NCIS Exclusive First Look: Who's Tony Chatting Up on the Beach in the Bahamas...?

Is it better in the Bahamas, at least as far as Tony DiNozzo is concerned? Viewers of CBS’ NCIS will find out in the March 5 episode of TV’s most watched drama — and we’ve got an exclusive sneak peek.

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In the episode “Prime Suspect,” as Gibbs’ barber seeks help in ruling out his son as a suspect in a high-profile case, Michael Weatherly’s DiNozzo — along with probationary agent Ned Dorneget (played by Matt Jones) — are sent to the Bahamas to track a suspect in a stolen money case.

In this pair of first look photos, one of DiNozzo’s first orders of Bahamas business seems to involve chatting up a bikini-clad blonde (played by General Hospital alum Andrea Bogart). Tough work, but…. UPDATED with additional photos from Tony’s beach-capade:

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  1. The Rookie says:

    No Tiva! Yes :)

  2. Bleecker says:

    This is not going to make Tiva fans happy…

  3. Tony looks good! :-) Can’t wait to see what kind of trouble Tony and Dorney get into here. :-)

  4. Karen says:

    The tiva fans are going to hate this oh well cant wait for the

  5. Who really cares about the Tiva thing??? For goodness sake it’s supposed to be a Crime Drama, not a romance!!!!!!! Ooooh it makes me really mad! Grrrr!

    • The Don says:


      A crapload of people, that’s who.

    • Alisa Neely says:

      i for 1, have NO problem with romance on crime dramas…..it ADDS to the characters…..makes them MORE human and real…..but, the pairing has to be RIGHT….and TIVA IS ALLLLLLLLLL WRONG….on so many levels…..it’s just that simple for me.


      • TIBBS Lover says:

        Mmm, I think it should be TIBBS. ;D

        • Alisa Neely says:

          i totally agree with you….it SHOULD be TIBBS.

          • Rumple Stiltskin says:

            Who the HELL is Tibbs? Do you idiots even watch the show? Are you drunk/ high while it’s on? His name is GIBBS,idiots.

          • Alisa Neely says:

            WOW….calm down….TIBBS= tony and gibbs…..just TIVA= tony and ziva…..but, us TIBBS fans….LOVE the first.

          • Sarah says:

            Wow. Alisa is telling people to calm down? (Looks out the window) Hmm, doesn’t appear to be a plague of locusts coming or fire and brimstone raining down. I wonder what’s going on here?

        • suri says:

          Kate and Tony foreveeeer! <3 I don't care that she's dead. :P

          • Alisa Neely says:

            sorry, but kate wasn’t right for tony either….she thought she was BETTER then him as well….and what she did with that picture with abby’s help….KILLED any idea of them being more then a brother/sister thing….she could have gotten him either seriously hurt or fired, with that “gay themed” fixed picture….that was back when DADT was in effect….NOW, would a better time to tackle GAY AGENTS in ncis, then before….and YES, i know they already have 1……jmo.

  6. Shaun says:

    This is from the jughead type writers who thought JAG’s love story was a success.Tony and Ziva won’t be together until the series finale and it shall be brutal!!

  7. kendall says:

    i really like Dorneget but why not mcgee he’s there use him please.

  8. Jane says:

    Ooh, will this be the NCIS post that *doesn’t* dissolve into otherwise sane people screaming hatred and scorn at each other??? Guess not. Oh well.

  9. Mel says:

    Tony and Dorney, this could be very good.Look forward to the ep.

  10. J says:

    Heres to AwesomeUndercover!Tony and not idiot!Tony.

    • keja says:

      Well, it remains to be seen how Awesome! Tony will be, but I for one never consider Tony to be an idiot. He’s a rock. Could be an interesting ep, but these sneak peeks really don’t tell ya much.

  11. Amanda says:

    I totally love Tiva, but still look forward to this episode. Always fun to see Tony on assignment. But I have to agree with an earlier post — why not McGee? No hatred for Dornegat but I think we don’t see enough of Tim as it is. :(

  12. I love Tiva, but that doesn’t mean I think Tony shouldn’t talk to (or even flirt with) other women. They aren’t together, and until they are on the same page, it doesn’t really matter.

