American Idol Recap: It Moves Us All, Through Despair and Hope [UPDATED]

american-idol-season-12-womenCue your local locust swarm and saddle up the proverbial four horses, American Idol fans: The end times are definitely nigh!

How else to explain Zoanette Johnson being named by the show’s rebooted judges’ panel as one of the 10 most promising unsigned female singers in the country? Yes, Zoanette Johnson, the same chick whose tattered, Season 12 audition cover of “The Star Spangled Banner” caused Keith Urban to literally fall out of his chair — and was punctuated by an alarming booty drop.

Honestly, is it time to put down the remote control and pick up the Book of Revelations? Or could one of the following theories explain the judges’ thinking:

A) Nigel Lythgoe made sure the microprint in Keith, Nicki and Mariah’s contracts allowed him to override their common sense and good taste at least three times per season. (He is, after all, producing a TV show.)

nicki-minaj-idol-side-eyeB) By virtue of his 11 previous seasons on the panel, Randy’s vote counts for double — allowing him carte blanche approval on various contestants, no matter how aggressively Nicki throws her side-eye (see accompanying screengrab, captured at the exact moment when Randy tried to justify cutting Candice Glover in the Season 11 Vegas round). (Let’s hear it for the girl, girl, girl!)

C) The judges deliberately chose to advance a few cannon-fodder contestants into next week’s Top 20, thereby ensuring speed-dialing Idol voters will advance their true chosen pets.

D) At the end of Thursday’s telecast, the judges will give a reprieve to all five women who got axed tonight, send five additional male contestants to the guillotine, and give us a gender-imbalanced, 15-chica/5-niño semifinal round. (MAKE THIS HAPPEN, @DizzyFeet!)

E) Zoanette was put here on this Earth to disprove the old adage that you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

F) Somebody spiked the Coke cups.

Me? I’m going with some combination of A, C, F, and E — no, Zoanette wasn’t good in a note-hitting kind of way, but she definitely made me feel…something (though by morning I could just attribute it to indigestion).

Anyhow, let’s cut to the set list for the second “sudden death” episode of Idol‘s 12th season — along with my letter grades for every performance:

Melinda Ademi: Jessie J’s “Nobody’s Perfect” | Melinda showed tons of promise in Hollywood Week solo, but much like the ill-advised bottom half of her outfit tonight (black booty shorts over purple tights, with black knee-high boots!?), her “Nobody’s Perfect” was a bit of a mess — perhaps, as Mariah pointed out, due to nervousness that put a peculiar “waver” in her voice. The good news is that Vegas-week ejectees can still come back for Season 13 (a fact I confirmed with Fox publicists), which means the 19-year-old might be able to take another crack at getting her vocals to match her outsized charisma and appealing stage presence. (Conspiracy theory side-note: Anyone else find it funny that Nicki complained about Melinda having covered Jessie J more than once this year, while failing to call out the same habit in Angela Miller, who also sang “Nobody’s Perfect” last week, as well as two additional Jessie J. songs for her initial audition and her Hollywood Week a capella solo?) Grade: C+

Candice Glover: Aretha Franklin’s “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman” | From the restrained opening verse that showcased her bell-clear tone to the sensuality (and “come to mama” hand gestures) that informed the “ooh, baby what ya done to me” bridge to the outsized runs that ended the set, Candice’s vocal was an undeniable triumph. (Bonus points for the steel in Ms. Glover’s eyes as she’s performing, too.) Perhaps more than any contestant this season, in fact, Candice brings a sense of authority to the stage that makes me feel at ease with wherever she wants to take a song’s melody. I’d be lying, though, if I didn’t admit just a slight bit of ennui with the expectedness of Candice’s song choice. Girlfriend needs to bear in mind that, since she doesn’t have a ton of room to grow vocally (I mean, how much better can her voice actually get?), she’ll have to compensate by growing artistically — and not fall into a pattern of using her No. 2 pencil to fill in her standardized test of big-voiced soul divas like Aretha, Alicia, Mariah and Whitney. Grade: B+

Juliana Chahayed: Demi Lovato’s “Skyscraper” | Every year of Idol, there’s at least one major early-season injustice that stings so badly I end up referencing it in my recaps for the next five (or 10) seasons. And I’m displeased to report that the victim of Season 12’s felony larceny was this soft-spoken high school sophomore who reimagined Demi Lovato’s booming radio ballad with a glorious tissue-paper delicacy. Sure, as Nicki noted, Juliana’s lilting upper register and acoustic tendencies meant she had the potential to be swallowed up by the massive audience and Idol house band during voting rounds, but she might’ve also had the potential to provide welcome relief from the melisma and vocal gymnastics that are certain to dominate the show from now until late May. (Oh, and I couldn’t disagree more with Keith’s aside about Juliana “struggling with pitch.”) Maybe Fox was contractually obligated to axe Juliana after she publicly dissed X Factor judge Demi by saying she’d picked “Skyscraper” after her vocal coach told her to play around with a song she didn’t actually like (hilarious, BTW), but I’m going to try to comfort myself with an optimistic outlook: Julia’s too-early exit just means we’ve already got something to look forward to in Season 13. Grade: A-

Jett Hermano: Rihanna’s “Only Girl (In The World)” | Keith was right that by virtue of turning it into a slowed-down piano jam, Jett brought out a heretofore unheard sexiness in Rihanna’s upbeat radio smash. Unfortunately, the arrangement was also in a key that stretched Jett’s voice into unpleasant territory for at least half the song. And since this isn’t Song Arrangement Idol, I can’t really fault the judges for giving the old heave-ho to the pretty legal assistant. Grade: B-

Cristabel Clack: Alicia Keys’s “No One” | It takes more than talent to win American Idol, it also takes a penis the innate ability to choose interesting songs that bring out the best in your voice. And alas, while there’s no arguing the beauty of Cristabel’s signature rasp, it’s equally true that — like a Price Is Right contestant who gets the “wah-wah wah-wahhh waaahhh” fail horn, Cristabel made altogether too many wrong choices: The rote pick of done-to-death-on-Idol Alicia Keys, the momentum-busting revelation to Ryan Seacrest that she almost dropped out of the competition because of insecurity, the unfortunate sweater adorned with images of little black bows. Cristabel’s biggest misfire, though, was essentially following the advice Randy Jackson gave to Jett: “Wear it out vocally.” Indeed, Cristabel packed so many runs into the opening verse alone and stretched her range to such shrieking extremes on the bridge that the entire performance began to crumble like a box of crackers under the weight of a Diet Coke 12-pack. (Sigh…will grocery-store baggers never learn?) Naturally, though, Cristabel’s subpar effort had Randy leaping to his feet in celebration. (Maybe he lost count of which contestants Uncle Nigel told him were supposed to get Standing O’s?) Grade: B-

Aubrey Cleland: Beyoncé’s “Sweet Dreams” | I can’t lie: I love it when contestants who’ve received the cannon-fodder edit achieve almost total pitch perfection and force the judges to reconsider their pre-conceived pecking order. Aubrey certainly did that with a cover of “Sweet Dreams” so clean and shiny, I could almost smell a hint of Lemon Pledge on it. Was the whole performance maybe just a tiny bit too sterile? Yeah — and especially compared to Jessica Sanchez’s rendition from Season 11. Would it have been nice if Nicki hadn’t focused so much on Aubrey’s looks (complete with leering cameraman’s pan from her shoes all the way up her legs and to her face)? Absolutely — because if I wanted to watch a show like that, I’d still be DVR-ing Top Model. But I’d also put Aubrey as the night’s fourth or fifth best vocal, so you won’t hear me complaining about her forward march to the semifinals. Grade: B

Rachel Hale: Grace Potter And The Nocturnals’ “Nothing But The Water” | Mariah had a good point that Grace Potter’s rockin’ blues jam might not have been the best showcase for Rachel’s ethereal tone — as Keith noted, there were moments the song got on top of her, and not the other way around — but it was interesting to see the perpetually smiling Arkansas native bring some fire and aggression on a typically ballad-heavy night. Who knows, had Rachel not performed the entire song with a “pre-K teacher greeting her students in the morning” smile, she might have forced the judges to give her the night’s fifth and final pass to the semifinals over the more-hyped Janelle. Here’s at least hoping she gives the Idol thing another try in Season 13, yes? Grade: B

Breanna Steer: Jazmine Sullivan’s “Bust Your Windows” | Like Aubrey, Breanna might as well have begun the Vegas rounds wearing white robes and chained to a rock, waiting for the Kraken to devour her in three or four gory bites. And frankly, after hearing a brief snippet of her torturing “Be My Baby” during Hollywood Week group rounds, I thought I’d be okay with the Louisiana native suffering that kind of fate. Imagine my surprise, then, when Breanna made a brilliant strategic song choice and left me snapping along with Nicki Minaj’s overheated critique: “Miss Little Lady Bug, work, work, work!” Okay, yeah, if I’m being honest, I heard an occasional wobble in pitch on some of the trickier notes of “Bust Your Windows,” but there’s a huge difference between giving the night’s most spotless vocal performance and giving the night’s most enjoyable vocal performance. And for my money, Breanna’s ability to paint vivid pictures with her voice — and her willingness to choose something with a little bit of tempo! — was far more important than the fact that there were three or four wonky notes in the mix. Here’s hoping Vegas is the start of Breanna’s comeback story, and not just a one-week blip before she’s subsumed by the pageant-queen Borg Collective. Grade: A-

