode’s end.

Just how dark will Snow get? Get scoop on that and much more in our recap of today’s Once Upon a Time Paleyfest session!

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