  13. Jaz says:

    Yes! Can’t wait to see what Tony does in this! And really Gibbs barber is connected… ok I will have to wait and see about that..

    Ok for all you Tiva haters out there….. Guess what I’m a tiva fan and yes I wouldve loved to have Ziva there instead of the probie agent but THATS NOT WHAT ITS ALL ABOUT!! Half the comments on here are ‘the tiva fans arent going to like this.’ Why cant you just comment on what this article is actually about!!

    Love the show for what it is!! I love EVERYTHING about NCIS!! Cant wait for many years to come XD

  14. Nina says:

    Yay! I can’t wait to watch scenes with Tony and Dorney! Hopefully it will be Good Agent Tony and not Idiot Tony. And I remember the actress from when she was on General Hospital, so I’m excited to see how she will be on NCIS

  15. Jack D. Wahl, Jr. says:

    Dinozzo has been a little too “house trained” for the last couple of seasons…
    Perhaps this trip to The Bahamas is Tony’s last fandango of arrested development before he makes his final vere into boring adulthood at the age of 44.

  16. Kasper says:

    YES!! I love Dorneget – so happy to see him return. Would love it if he became a guest star who appeared as frequently as Palmer or Vance.

  17. nas says:

    Same ole’ same ole’ from NCIS, Hype Tiva up, nothing actually is any different, and then try to rile fans up with hints of them (9 times out of 10 Tony) flirting with someone else.
    If the show wants people to take their hyping up of Tiva seriously, they need to put something on screen that’s actually different than before. Yes, they’re closer friends than ever but all the heat between them has been ignored. And of course this photo was specifically released to get Tiva fans talking.
    I’m sure this flirting is nothing, but it’s just getting annoying because it’s the same thing we’ve seen a gazillion times.
    I’m also not as crazy about Dorneget as many, so this episode seems not so exciting to me.

    • Kate says:

      Jeez, what more do you fans want? You’ve had WAYYYY more Tony & Ziva than fans of other character duos have gotten this season and you complain if Tony gets the rare assignment to work with someone else?
      You say “Yes, they’re closer friends than ever but…” I hope you realize that favorite friendships like Tony/Abby, Tony/Gibbs, Ducky/Abby and Tony/McGee have all been minimized to accommodate this. Don’t worry though as we all know that, unfortunately, there’s going to be much more Tony/Ziva/Tiva coming up for you guys as the season progresses.

      • Alisa Neely says:

        i agree with you kate…..we have HARDLY seen tony down in the lab with abby, in the last season or 2…or much time between TIBBS….or any time between tim and tony or even tony & jimmy…..imo, ziva has been FORCED on tony far too much……most disagree with this…..but, imo they DUMB down tony when he’s paired with ziva….tony is NOT weak normally….but to make ziva look good….she has to come and defend him “fight wise”…..AND IT’S stupid…..and i HATE, that ziva pretty much REFUSES to FOLLOW tony’s orders out in the field…..he IS her boss out there, when gibbs isn’t around.


      • THIS!

        Which makes me so very happy about the little Jimmy & Timmy scene (we saw in the sneak peek) And Palmer & Ducky “outside autopsy room” friendship scenes!

        Not to mention all the other pairings and friendships that have much less screen time because the tiva story line development takes so much screen time. (like Jimmy basically in zero scenes for many episodes in a row before this week! Or Tim/Abby having no scenes together for many episodes in the beginning of the season.

        I truly wish for more screen time for Abby/McGee frienship/ship, and McGee/Palmer, McGee/Ziva, Abby/Jimmy, Abby/Ducky, Ducky/Jimmy friendships. And also for some other things. But as a fan of the show I understand that when they’ve taken a certain route, they’ve gotta continue with it. So there was, is, and will be lots of Tony/Ziva scenes. Together or separately. That will at one point lead to them being mature and ready enough to take the next step.

        I don’t ship them, but I’m very conflicted about them – part of me wants to have the writers get them together…already yesterday…so there would be more screen time for other relation/friendships already. Part of me doesn’t want that at all, because they are so not ready. For something serious. (But yes, they are slowly getting there. That’s what the past season(s) been about. If you, as tv viewer, do not know how american TV writing works, then there’s nothing to do…. If viewers let themselves get all hyped up by “advertisement” (which spoilers and promos essentially are), and have incredibly high and impossible (and false) expectations, then being let down by the actual stories/episodes is easy to come.