Janelle Arthur: Lady Antebellum’s “Just a Kiss” | Keith gave an incredibly astute critique (damn he’s got a good ear — even underneath so much hair!) when he noted that Janelle kept trying to up the stakes of Lady Antebellum’s not-exactly-range-y melody, and unfortunately for her, the strain of her effort was evident in a vocal that felt slightly under the melody from start to finish. It was jarring indeed to hear the much-hyped front-runner collapsing beneath the weight of early expectations — though, to be honest, her final Hollywood solo on “I Told You So” had its share of problems, too — leaving me wondering if she’s on the sort of Baylie Brown/Kristy Lee Cook trajectory where the big-stage performances don’t live up to the intimacy of the small-room auditions. I wasn’t outraged that the judges gave their early favorite one more chance and let her through to the voting rounds, but if I’d been in one of those four chairs, I’d have given the slot to Rachel (who was more vocally on point) or Jett (who showed more creativity). Grade: B-

Zoanette Johnson: Elton John’s “Circle Of Life” | I don’t think words are entirely appropriate to critique Zoanette’s crazy-awful-awesome-astonishing-peculiar interpretation of “Circle of Life.” I mean, if you compare it to, say, Jennifer Hudson’s revelatory Season 3 rendition, Zoanette’s cover borders on comical. And yet while it would be easy to take Nicki’s feedback — “you’re the person we’re going to remember tonight” — and add a “because you were so ridiculous” to the end of it, I’m not sure that would be entirely fair, either. There was something undeniably stirring about hearing Zoanette’s completely earnest tale of her family’s escape from Liberia paired with a full Lion King-Zulu language intro that found Zoanette with knees bent, spinning around and inviting the entire audience into her world, as the background singers grinned coyly and Nicki raised a Gospel hand and began to tear up. Sure, the melody train derailed repeatedly once Zoanette settled into the regular English portion of the song, pounding out notes flatter than your average tortilla. But…I don’t know. I…uh…didn’t not enjoy it? Maybe I just need to use an emoticon here to get my point across. (o.O) Grade: C+

Did that make any sense? I have no idea. Which means it’s probably a good time for me to turn things over to you. What did you think of the third Vegas round of American Idol Season 12? What did you think of the judges’ decisions? Who was your favorite? Did Juliana get robbed? Did Zoanette commit a crime against music? Or are you warming to her particular brand of cray-cray? Take our poll below, then sound off in the comments, and for all my Idol-related news, recaps, interviews and videos, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. nich says:

    I’m already done with this season. Idol thinks it’s a girl year by putting through Zoanette? Then I hope she wins.

    • HTGRWHOM says:

      I think they are just trying to guarantee Candice in top three and Janelle wins it.
      They want another Underwood.

      • nich says:

        If they wanted to stack the deck they could have put in Melinda instead. Zoanette is just insulting.

        • HTGRWHOM says:

          Yeah but what if Melinda took off, then horrors, they’d have a northern pop-star to deal with, heaven forbid. She had wicked stage presence Hollywood week.
          Don’t forget that Michael had her #5 OVERALL (ALL girls AND guys combined) and #3 for girls. And she #6 OVERALL among posters to this site. Maybe that was the kiss of death for her.

        • ben says:

          Zoanette is not insulting. She, like Charlie last week, is put in because of her personality. I know that those thinking primarily about, oh I dunno, singing or something, might object to Zoanette being in. But it’s silly to call it ‘stacking the deck’ or anything like that. Zoanette was always going to obviously be in the top 20, because they wanted her there. It’s not a singing competition, its a ratings competition, and if they believe Zoanette brings them eyeballs, then go for it.

          I don’t really think there is anyone they left out who would have won. There are so many fantastic girls to choose from, I doubt Zoanette even makes it past the next week.

          • Tom22 says:

            Clearly the magnetism that comes off in person doesn’t work as well with the TV edit. I’ve got to say though, that even though I really dislike the USE of sob stories, knowing that Zonette’s barely got of out a the brutal evil civil war does make me hear how she has sung the song differently. I don’t know if that is right or wrong, and it is NOT about feeling sorry for her… I hate the feeling sorry for someone sob stories but, there is something that moves me knowing what is behind someone. I think that the judges may be too swayed by that and a type of electricity charm that comes off in person . That doesn’t do us any good though. I’d be very disappointed going to a Broadway show with that lead vocal.

            As for inspiration and likable people. – Boy – Aubrey’s dad is a great Dad, isn’t he ? The way he said “It’s all going to be fine” , matter of factly, comfortably with what seemed like trust in what humans can do when they set their minds to things. Did anyone else remark on that ore was it just me ?

          • sandi says:

            I really, really hope that Zonette and Charlie are gone after the first round of voting. Charlie is beyond annoying and Zonette(?) is just awful

          • Not feeling it for the judges or the contestants this season , not even able to call most of them singers ,
            This will be the 1st season in years I opt to skip idol because of the horrible casting mistakes made by the producers of the show

      • mary says:

        She is no Carrie. After tonight she should not of been put through. WRONG SONG CHOICE.
        Candice has a good voice, but I only see her top five.

        • HTGRWHOM says:

          She may not be which may be why they need to force the issue more and get rid of others? I will peek back in on tvline now and then and see if that turns out to have been the case or not.

        • Timmah says:

          Not only is she no Carrie, I don’t think she could even hold a candle to Kristy Lee Cook.

          • Justin says:

            Even Carrie didn’t have the most consistent run on the show.

          • Stacey says:

            Justin: Except Carrie’s flaws came in the later weeks, near the end when every one is always super tired from the long process. But early Carrie was powerful, and it allowed her to amass a major fanbase and power. So being weak in the early rounds is not necessarily a good thing except if you do make the final 10, final 5 girls. It allows you the ability to do a sneak attack. Like Jordin. To surprise people. Right now people are focused on Angela and Candice. It does allow for surprise, to get better. Although Janelle’s main issue was her song choice. It was a bad one, although she got stronger as the soing went on!

          • HTGRWHOM says:

            People do forget that she was pretty robotic though while still on the show.

          • joy says:

            I agree…I dont know the obsession with janelle

        • Name That Tune says:

          Listen, Candice is a throwback. She’s this season’s Melinda Doolittle. But she can sing and finishing at 3, 4, or 5 is a victory given what we’ve seen since season 6. I don’t expect her to win – just give me the pleasure of hearing her sing for a few more weeks. I love the big voice divas and she can just keep channeling her inner Aretha for as long as she likes.

      • ado4586 says:

        Agreed. The judges/producers are shaping the field to optimize the outcome they’re seeking. Candice is a fave (and deservedly so). Which is I guess why I’m not too upset that they let Julianna go. She will come back next year (fingers crossed) with a built-in fan base (much like Candice), and a year’s worth of additional experience needed that will only strengthen this 15 year old’s chances to make a serious run for the following season. I loved her “papery” tone and hope she has a chance to showcase more of it in the future.

        • Yvonne says:

          If as you say Candice is a favorite then she is doomed. America hates that. Exhibit A: Joshua Ledet.

          • Tom22 says:

            Joshua Ledet came in third, right ? That is a tremendous. People need to give up on who is number one and count it a win if your favorite gets in the top 4. First place is about being a pop star (and today’s modern country and pop cross over so much today they’re one in the same)..

            More popular doesn’t mean “better” . It means they have a personality and a style that reflects in their music that the most mainstream portion of people like. (they may be aided by some people with more niche tastes also enjoy – re PP and Dave mathews.. but as distinct a sound Dave mathews might have, he also appeals to a very broad segment of society as evidenced by his place on the top money earners list.

            Winning is getting to play long enough to be exposed to your fan base. Yeah, the winner might get an extra million (which is nothing to sneeze at) due to promotion but its not enough to guarantee sucess 6 or 7 years out. I don’t think Joshua would be doing better or worse if he had finished first place… it didn’t matter at all in the long run IMO.. but yeah.. some extra money to pay for your future isn’t bad

            … coming in first is a popularity contest though.. just like fans rewarding 1 million dollars to theier favorite survivor on top of the one that actually won the contest.

            Its only a tiny bit “competition” … it is mostly a Variety singing and celebrity guest talk show , a search for someone who is charming on stage and can sing too.. and a small portion choosing the Winner out of the final 4 based on singing ablity. HOWEVER, a great singer with a modestly charming personality((75% can hate them as long as 25% love them and their sining) can get to the final 4 for consideration in that final popularity contest.

            Thats the reality and has been for years and if you see it that way, its all fair. If you want a different “singing quality primarily” competition for the top 1 title, you will feel injustice time and time again expecting a different set of rules than exist.

          • HTGRWHOM says:

            I definitely get your point in general (although the way the show claims otherwise and sometimes trashes people down the last few seasons in over the top ways makes it a bit harder to play along with it that way). That said I don’t agree with reading it strictly as it’s all about POP winners when you put it as: “First place is about being a pop star (and today’s modern country and pop cross over so much today they’re one in the same).
            More popular doesn’t mean “better” . It means they have a personality and a style that reflects in their music that the most mainstream portion of people like.”
            I think it’s been ages since they’ve had modern pop star top 40 sort of singer win. Probably not since Jordin Sparks which was like 7 seasons ago. And they haven’t even had many contestants like that to even vote on much. Melinda may have been closest to that and she isn’t even making top 10.

    • Ty says:

      I will say, the sheer spectacle of Zoanette and her african language intro to the song was so over the top it was kind of enjoyable to watch. That said, the only girl I did not like tonight was the first one. They ALL did pretty well to my ears. This was the biggest waste of good talent since Tamayra was kicked instead of Nicki McKibben.

    • rwfblog says:

      I was expecting all show for Zoanette to be a train-wreck and an easy elimination. But then she sang, and I actually liked it. I’m wondering if some of the dislike being shown for her is due to last week’s train wreck. But this week? All hail the Queen!

      • Holly says:

        You “liked” it? Egads, the girl cannot sing. She sounds like a tortured hippo out there. Nigel is up to something.

        • rwfblog says:

          (If torturing hippo’s can get them to sing like that, well it wouldn’t be worth it, but I’d understand the motivation.) Zoa was in my top 6. I would not have been heartbroken if they had chosen Rachel instead of her, but I don’t think the judges made an incorrect decision letting her through.

        • Carla says:

          He’s up to trying to get ratings. In prior years Zoanette would have been the fodder they used during the auditions-to make fun of. But now, because they are so desperate for higher ratings, they bring in the circus clown so people will tune in to see this train wreck. It’s sad and insulting. A cheap shot.

          • Sam says:

            well if that’s their plan, it ain’t working so far… last night was idol’s lowest viewed episode in over ten years!

          • Redlo says:

            They aren’t desperate for ratings,they are desperate to escape the racial monoculture (for just this one season) that their terrible unlimited voting system created.

            The ratings are TERRIBLE this season, and only going to get worse tonight. They knew that would happen when the initial reaction about Nicki Minaj as judge was announced. Lots of parents don’t want their daughters looking up to a woman famous for exposing her buttocks and dressing like a cartoon.

            Idol is also fleeting the press surrounding the lawsuit from black contestants and making really clumsy strides towards wider cultural integration, but its Idol so they cant do it without f-king up and going overboard on awarding placement repatriations by holding black and mixed race contestants to an observably lower standard. (Explain Elijah and Zoantte before you shriek ‘racist!’) at me.

            Hence the prarade of flakes, trannies and washouts we have this season. Zoanette is ratings cancer. The only people that like her are VFTW and world-weary bloggers that just want something different, no matter if its talentless or not.

          • HTGRWHOM says:

            HMm I forgot about that, I guess that helped sink Melinda and Juliana and also explained they they stuck them in the second set of 10.

      • C says:

        She has got an AMAZING voice. The power is undeniable and far beyond anyone in the competition, including all the guys. But it’s so unbridled and raw! If someone can teach her to rein it in most of the time and listen to herself pitchwise, she might be incredible. As she is now, however, I can only hope she leaves in the first week.

        • I Miss Simon says:

          Quit drinking. She’s absolutely horrible.

          • Rusty says:

            To you maybe…..I thought she was second best last night. Now if you close your eyes and just listen…maybe she was fifth or sixth. But I truly don;t believe anyone can close their eyes when Zoanette goes on stage.

      • ejones says:

        Absolutely right, I thought it was a particularly underwhelming evening and Zoanette was easily one of the top 5. Michael’s favorite, Juliana, has to sort out her extremely loud breathing before she can be considered a serious AI contestant. It wouldn’t surprise me if the next eliminaton results in 4 from last week and only 1 from this lot.

        • HTGRWHOM says:

          But why does Juliana need more time to sort of this or that or any of the others and yet Zoannette and Charlie and so on don’t?? I’d say some of those need the sorting a lot worse. I do think Zoanette has some real skill in there but she did make a lot of mistakes too, another year and then maybe she’d be the Lion Queen. She may have some mad genius and talent in there, but it seems even more in need of the extra year than many they let go, at the worst she needs it merely as much.

    • Louie says:

      I’m entertained by the performances by Zoanette but if Fox insists on inflicting her on the public, I’d be much happier (and relieved) if they just let her perform at the end of the show as a non-competing sideshow and give her spot in the competition to somebody deserving. I’m upset that the two girls (Jett and Juliana) who showed artistry in rearranging poppy songs and the only ones to play instruments were eliminated. I’m also upset about letting Rachel go.
      And I’m not getting the Candice love. She sounds good and all and would do well in a duet with Curtis Finch Jr but like him I’m getting an overwhelming sense of false modesty that I’m not buying.

    • ' says:

      I’M MAD, I’M REALLY MAD!!!!

    • lenna says:

      i LOVE her! i forget almost all these girls the second they stop singing, but i enjoy her performances and i like her voice even if it’s not exactly pitch perfect. she also seems so sweet. in the hollywood round she was rooting for everyone, and encouraging all the sad ones, and she takes care of old people…i am in love with her.

  2. Tonight was the first night that I didn’t really hear what the judges heard on a number of performers, but that’s okay. As long as they make sense and don’t send someone through because they are entertaining rather than a great singer than that’s fine. Unfortunately, they did that with Zoanette. I guess something has to be said for performance and energy and entertainment value but to think of the people that were eliminated because of her, like Rachel or Cristabel, it makes me get upset. So let’s see how long Zoanette lasts.

    • HTGRWHOM says:

      Better yet let us NOT see how long and send a message that they’ll have to listen to or maybe just put the show out of its misery at this point.

      • SammyJoe says:

        The only way to do that is to send a message to the advertisers of the show. Clearly they are OK with sponsoring a talent contest that is not on the up and up. They have execs sitting in the audience each week, the manipulation is clear and worthy contestants are having their dreams broken for talentless spectacle. Zoanette has gotten through not for talent but for buzz and headline grabbing.

        Its coca-cola, Ford and At&T that are happy to watch actual artists that struggle with their craft get let go in favor of someone that hollers, shouts and makes an ugly spectacle of themselves. Idol is biased & broken, the judges aren’t judging and Coca-Cola, Ford and At&T are ok with funding this fixed joke of a talent show.

        This sort of thing used to be a scandal way back when. Now running a crooked game and crushing dreams to do it is somehow acceptable. thanks Coke.

    • Bryce says:

      Juliana was easily the most robbed of the five ladies sent home, she brought something that no one in the entire competition had. I’m so bitter with tonight’s decisions

      • The Beach says:

        That one was tough to watch. I am so sick of R. Jackson dismissing a singer because they didn’t have a “moment”…his terminology for some rafter-rattling scream. I happen to appreciate a beautiful, heart-felt, wonderfully sung song. Many times I just don’t feel the necessity of a “moment”.

        • darcy's evil twin says:

          I’m a sucker for good old fashioned singing and we’ve seen precious little of that!

        • ChrissieK says:

          I’d really like to give Randy a moment…get off that train, will you please Randy…and if you don’t, I will personally push you myself! Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh.

      • Owen says:

        Easily Juliana over most any of the other women chosen tonight. Including Janelle, who is beginning to stink up the place..

  3. American Idol sucks so hard I cannot stand to watch a second of it. The judges are horrible and the must be partially tone deaf. Put this show out of our misery!

    • Justin says:

      Yet you took the time to come here….awkward.

    • Tom22 says:

      I liked most of the Judges comments and other than Zonette I agreed with their choices almost entirely.

      The one girl with the guitar has a future but its not the right time or place for her at 15. .. she’d be washed out within a week and it would be a terrible thing for her growing up to need to travel for 8 months , living in a bus and hotels, being forced to sing and dance daily in a way that might damage a young voice on tour. Some 16 year olds may have had a broader experience and a type of voice that is mature enough to handle it but it wouldn’t have worked for her.

      Klack belongs doing what she’s doing . Nice person. Good singer, but really not very unique.

      I worry about Candice. She sung the song beautifully (randy is an idiot.. what does he want .. yammering spasticly like joshua ledet?) and Keith’s singing brought exactly the right part to mind.. the lyrics need to flow, like a leaf fluttering down from a tree.. not some mechanical 4-4 forcing notes to fit a structured beat.. nature has motions that must be brought subtly to music

      Candice did all that tonight (and I hadn’t seen enough of it before), but , I was really enjoying hearing songs I don’t know as well (yeah I sorta know the Beyonce song – but i’m 48 and don’t listen to that type of music very much until I start to hear it on idol and discover it). I’ve got to like looking at someone on stage and its not just the legs. I sort of fell in love with Lakisha 6 years ago… Lakisha had this sort of sexuality that had nothing to do with her appearance… and a very similar warmth also makes gospel and blues so nice.. a embrace and exuding of the mystical (which I never felt from Joshua, warm emanation a beam of light and hope in the face of wrongdoing that came from his heart to mine).

      We haven’t seen a lot of Aubrey or Breana, so I’m not sure how much they have.. but I felt them connected to their songs and conveying something to me. (I’m not quite jumping up and down, but I’m intrigued to hear more).

      How’s the voting going to work out ? 5 of the ten girls ? Angela and Kree are probably locks – Janelle (was there another country girl the first week they let through ?lol if I don’t remember that isn’t goo) is a lock if she’s the only country girl and doesn’t mess up two weeks in a row . So, 2 spots left ? Lantonio ? if she performs well that a lot of votes from the Philippines. Does kree not get through? It is going to be very tight.

  4. Jake says:

    I’d have picked Candice, Juliana, Rachel, Cristabel, and Aubrey.

    • The Beach says:

      I would have picked Candice, Juliana, Janelle, Breanna and Aubrey.

      • Jake says:

        I’ve been obsessed with Cristabel since her audition, and fell for her even more after her faces during the group round, so I couldn’t not pick her. :-)

    • Ty says:

      I’m sad to see Cristabel go, I liked her even more after seeing that she had a family and what seemed to be an intact marriage with kids (I know, I know, but it’s rarer to see that with black women so I find it more endearing).