        Also…I, too, wish for more field/undercover assignments for McGee. I know he’s very valuable at the office, behind computers and handling all the technology, but I hope he gets a big investigation/undercover assignment soon. Plus that the long-waited first-ever Gibbs/McGee basement scene happens in S10. OH, and I’ve got more wishes… but this isn’t the place really.

  18. Lorena says:

    I love Ned!! this episode is gonna be awesome

  19. AngelMoon Girl says:

    Give me Tony/Ziva any day of the week!

  20. Kate says:

    Oh hooray, something non-Tiva for a change. Tony is far too good of a character to have him tied to Ziva every episode. Zzzzzzz Tony & Dorney together should be loads of fun. Really looking forward to this one and the Ducky/Jimmy centric story coming up.

  21. Alisa Neely says:

    sweet…..NO TIVA…..thank the lord…..it’ll be nice, to see tony work with someone OTHER then tim or ziva…..especially ziva…….remember, when ziva said that tony would be DEAD WEIGHT?…..well, imo and some other people’s mind….ZIVA would be DEAD WEIGHT.

    i just HOPE, we get a good honest undercover tony….who can flirt to get information out good looking women or men….and NOT come across as a FOOL.


    • Jason says:

      Ziva does know how to kick ass though and take them by surprise and then deliver a round house kick to the face

      • Alisa Neely says:

        but, ziva doesn’t know how to CONTROL herself….you don’t get information out of someone if they are DEAD…..look what happened with the prisoner in the elevator with ziva that time….she got tired of hearing him , that she HIT him in the throat and he ended up DEAD….and she does NOT know how to follow ORDERES….i.e. STAND DOWN….do NOT engage if found….ziva could EASILY get someone KILLED, if she doesn’t do it HERSELF.


  22. Katya says:

    This one looks so good! It’s sooooo refreshing to see Tony without you-know-who for a change. And I love Dorny!

  23. srsly says:

    Michael Weatherly looks fantastic! He’s always looked great, but all of the work he has put in to toning up recently is really paying off! Love that smile!!!
    I desperately hope this is a competent Tony with no idiot Tony to be seen. Just seeing him unchained from the dead weight for once makes me happy. LOL at Dorney in the background!
    I’m nervous about this episode after TPTB’s track record for this kind of stuff. It’ll be very good or really bad. Please give something for all the rest of us fans to enjoy!
    Free Tony!

  24. Breckan says:

    I am very much a Tiva fan, but they don’t drive my total enjoyment of the show. I appreciate the relationships between all the team members, it’s just that the Tony/Ziva one is my favorite. I don’t need to see them partnered up in every episode, but I would have much rathered this was a Tony/McGee outing as I find Dorney boring.

  25. Mark says:

    Who says there will be no Tiva in this episode? This is obviously only one scene & I am sure she is case related. We know Tony has deep feelings for Ziva (only those who don’t want to see it, don’t see it as this has been confirmed by the show runner – you know the guy who actually controls the characters.). Tony will be going back to DC & to Ziva.

    I just had to make this comment to those who made this thread about Tiva when Tiva isn’t even mentioned – you all talk about Tiva related activity more than the Tiva fans…LOL.

  26. JBC says:

    Love NCIS and think they do a great job keeping their characters interesting and I do believe that is why they keep viewership at all time highs. There is not one character on this show that I find annoying or forced in. Other shows could learn from these fine writers and showrunners. Also, this core cast ROCKS!! and are wonderful actors.

  27. Annabelle says:

    Okay people…
    Why are you hating on Ziva and Tiva?
    Yes I am a Tiva fan but can’t we just appreciate this picture. There is no Ziva so there is nothing for you to complain about. Ziva is one of my favorite characters and brings a lot to the show. She is not “dead weight.” In case you didn’t know, the Ziva centered episodes got the most views EVER for NCIS this year… That shows something…

    • I dislike Tony and Ziva. I just do not believe this thing called “TIVA” i see Tony and Ziva as friends, partners and sometimes siblings having an argument. I am tired of people trying to force these two characters together.
      If they do get together, it will in fact destory the show as it has done many other popluar shows.