    • Kim R says:

      I am just so disappointed that Zoanette was put through instead of Rachel. I thought Rachel rocked it out last night. :(

      • ChrissieK says:

        In total agreement with that. Rachel was great and I was angry as all get out when they sent her home. How stupid can this show be?

  5. forwarddad says:

    For the first time in a l

  6. Pat says:

    Whoever put these groups together needs to be fired. 7 or 8 of these girls were better than at least 7 of the girls last week. The groups were so unbalanced. It was super unfair to these girls. I would’ve loved to have heard most of them again.

    Can we stop with Zoanette already? I just can’t. I don’t care how entertaining it was. That vocal was a mess and there were much more interesting singers to put through.

    They also should’ve picked between Aubrey and Breanna. They are way too similar to not split votes, which dooms both of them (I would’ve picked Aubrey).

    I thought Melinda (sabotaged with the producers forcing her to sing that, she’s got pop star potential), Juliana (that was understated gorgouesness), and Rachel (super super fun and way better than Janelle’s sleepy pageant performance) all have massive potential, much more than Tenna or Adriana showed. And Jett put together an interesting performance as well.

    I dislike the amount of manipulation already brewing this season. It makes me uneasy.

    • HTGRWHOM says:

      Heck, it has me so uneasy now that the next singing show performance I watch will be on March 25th…. if you get my drift.

      • asherlev1 says:

        I LOVE THIS COMMENT. Although honestly, I really, really liked Jett. CAN WE EXCHANGE TINA FOR JETT?

        • The Beach says:

          Fine with me. Why not have all 20 girls perform one week and make your cuts at the end of the second night. Then do the same the following week with the guys? That way you get to pick your best without resorting to being put in Group A or B. Oh, I forgot…The Puppetmeister is producing this show….nevermind.

        • Tom22 says:

          I don’t think either of them has/had a chance through the first voting round(going from 10 to 5) so it doesn’t really matter.

    • HTGRWHOM says:

      Yup as I said last week. oh nooo. when i saw how they put the groups together. And it ended up even worse than I feared. They want the next Underwood and that is freaking that. It’ll be funny when they end up with Elijah or Charline as the next American Idol!!

  7. W says:

    The five that should have made it were Candice, Juliana, Rachel, Breanna and Janelle. Easy.

    • Kelly says:

      Yes, perhaps Janell if she wasn’t flat nearly the entire song! She was also incredibly boring on top of it.

      • JT says:

        totally agree, rachel was 100x better

      • Name That Tune says:

        Janell lost points on my scorecard. She’s too much of a type that we have seen too much of- cute blonde with a decent voice. Can we tell her apart from Carrie or Kelly Pickler. Totally agree with the boring sentiment.

        • teatime says:

          I can tell bonde females apart from each other.

        • Ty says:

          thou shalt not EVER mention the name Kelly Pickler, that fake country girl trollop feigning ditzy “charm” annoyed me more than ANY other idol contestant in 13 seasons.

          • HTGRWHOM says:

            How is she a fake country girl? She is as country as you can get. I briefly ran into her at hospital charity event once.

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            Kelly Pickler is not fake by any stretch of the imagination and has had a successful career in country music.

        • Tom22 says:

          Kellie Pickler was all sex appeal (and still is) … she played it up in a campy way and I loved her for it.

          This girl Janelle sang some really incredible -muisical- performances other than tonight. I’d have put her though.. this isn’t a diving competition where each round counts separately.. if someone sings one amazing performance II’ll keep voting for them week after week hoping to get another even if they were worse than others on a given night. I watch Idol to see performances of songs that no artist has done as well as (or done equally but in a different style) and ignore the mediocre ones.

          • marie says:

            Could not agree more re the singer’s entire body of work to date being the only valid basis for judging during a given week. Even the best singers have the occasional off night, and it would be unfair to base results on only that one performance.

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            Marie, you’re right, but I’m running a bit cold on Janelle and I can’t quite put my finger on it. I remember her from previous seasons and I didn’t care much for her then, either.

        • Name That Tune says:

          If I look at the landscape of female country singers, she is too much of an overdone type -cute blonde with a decent voice. What makes her different than any of the rest of them? What is there about her voice or personality that makes her unique? In her own way, she’s just as boring as Angela. I suspect the streets &clubs of Nashville have seen her before. Kind of like the blonde lead in the TV show.

      • Owen says:

        Janelle’s last Hollywood song was lacking if you remember…not THIS bad, but it was far from good.

      • allie says:

        agreed Janelle is terrible. Flat and dull. Oh well, that is what autotune is for, right?

  8. NikkiQM says:

    Idol is on crack. I literally cringed when I heard Zoanette singing. I don’t know what’s going on. My husband turned to me and said “how dare she forever ruin the Lion King for me”. It’s unexplainable.

  9. HTGRWHOM says:

    WTH! How can they cut who they cut! Melinda was on the top five (at worst) of many OVERALL lists of many and she can’t even even make top 5 of half the women’s cut?!!!!!?
    Heaven forbid we have someone with some killer pop stage presence who can also sing! What was she too Northern for the show now?
    Juliana too?
    And wait Cristabel too??
    Wow just when I had a little faith going in Idol. WTH! They gotta be kidding.
    The Haley season was a disgrace, Elise not even being able to crack top five unfortunate and now this just shows it to be a continuing joke. I think I am through with this waste of time.
    Finally I am DONE with Idol. What a freaking joke.
    I guess they want their female COUNTRY star and they are gonna be damn sure to make sure it happens.
    Seriously Melinda and Cristabel cut and can’t even make it from half the field????? And what about some who they put through last week instead too??!???
    Heck with Idol. At least they made the ridiculous BS happen so early that I won’t have wasted but more than a few hours total on the show this season and I won’t have to see how they bash everyone not named Janelle (or perhaps Candice) the rest of the season.

  10. forwarddad says:

    For the first time I agree with all your grades.

  11. Kristi says:

    I haven’t heard such horrid singing in quite some time. Can’t believe Zoanette is going through. What a disgrace.

    • Terry says:

      Agreed! But if TPTB’s plan was to get people talking about idol, it’s working. People are talking, even though it’s mostly outrage. I’m quite curious to see if Z survives the first voting round.

      • HTGRWHOM says:

        Yeah it got us talking, but because of that I saw the shocking results before it aired and was so turned off I skipped watching much of the show last night.

  12. Mel31602 says:

    I didn’t get Zoanette either tho she was better tonight than in the past. I thought Juliana’s arrangement was far too slow so I was fine w her being cut. Nickis right that she is talented but would be swallowed up on this show. Zoanette was my least favorite but my top 3 (Candice Aubrey and Breanna) got thru plus Janelle who disappointed tonight but I liked previously. I thought for sure Janelle was out (and audience didnt seem too thrilled when they said she made it) and Cristobal was in so I was happy it went the other way (Nicki was right that the latters raspiness went a bit off the rails).
    I also have a feeling that Zoanette is one of those who is more entertaining live when you feel her emotions. That could also explain the judges decision.

  13. tezero says:

    Take out Zoanette and put in Rachel. Rachel should have made it for sure.

  14. Hubbahubba says:

    #IdolSuddenDeath Idol is nearing it’s sudden death.:/

  15. deb says:

    May have reached my limit with Idol. When Zoanette takes a sport from serious singers and the judges tell you “it wasn’t your best performance” but give you the spot over a contestant who did their best, its time to rethink the seriousness of “competition.”

    • Redlo says:

      Nice to read some plain truth.

      I’ve read the reactions from across the web. Everyone is angry. The mouthbreathers on yahoo are 99% disgusted with the Zoanette show.

      There should be a ratings massacre tonight. I hope FOX and Idol Inc. lose a lot of money in the coming weeks. People deserve to get fired over what the show has turned into, hint its not called Liberian Idol.

      • jaded says:

        And we get to the real reason you hate her Radio. “Liberian Idol” indeed. Why don’t you just tell her to go back to Africa you sorry excuse for a human being.

  16. hi says:

    Jett and Julianna were robbed.
    Aubrey and Breanna? Really? They were both extremely mediocre.
    Zoanette. I just. I have no words.She’s just terrible, I’m sorry.

  17. forrest says:

    What program am I watching? Is the goal still to find the best pop star???? It sure did not seem like it tonight. The choice of Zoanette is insane. Only explanation is that the select individuals are targeted as cannon fodder for immediate elimination. Those you love to hate.

    • ben says:

      You have to have some. For some of those girls cut today, I dare say it’s in their best interests. Coming back the year after having exposure tends to work out well for people who are remembered with fondness.

    • The Beach says:

      Evidently AI and/or Randy have been getting quite a bit of grief over this Zoanette thing. His proclamation tonight that now we the viewers could see in her what the judges have seen all along spoke volumes…and not in a good way.

    • Gale says:

      Zoanette was gross, both to listen to and to watch.

  18. forwarddad says:

    Are there a definite wild cards?

    • HTGRWHOM says:

      If not, then I am done. If so, we’ll see.

      • jaded says:

        Then HTGRWHOM I sure hope to G-d that wild cards will be there. What does you user name stand for anyway? Horrible Terrible Grinchy Rotten Whiny Hater Of a Man?

        • HTGRWHOM says:

          Impressive. But yup, you got it! :)

          (First letter of each word in my ridiculously overly long previous username here. I figured I may as well both: make it ‘less’ ridiculous and remove some former contestant’s name from it so as to not needlessly associate them with my rants haha.)

  19. Miscellaneopolan says:

    Okay, so it still wasn’t the kind of performance that should get her more exposure on national television, but can we all agree that Zoanette was about thirty times better tonight than she’d ever been before? I mean, she wasn’t hitting all her notes, but at least she was singing notes at all.
    ‘Bust The Windows Out Your Car’ and ‘Nothing But The Water’ are songs I hadn’t heard before, but now I think they’re rather keen. Thanks, American Idol!
    This was admittedly a hard group to pare down, but apart from Zoanette I thought they played it a bit too safe. I would have picked Rachel over Janelle, and made room for Juliana, Jett, or Christabel over the Sweet Dreams lady. But still, it was a tough group. Candice was the only ‘duh’ choice for me.

    • The Beach says:

      Check out Jazmine Sullivan (Bust the Windows). I think you would like her. She’s really good!

      • Miscellaneopolan says:

        It’s always nice when a show like this turns to you on to new music. I hadn’t heard of Jazmine Sullivan before Jessica Sanchez performed ‘Stuttering’ last year, which I enjoyed, and now there’s this. I’ll definitely be sampling some Jazmine Sullivan.
        Ryan Seacrest made the comparison during the show, but ‘Bust The Windows Out Your Car’ really is kind of the R&B version of that Carrie Underwood song where she smashes her boyfriend’s car with a baseball bat, isn’t it? Personally, I think every genre of music should have a song devoted to this topic.

    • Tom22 says:

      I ve done this many a time too.

      I looked up Nothing but the Water, discovered who Grace Potter was and wow. is she my type of artist. I’ve just bought some of her music.

      I’ve even warmed up to Beyonce and Lady Gaga watching these shows too …. haven’t bought their music but I’m appreciating them more as I hear more of the sounds that the way the radio songs are mastered these days with “loudness” removing the kick of the drums and rhythm sections and even clouding the distinctness of their runs etc.

  20. Evan says:

    Slezak, give into the Zoanetteownage. You’ll be happier all around. ;-)

    But seriously, when the producers are going to do everything they can to manipulate the results (and yet somehow, they put 2/3 of the good female singers into Group 2– what are they thinking?), we have to find some way to have fun. Zoanette is that way for me.

    • Name That Tune says:

      This! If we have to have Charlie, we can tolerate Zoanette. She sang with genuine passion.I can take her for another week or 2 but please don’t give me a boring crcruise ship singer. Which some of these girls are.

      • Owen says:

        That’s the thing, that’s what most people would prefer. Zoanette isn’t pretty in looks or in voice. But she steals lightening and connects with a song like no one’s business. She’s too big (I don’t mean weight) for television. She’s mighty.

        • Kiki says:

          I agree, Owen. Zoanette is not your cookie cutter singer. She’s unique, and I like hearing her sing. It’s as simple as that. We do want someone with spirit–not a rote “good” voice. That’s not enough.

          And I wish everyone would get over the conspiracy theories. Michael, shame on you for perpetuating them. You’re tapping into the lowest common denominator, as you do with your Randy bashing. On this trajectory, you’re losing credibility as a reviewer. Melinda even warned you about that in an Idolatry episode, but you seem unable to get past your pride and out of this hole you’ve dug yourself.

          Just do it, man. Stop being so predictable, go to a spa to refresh yourself, and come back with clearer vision. We love you and don’t want to see you go the hackneyed route of judges like J-Lo and Steven Tyler.

          • Redlo says:

            How can a reviewer lose credibility by bashing a judge that never had any?


            Randy is a weary caricature.

          • Mary says:

            Can’t we have both, someone with a good voice and has stage presence. Sorry Zoanette only has one of them. For me the voice comes first and stage presence can be learned. You say Michael is loosing credibility what about AI. Nigel and Ken have turned this show into a mockery. This use to be about finding a singer, not a spectacle that it what XFactor is for – see how well they are doing. They are loosing their core audience and as you can see not gaining any new ones. Sorry but I agree on the conspiracy theories, they are so determine not to have a wgwg
            or any male win, look at the bunch they put through. Zoanette is entertaining put not as a singer and this show use to be about singing.

  21. marie says:

    First, nich’s comment above cracked me up. That said…I don’t understand it, but somehow I do find Zoanette entertaining. And I do think she actually can sort of sing…sort of.
    Not a great show tonight. A bit of a snoozer, actually. I still like Candice but even she was a little flat. Even the judges seemed to be off their game. I have to process this a bit more…

    • Kelly says:

      Zoanette clearly has vocal ability and you have to be deaf not to hear it. However, I’ll admit she needs some work; esp. on her phrasing. Her high notes are insanely good and powerful! And, yes, she is entertaining. I’m so glad she made the cut. Some people on here aren’t happy until ALL of the female left are sappy ballad singers and divas. Me? I prefer some variety! I see a ton of potential in Zoanette personally.

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        Then I’m deaf and proud of it.

      • The Beach says:

        She and Charlie have made the folks at VFTW very happy campers:)

      • Mary says:

        I prefer variety too but all we have are R&B and country singer. Melinda had an off night but I think she was as close to pop as you will get with maybe except one girl last week, forgot her name. You see potential I see another Nicki who can’t sing but is polarizing. Sorry not for a singing competition. Personally I hope all this manipulations backfire and they screw themselves.

        • HTGRWHOM says:

          I hope it backfires too. Melinda had so much pop potential and now it’s all RnB and one country. And Juliana would;ve been something different too. It’s been ages since Idol had a pop presence or had the delicate Juliana style.
          (Or maybe as someone said the lawsuit has them scared and they didn’t want to risk the chance on say a Melinda, Juliana, Janelle, Angela making up 4 of top 5 or something. Although I tend to doubt this line of thought.)

      • 5talentgirl says:

        I totally agree. Not many people thought Zoanette had any real talent, but she proved us wrong – she does – and showed that she is taking this show seriously and wants to do well. Well done and good luck to her, she should be very proud of herself. Those who can’t ‘see’ any of this, may only be looking skin-deep and prefer something a shade or two lighter, methinks.

      • waterbug says:

        I totally agree Kelly!

  22. dj says:

    If you’re watching from an entertainment point of view, it’s funny that Zoanette made it. But if you care about the actual singers who have worked so hard and deserve that shot, it sucks.

  23. Marta says:

    I thought Jett presented herself and her potential so so well tonight. Her elimination, to me, is the biggest injustice. She had one shot of making an impression and she did. Shame!

  24. nich says:

    I turned off the tv when Zoanette was announced. Did Jett get cut? Because she was amazing. I seriously hope Zoanette if not wins, sticks around for weeks and screws up their faves.

  25. James says:


  26. Kelly says:

    I don’t agree with your ratings AT ALL. Janell was TERRIBLE and easily the worst of the night for me. I absolutely loved Zoanette! She needs to work on her slurring on the phrasing a bit, but her highs were so rich and full, plus she poured her heart into it AND was entertaining unlike most of the others. Another favorite was Juliana. I was irate she was rejected as this show could use some nuanced vocals like hers to even out the belters. Aubrey is gorgeous but boring as hell and had a weak, thin vocal! Sorry, I did NOT like Breanna’s second rate diva act. It felt one note and forced to me.

    • Owen says:

      As much as Slezak complains about the judges, he’s no better. It was so clear Rachel gave the better performance tonight. But Slezak only sees what he WANTS to see. Give me Zoanette over Janelle any day of the week.

      • teatime says:

        Well, if you put it that way, then I say keep Zoanette too. lol. Janelle is the first one who should have been cut tonight.

      • Kelly says:

        Totally agree on Rachel. She was easily in the top half tonight and deserved to go on. So far above Janelle it wasn’t even funny! Unfortunately for her, the decisions had already been made prior to the singing and it probably boils down to Janelle filling the token “blonde country chick” spot. Boy, that was a poor excuse for a performance from her. So second stage county fair; almost as if she wasn’t even really trying because she knew the spot was hers regardless. I also have a bad feeling she’ll last longer than she should.

        • Michelle says:

          Agree with this-Rachel made me stop playing on the computer and pay attention. When it came down to her and Janelle (who was terrible) knew the blonde would go through

      • Tom22 says:

        It’s about the sum of their work , not just the performance on a given night.

        • Mary says:

          Then is shouldn’t be called sudden death. Sing for your life, because dam she did not. Why not just put through who they want instead of having two weeks of torture for us viewers because that is exactly what they do anyhow. To be honest her last couple of performances were that good.

    • You said everything I wanted to say, thank you.

    • Trouty Mouth says:

      Not getting the Juliana love. I don’t know what there is to like about a singer who is that limited range-wise. She’s school choir material, nothing more.

    • Trouty Mouth says:

      Juliana’s upper register was incredibly weak and thin. Not drinking the kool-aid on her. Also not loving anyone who’s overly trying to please the judges “please!” “omg thank you” “if you put me through!!!”

  27. LeahKittyS says:

    Wow. When I read the spoilers last night, I was really, really mad about what went down. But now it all makes sense.