      • Correction: I don’t dislike Tony and Ziva. I just do not believe this thing called “TIVA” i see Tony and Ziva as friends, partners and sometimes siblings having an argument. I am tired of people trying to force these two characters together.
        If they do get together, it will in fact destory the show as it has done many other popluar shows.

    • estefania says:

      well said

    • estefania says:

      I am totally agree with mark and annabelle

  28. Jason says:

    The show wouldn’t be. Real without ziva or tony I prefer ziva over kate any day they the best characters if they got together it would just add som spice I do want to see more mgee in action like in the episode when Kate got shot in the head

  29. Svenja says:

    I don’t mind some flirting, especially when it is for the case. Tony loves to flirt with random women. I just hope it won’t be over the top childish and neglecting the job like flirting. I think flirting and checking out girls is part of Tony just he is more focused now on the work and maybe finding love. So I hope they won’t overdo it because it wouldn’t fit the S10 Tony. It would be more like S3 Tony. I don’t like seeing a heavily-distracted-from-what-matters Tony. But we will see if this is part of the case and he is having some fun with it then it is totally ok. If this is another one where Tony checking out girls affects the work then I will be less thrilled.

  30. Kathy Lambert says:

    Wow is she skinny! They could have released better photo’s that were more kinder. On another note I love Dornugut and thrilled he’s returning. He’s such a terrific actor. He was great in Breaking Bad.
    If Tony ever get’s too serious and does not offer us some comedic relief I and many other’s wouldn’t be watching. I don’t have a mid life crush on Tony I just love this show and love what Michael Weatherly does with the character. I do have to say though after 10 years there is a whole bunch of Michael Weatherly in DiNozzo. Michael is such a cut up and while he does good work in serious roles like Baltimore to me his best work is making us laugh. I think I feel like the team when Tony was serious in that episode last year.

  31. crm says:

    Tonyandzivajust get togther.otherwisethe sshow isgreat

  32. nciser says:

    Let me guess….Tony & Dornegut “follow the money” to the Bahamas & think the trail is leading to bikini girl who actually turns out to be an officer from another agency following the same money trail. NCIS teams up with her agency & Tony hooks up with her. They “give” the Tiva fans “jealous Ziva” thinking that will keep them tuned in. It is the ‘season of heroes’ so bikini girl is killed before the end of the season leaving us with ‘sad and/or guilty’ Tony who of course will need at least a season to recover from his loss……am I reading a little too much into these pictures? I REALLY hope so!

  33. ncisluv says:

    I am somewhat a Tiva fan but also like seeing the other characters. In my opinion they have been giving all the characters special moments this season, Ducky in phoenix, Abby in hit and run, Vance in hereafter, I think this episode will be good and give Tony a chance to be capable team leader Tony and love Dornegett he reminds me of early McGee. McGee and Ziva have a nice brother sister dynamic that I am looking forward to seeing since they will be working together on this episode.

  34. dude says:

    She was awful on General Hospital.

  35. guest says:

    Man, some of you have some real anger issues. I have seen two people make the same comment over and over again just on this one page. Yes, we know you hate Ziva and Tiva and anything related to that. Why are you commenting about that with an episode that has nothing to do with it? I have full faith in these amazing writers that they can balance some romance in the middle of this crime drama. Gary Glasberg has stated that he would like to explore the idea of Ziva having a family and he would not be opposed to a pregnant Ziva if he can make it work with his story line. If that happens to be with Tony, so be it. Shows like Castle and Bones have brought the main characters together and have done this successfully. GG would not make it the TIVA show. He has stated that if they did get together it would not be the main focus of the episodes. I for one do not understand why you would continue to watch a show that incites some much rage and hatred in you. I have faithfully watched other shows and then when a character or a story line starts to bother me, I stop watching. I don’t go on fan pages and message boards and continue to complain about the same thing-TPTB aren’t reading your comments and changing their minds because you whine through the whole message board! Get over it, stop taking it so personally and enjoy the show for what it is-entertainment. And if you can’t enjoy it, change the channel and leave us in peace.