    Melinda’s good, but tonight her pitch was wobbly. And she’s still young; she can come back if she wants, or try our somewhere else. She’ll be fine.
    Candice blew everyone away, as usual. No surprise there; now she has to make the finals.
    Juliana is too young to be doing this now. I heard shaking in her voice. What she did was very pretty, but she needs time to grow.
    Jett did something cool with the song in my opinion, but clearluy this panel doesn’t like people slowing down pop/dance songs (see: Shubha last week.)
    I like the sound of Cristabel’s voice, but there were so many pitch problems tonight I couldn’t concentrate. She’s mature and grounded; she’ll be fine without the show.
    Aubrey is so pretty; Nicki’s right, she could be a model. The voice wasn’t the best, but I think she deserves another shot. (Or I’m just comparing her version of that song to Jessica Sanchez’s stunner from last season.)
    I enjoyed Rachel’s audition, but tonight she was uncomfortably rough, and the whole “prayer works” may have been a turnoff. I heard people online complaining about that.
    Breanna was fierce! I didn’t think she stood much of a chance, but now she has me curious. We’ll have to wait and she what happens with her next week.
    Janelle had an off night, but she’s one of my favorites and I still think she’ll make it into the finals. I really hope so; she’s better than her performance tonight.
    And the last one just boggles me. Maybe it was her Liberia story, or maybe it’s because “Circle of Life” is my favorite number from “The Lion King” Broadway show (the very first live musical I saw!), but a part of me enjoyed Zoanette’s number. I had so many unflattering nicknames for her last night, and something about the voice still bothers my ears, but I’m softening up on her for some reason.

    I don’t know how long these feelings will last, but as of now I’m not angry about the results tonight.

    • HTGRWHOM says:

      “Melinda’s good, but tonight her pitch was wobbly. And she’s still young; she can come back if she wants, or try our somewhere else. She’ll be fine.

      Juliana is too young to be doing this now. I heard shaking in her voice. What she did was very pretty, but she needs time to grow.”
      Charlie was shaking ten times worse AND his tone was awful and they loved him! And Melinda was rock solid the other weeks and had shown crazy stage presence they go on about presence and put through Elijah and so on and then boom cut Melinda? probabyl because they fear she’d be back in force soon enough and they want zero challengers.

      • LeahKittyS says:

        First: The talent pool for girls is deeper than that of the guys (the producers did that on purpose for obvious reasons). While Melinda and Juliana did better than most of the guys among the Top 40, the two genders are not in direct competition (as unfair as that may be) and we must judge them the way the show has set them up to compete.
        Second: Did I say anything about Charlie’s talent? I mentioned in a previous post that I thought he was entertaining. But his singing is too messy for him to go far in this competition. He’ll be lucky if he makes the finals and he’ll come nowhere near the crown. So let’s not worry too much.

      • Nephtalia says:

        There are people like Juliana, Shubba and Melinda that are so good and so young that you want to save for another season cause it will suck to see them last just 2-3 weeks in the live round. So I am happy they are gone now. Let them mature one more year!

        • HTGRWHOM says:

          We will see. If they are back and how they are treated if so….
          And looking at others they kept it’s a bit harder to take that more benevolent reading of things.

  28. NikkiQM says:

    I thought Nikki was on point for most of the performances and than when I saw her lifting a gospel hand during Zoanettes performance I felt like she had gone and malfunctioned on me. But notice Mariah never praised Zoanette and instead just referred to her unique personality (cue for your really not a good singer but hey your interesting). WTF.

    • mary says:

      Because Nicki is a character singer like Zonette, not a great voice so she relate.

    • teatime says:

      NikkiQM I agree. I was singing Nicki’s praises all night. Then she lost me with the way she reacted to Zoanette like it was a great performance.

      • Tom22 says:

        The suriving a holocost type of situation in Liberia clearly moved Nikki and I believe the other judges too.. its not that they feel sorry.. plenty of sad stories.. it is some sort of force of will that they see and once the idea of where she’s come from is caught in their minds the contrast is also part of their experience watching her. (still, I think its only something you can really feel in person because her performances were too weak in too many places to let that spark do enough for me)

    • Harvey says:

      Honestly, I enjoyed Zoanette in a completely non-ironic way. She was a mess, but so much fun, and she really believed in what she was singing.

  29. dani says:

    Well they put Charlie Askew through so why not Zoanette. They are easily the pizzazz unpredictability factor, right.

  30. teatime says:

    Juliana Chahayed’s Skyscraper is my favorite performance of the season. She did not make it thru. Nicki is the only judge that aeven acknowledge that it was good enough to possibly get her thru.
    Breanna Steer’s Bust Your Windows is my second favorite performance of the season. She’s my favorite now.
    Aubrey was really good. I am glad she made it thru.
    Candice disappointed me. She was robbed last year. This year she does too much playing with the notes. She has a great voice, I just think she is over singing the last couple times we have heard her. If they had let her go tonight I would have understood.
    Janelle was the worst of the night. By a mile. They should have shockingly cut her. If the needed another country girl they could have kept Rachel.
    Zoanette should not have made it. The first several seconds were really good. That was it. Have these judges been living under a rock? They act like someone being animated on stage is so unusual it means they should get to the top 10. If Zoanette was not a ‘character’ that vocal would never have been considered even okay. It will be interesting to see if she makes the top 5 girls next week based on viewer votes.
    This was a really good night overall for performances, yet they kept the 2-3 worst performers of the night and sent 5 promising contestants packing.

    • Mary says:

      Don’t the audience vote next week? The crazies who thought she was good, will probably vote her through and one of the talented girls will be a goner. It might be one of their chosen one.
      I hope it is also not separated by male female. The only saving grace will be that maybe some of the really bad guys who made it for top 20 will be gone.

  31. Frustrated in NY says:

    I think I am done with AI this year. I was never so frustrated as I was tonight. I thought AI was about singing. I know you always loose a few good ones, but there is no way Zonette
    Should of been put through. yes she is entertaining, but for god sake she cannot sing.
    Nigels manipulation this year is OTT. I thought this was sudden death, Janell should not have been put through on that performance, what ever happen with song choice. Nicki if you read these, why get on Melanies case about singing Jessie J songs, when the chosen one Angela has done the same except her original. All this manipulations will backfire and then we will see how Jimmy pulls it off.

  32. Johnny says:

    Zoanette is “not a singer”? You’re all deaf. You’re judging her on her personality, not her talent. Her voice isn’t polished/sugary like every other contestant, but that’s the appeal; it’s raw and earthy and saturated. She hits her notes (with a phenomenal range – bigger than any other contestant this season), she’s on pitch and it’s delivered with soul. Just because she doesn’t sing the songs you expect an Idol contestant to sing and just because she doesn’t deliver the Xanax-brand of over-thought, over-produced placid that you’re used to doesn’t mean she doesn’t have talent. To say she doesn’t is a downright insult.

    Zoanette is a live performer, through and through. Reminiscent of James Brown and Tina Turner. I acknowledge that the chances of her winning are slim (because the majority of this shows audience want the pretty package), but this woman has five times the talent of any other contestant this season and ten times the integrity of anyone who tries to bring her down.

    • Kelly says:

      I agree with you Johnny. I liked Zoanette’s vocal tonight a lot and you’re absolutely right that she has an AMAZING vocal range. I think some people feel offended any time a woman gets up there and doesn’t act like and look like a robotic pageant princess.

    • teatime says:

      I think you are judging her on her personality and not her singing. The song choice was fine. The personality would be fine if she sang lite Bette Midler. But she does not.

    • jaded says:

      Based on a lot of the tweets I read about how she looked and real insulting…um…shall I say…slurs about her hair, where she comes from, make me think that some of the Zonette hatred has less to do with her singing (or yelling) and more with her ethnicity. Somehow, if she was blond, blue eyed and white, the hatred wouldn’t be so strong.

      • MB says:

        That is totally not true. Not everything is about race. She can’t sing and took the place of someone who is a lot more talented then her. I don’t care what color or nationality she is. The point is she is not American Idol material by any stretch of the imagination. I am talking about what she sounds like not what she looks like.

        • darcy's evil twin says:


        • Owen says:

          Dear MB. Usually when someone says, “”Not everything is about race”…they’re usually racist. Just sayin’.

          • Mary says:

            No it simply could mean that she can not sing and people who disagree thinks it is because of race. AI was always about the singing and sorry she did not warrant that spot. I will admit she is polarizing but the singing was not there. She took a spot of someone who has a better voice period.

        • Name That Tune says:

          The error in your logic is believing that any of these singers are entitled to anything. This is not a singing competition. It’s a show about hopes and dreams. “This is my now” – “A Moment Like This” kind of deal. Zoanette had her moment. She will ride of in her sunset having achieved more than she could have hoped for. So good for her. We will move on to the more serious aspects of this show in a few weeks.

      • The Beach says:

        4 of the 5 ladies put through tonight were non-white. Please put away the race card.

        • darcy's evil twin says:

          Exactly. Thank you, Beach. What I find interesting is the best male vocalist of the bunch is Curtis Finch, who is black. TONS of readers here posted how much they detested his attitude, his facial expressions, and his wardrobe, yet none of them were accused of being racist. So why is it when some of us write we don’t care for Zoanette, we’re racists? Why the difference?
          How interesting.

          • deedee says:

            Maybe it’s because people are saying that Zoanette is taking the place of someone more deserving, whereas everybody agreed that Curtis earned his spot by being a good singer. I dunno.

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            Well now, that makes sense, deedee. It’s okay to dislike a non-white contestant as long as their vocal ability is marginal, LOL.

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            Sorry – as long as their vocal ability *isn’t* marginal.

        • jaded says:

          Maybe you didn’t feel that way The Beach. But the tweets I saw WERE very racist, especially the one who said that she needed her baby daddy to smack her in the mouth, that’ll shut her up. Or the ones who said she should go back to Africa. Or the one that said all she was missing was the bone in her nose. Do I need to go on or will you tell me that those tweets I just described were not racist and it’s my imagination.

    • Name That Tune says:

      Johnny, I agree with you. I will take 3 more weeks of Zoanette over another week of Charlie. And her back story is touching. People like her have no chance of dreaming the American Idol dream.

    • deedee says:

      Zoanette absolutely does not hit the notes and stay on pitch. She’s all over the map! Having said that, she is entertaining, and people like her, so I’m not TOO upset that she’s in the top 20. Mind you, I didn’t care much for any of the others girls who were cut, so Zoanette is not displacing anyone for me.

    • waterbug says:

      I agree Johnny! I love Zoany and hope she stays around long enough to benefit from the coaches and professionals who can polish her stone in the rough

  33. Teeny Bikini says:

    Yes, Michael. Zoanette. She’s better than 90% of the guys who have and will perform. So yes, Zoanette. Some of the dismissals hurt though.. Guitar Girl, Alicia Keys Raspy Girl, and of course, Rachel. When I saw Janelle and Rachel were the last two – I was like – NOOOOOOOO~! Janelle had an off night though, and Rachel had me waving my church hand in the air. Sad to see her go. Rachel you rocked!!!

  34. MB says:

    I am in a state of shock. Not only did they put Zonette through but she got a standing O from all 4 judges. What are we at home missing? Also I feel bad for her story about Nigeria but this is AMERICAN IDOL and she just is not what I or most would consider as an American Idol. Can you even imagine an album of all her “singing”. I get a headache just thinking about it. They let a couple of really good girls go tonight and between Zonette and a few of the crappy guys they put through last week this season is already turning out to be a huge hot mess. Last season it took me a long time to chose a favorite they were all so good. All those who whined about the WGWG, I would take 10 of them rather than someone like Zonette. With all the manipulation and working overtime in trying to get a girl winner and making sure there were no cute non gay white guys to make the girls swoon they created a show that is now bordering on being unwatchable. This was my favorite show and I couldn’t wait for it to be on this year. I am just so totally dissapointed in the whole mess.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      Was it Nigeria? I thought I heard Liberia. Whatever – it’s the best argument against immigration I’ve seen in a long time. ;-)
      No cute, non-gay white guys, LOL. I’ve been saying the same thing.

      • LeahKittyS says:

        It was Liberia. And that’s unnecessarily mean. There’s disliking a contestant for being on the show and then there’s crossing the line. And don’t go calling this year’s guys gay just because they aren’t as macho as men of Idol past.

        • darcy's evil twin says:

          Please point out where I wrote that I disliked Zoanette. I don’t dislike her but the last time I checked this was kind of a singing show and I’m sorry, but her singing is awful!
          And I like my men to look and sound like men. Sorry.

          • LeahKittyS says:

            Zoanette’s presence on the show being an argument against immigration? That was mean. And what definition of “men” are you going by? I’m sorry, but I’m a diehard feminist, and part of that is not giving in to what society expects men and women to look/sound/act like. If you don’t like someone’s singing, fine, but leave ethnicity and gender stereotyping out of it.

          • Name That Tune says:

            My question to you Darcy: Have had a chance to see The Lion King – Broadway version? .Given her heritage, “The Circle of Life” was a brilliant song choice. She even got the costume and makeup right. With a little more polish she could be Rafiki. She is a product of her culture and upbringing.

            If she sticks around we all may have to adopt to her African roots even if it makes us uncomfortable. Just imagine what a triumph this is for a poor girl from such meager beginnings.

          • donie says:

            Whatever, DET. Gay men men don’t look and sound like men? Your comment about immigration was also a slur, winking icon notwithstanding.

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            A slur? Seriously. I guess the readers here that work for Psychic Hotline assume it’s a slur because she’s black and from Africa? She’s from a foreign country, period. My comment was in reference to immigration, period. If she were Swedish would my comment still be a slur? If she’d been a cute, blonde Swedish chick that sounded awful and I posted, “Wow, that’s an argument against immigration if I ever heard one” would it be a slur? You super-sensitive people sure read a lot into my comment. Good grief, I wasn’t born in this country, my mother was a naturalized citizen, and my husband’s family is all immigrants. Whatever. Zoanette’s singing is not pleasing to the ear. And it has nothing whatsoever to do with song choice, her country of origin, and excuse me, but I never made any reference to her appearance, so you can stop insulting me at any time, particularly since you don’t know anything about me.
            As for the men, I have no problem with gay people. Clearly I’m a fan of Mr. Slezak’s. But I’m disappointed there is not a David Cook or a Casey James among the guys. the “no cute, non-gay white guys” comment was a reference to the person that posted ahead of me – I was agreeing with their observation, including the one about the manipulation for a female winner. That’s why my comment was a “reply”.

          • MB says:

            I was the one you replied to and I also don’t have a problem with gay men or woman at all. My problem is with the manipulation of cutting anyone who is male, white, cute and masculine with the fear they may effect the woman vote. If someone was cut just because they were gay, I would have a problem with that too. I believe in equality and that goes for the so called WGWG too. To be cut just because of gender and race is an arthrocity. I saw a tweet where Johnny Keeser wrote saying ” and I don’t even play guitar.” They all know what’s going on. It is totally wrong and if a girl wins this year it will be the joke that she only won because they made sure there was no decent white guys in the competition. Why is this acceptable. Try doing this with someone of color and see how acceptable it would be. Don’t call me a racist when I believe in equality for.
            Just for the record a professed gay critic made a statement how idol is devoid of any testosterone this year and it doesn’t matter if a girl or guy wins because it would still be feminine. There is not a person out there who does not see manipulation this year on idol and that is what is making the show so uncomfortable to watch.

          • HTGRWHOM says:

            He did get robbed, he was a million times better than CHarlie or Elijah and def better than Paul as well.
            It started out well last Wednesday and then turned into a horrible joke last Thursday and sadly it continued into more of manipulated mess. The splitting into ten and ten was obviously a total manip.

          • deedee says:

            Glad you said that because I was just about to come to your defense using the very same example (except mine was a blonde German contestant who sounded like crap).
            Reading comprehension, people! Jeez. It was a joke about immigration, not an insensitive slur against any ethnicity/race/culture etc.

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            Thank you, deedee. I posted this above in a reply to beach, but I find it interesting that no one was accused of being a racist when they criticized Curtis Finch’s attitude, wardrobe, and facial expressions.

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            And you are right, MB – the manipulation to eliminate any guy that’s a threat to a female winner is obvious. It has been since this season started. When the judges didn’t give that WGWG amputee a ticket to Hollywood the very first night of auditions I suspected we were in trouble.

      • MB says:

        Sorry you are probably right.
        LOL. after this year everyone will probably be screaming for some hunky, dreamy guys over flowing with testosterone.

      • waterbug says:

        your post says tons about you personally. I will leave it at that.

    • deedee says:

      I agree with you, MB. This is a hugely disappointing season. The talent is shaky and the manipulation is at an all-time high. The spark has gone out of the show for me this year. :-(

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        I am counting on Kree, Candice (although she disappointed me tonight a little), Amber, and Curtis Finch to keep things interesting. I know a lot of readers here don’t care for Curtis, but he can sing, and I love his old-school style.

        • deedee says:

          Yes, it’s Kree and Candice for me, too. Not a fan of Curtis because I’m one of those who’s very distracted by his facial expressions.
          Btw, in case there was any doubt about the manipulation – did you all catch Mariah’s faux pas when she told Cristabel to “come back again” right after she sang, and before the “deliberations”? My eyes rolled out of my head and down the hall.

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            Yes, and I think Christabel is one of the contestants that’s too old to come back, is she not?

          • deedee says:

            Yes, that too. Cristabel is 29, so this is the end of her Idol journey for good.

          • marie says:

            @DET: Yes, you are correct; at 29, Cristabel has had her last shot at Idol.

          • HTGRWHOM says:

            Another reason why the 10 and 10 split was so annoying. I’d rather see, given the entire body of work and not just counting last night (of which I actually didn’t see a whole lot of since I got spoiled on the results and didn’t care to watch too much at that point), a number more from last night sent through than 3 from last week. Makes it seems all setup to dump to many into this week.
            From what we saw in Hollywood and all it seems pretty rotten to think next week we have Charlie, Elijah, Paul, and 3-5 of the girls we do and no Melinda, or Cristabel or Julianna or etc. I think some said Rachel did well?
            Seems like it will be, for the top ten, nothing but female R&B and country and a solid but old-styled guy and some average guys. Well actually I guess Angela will probably make it so maybe there will be one who is not R&B or country.

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            Thanks, marie. Well, maybe she can try “The Voice” or “X Factor”. She wasn’t my favorite but clearly a lot of people like her.

    • Are you crazy? agreed, the guys so far seem weaker than usual, but the girl talent is awesome and should produce a great ‘watchable’ show. Whatever you see as a ‘mess’ may not be for others, including me.

  35. SL says:

    How do the judges completely ignore Charlie’s shakiness and nerves and praise his underwhelming vocal, but then ding Juliana’s much more impressive and memorable vocal and point out her nerves and shakiness? I don’t get it.

  36. Michael says:

    What’s with all the Zoanette hate? Not every contestant needs to sound the same. She has her own style, awesome energy, a BIG voice, is intriguing … She deserved a top 20 spot.

    • Mary says:

      I agree they do not have to sound the same, but considering this is a singing contest, other girls had a better voice and she took their spot because of the back story and the fact she is polarizing. Sorry I do not believe she should of been in the top 20 and I stand by it.

  37. Bree says:

    Maybe I need to get my ears checked but I’m pretty certain Zoanette can’t actually sing. She has some moments here and there and is entertaining but she can’t actually carry a whole tune. Her making it over some of the other girls who could actually truly sing is really unfortunate.

  38. EVPandHC says:

    So, Michael, would you say that Janelle did not deserve to advance?

  39. darcy's evil twin says:

    Holy Cow. Zoanette? Seriously? Was there even any English in that song? Nicki said people would remember Zoanette. Well guess what, they remember Charles Manson as well – and not in a good way!
    Melinda has tons of stage presence and I hope she comes back next year. She has a very contemporary look and sound.
    I heard a lot of “oversinging” tonight – like Candice. I didn’t care for the scream at the end of “Natural Woman”.
    I REALLY liked Jett’s arrangement of the Rhianna’s “Only Girl in the World”.
    I know everyone was crazy about Juliana Chahayed but I didn’t care for her at all – just not my cup of tea, I guess. But she was better than Zoanette.
    Keith was right on the money with his criticism of Janelle’s song choice. Based on tonight’s performances Rachel should have gone through rather than Janelle and ANYONE should have gone through instead of Zoanette.

    • darcy the slutty twin says:

      Agree with everything you said. Would have swapped Jimmy’s or Johnny’s bare chest with Zoanette. The biggest question is why hasn’t Keith taken his shirt off yet?!

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        I’m ready for Keith to take his shirt off. The way things are going it can only improve the program.

        • darcy the slutty twin says:

          The way things are going, Keith will be the only source of testosterone this season! I absolutely hated Johnny Keyser last season, but the way things are going, I’d have him or Jimmy Smith any time over the feminine guys that made it! I am seriously considering doing a Nicki Minaj and start crushing on Elijah! Also, I HATE HATE HATE Curtis Finch and his attitude. I wanna slap him when he pulls those faces. I hope that’s not racist.

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            No, plenty of people have been uber-critical of Curtis Finch and no one has been accused of being a racist. Try listening to him with your eyes closed. Seriously. I frequently close my eyes to listen to contestants on the program. I totally understand the concept of the chairs being turned around on “The Voice”.
            you might get clobbered for your homophobic attitude, though, LOL. Jimmy Smith’s “Raining on Sunday” was no worse than Janelle’s “Just a Kiss”, IMO. And Johnny Keyser should have been put through.

  40. BarbL says:

    Zoanette’s seems genuine and likable, but putting her through while letting some good singers go was just too much for my s/o. He’s a singer himself, and was literally cringing by the time Zoanette finished.
    She was entertaining, but she has a monstrosity of an instrument and needs to learn to control it. IF–and ONLY if–she can get a handle on that voice of hers, she could very well end up being someone who might sell some albums.
    But I didn’t know that people were let through because they had potential. I thought it was a contest where how one was doing in the moment was what mattered. Obviously, the women who were sent home would probably have argued they had as much potential as Zoanette.
    I do hope that Zoanette makes the best of her opportunity. Actually, if she could get control of her comedic/entertainment talents she might find a place as an actress. Stranger things have happened.

    • deedee says:

      I thought the same about Zoanette. She could have a future in comedy acting. But that would only work if she’s not married to the idea of becoming a singer.

  41. Ed says:

    Did anyone else find it odd that the judges had a tepid reaction to Candice? It’s like Nicki slept through the first half of the show. Also, did Randy really say that Janelle is his fav country singer this season? Have we already forgotten about Kree?

    I have to admit that I’m really into the season. The talent seems to be extremely deep (women not the men) and every season has people on it purely for buzz and entertainment reasons so let’s not flip over Charlie and Zoanette. When it comes to the final 10 or so both will be long gone.

    • LeahKittyS says:

      Thank you, Ed. I agree that Charlie and Zoanette will probably not be much to worry about, and I am looking forward to hearing all the other girls again, as well as Devin and Paul.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      Except that Charlie and Zoanette took spots from more talented contestants.

      • Ed says:

        Agreed but those people didn’t have a chance to win this season anyways. They can always come back next year, hoping Jett and Brandy Neely come back.

    • teatime says:

      “When it comes to the final 10 or so both will be long gone.”
      We go down to final 10 next week.

      • Tom22 says:

        We don’t get the final 10 tilll the following week. Next we have 20 , 10 guys and 10 girls. going to 5 guys and 5 girls. — that is a very narrow window to get through and really, after the favorites take up a few of the 5 spots there is like one or two the oth 6 or 7 have a shot at… slim odds at best unless lots of people thought you were held and shoulders above the others all along.

        • teatime says:

          Next week it is on 3 nights. (Mark your calendars!) The girls perform Tuesday and we vote for the top 5. The guys perform Wednesday and we vote for the top 5. Thursday we get the results.
          We are down to the top 10 by next Thursday unless they add some wild cards.

          • marie says:

            Oy! That’s WAAAAAY too fast. Well, in one way or another, they have been giving very short shrift to the Semi-Finals the last few years.

    • HTGRWHOM says:

      He said that because I think she is the chosen one and thus they give us a bunch of way under par guys and they put too many of the better females this week and then cut off half the ones appearing on many top 5-6 best of the 40 lists.

    • deedee says:

      Oh, I don’t know about that. There’s no gradual whittling down – we get to the final 10 all in one shot. If Zoanette and Charlie have enough fans to push them through in the next round – they’re in the top 10.

    • jaded says:

      I felt like Candace phoned it in last night. I expected more.

  42. Callum says:

    I don’t get why people don’t like Zoanette. She was great tonight– the best of the night in my opinion. I 100% agree with the judges’ decisions tonight (surprising). When I saw the spoilers I thought that the judges were crazy. But after watching all the performances, they were right. I have to say that if it was all 20 girls against each other, a couple of the girls from this group would have taken one of the previous girls’ spots. But out of this 10, the right 5 were sent home and I have to agree with Randy on Zoanette. She is amazing, has amazing talent and was easily the best performance. I am feeling a bit bored by Candice. Her performance was in no way the best that she can do. I have to say that Breanna and Aubrey came out there fighting, and even though they had nearly no screen-time before I think they could have a real shot. The country girls were both good, but I have to say that I was slightly leaning towards Janelle. I hope Rachel comes back next year, I love her spirit!

  43. jane says:

    So, either a girl with lackluster talent or a guy with questionable looks is going to win idol this year. Way to go, Nigel! There has to be both talent and marketability if they want another successful idol. I don’t care if it is a girl or boy wins this year as long as they deserve it. P2 had both talent and liability and his win didn’t bother near as much as Lee’s or Chris Allen (and I’m not saying these two were without talent). Candice and Jenelle have the most potential and I hope they do end up the top 2. It just seems this year it’s more of a circus show than a singing competition. Those guys last week were a mess. I now wonder what JLo and Steven would have said about Charlie or asian Beiber. These were the best out of the thousands of people who tried out? I know idol always like to have “entertaining” contestants, but at least Heejun and Casey Abrams could sing. Charlie and Zoanette, No!!

  44. If the last two weeks have taught me anything its that the judges probably could have just whittled down the top 40 to the top 20 and not done any of this…and I actually think this was the most equally talented group so far (doubt the boys will be, but I won’t count them out yet). But I think at this point Candice, Janelle, Kree, and Angela are all pretty solid locks for the finals, so maybe its better that Melinda, Shubha, Juliana and Jett can come back next season and maybe be pimped too the extent that some of the rest of these girls have. As for who I think will likely make the top 10 out of the large portion of fodder contestants; probably Amber Holcomb, hey somebody has to come in 10th.

  45. Tiff says:

    AND…Vote for the Worst has its new winner for the year. Congrats, Zoanette.

  46. MamaLis says:

    I didn’t see the results yet but I am shocked that you’re saying that sweet guitar girl was cut. NO WAY. No way. I thought she was one that was full-on through. Juliana.
    Hold up, you know what I’m thinking though? Method to the madness. She’s WAY talented and she’s 15!!! They want her to go back, get a year or so more refined; take some more vocal lessons; mature a bit and get even better, and then come back to really kick some a**. It sucks but I’m thinking that’s what they were thinking on her. Patience my dear.

    • LeahKittyS says:

      See, that’s what I was thinking about Juliana, too. If she’s this good now, imagine what she’ll sound like with a year or so to mature.

    • The Beach says:

      They probably told Juliana to be sure and try out again next year and there will be a spot for you (wink, wink). I’ll bet the said the same thing to Johnny Keyser last year too and it didn’t work out so well for him, unfortunately.

  47. Nephtalia says:

    Breanna, Zoanette and Aubrey were not supposed to make it, they were sent as canon-fodder but made such an impression they took Cristobel and Rachel spot. Janelle should thank God she is such a front-runner. I agree with all the choices today. I can feel Nikki fighting like crazy.

  48. Msmoore says:

    I’d like Option D, PLEASE!

  49. Timmah says:

    I’m thinking (hoping) that they’re going to bring some of these girls back as wild cards.

  50. Dera says:

    American Idol doesn’t feel like competition anymore. It’s more like a TV show. The manipulation is so evident. I had enough of these so called talent shows. I read blogs like this one to get my quick news about who is good and then I check their u tube stuff.