The Walking Dead Recap: Barbarians at the Gate

The Walking Dead Season 3 RickIn Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead, the Governor exacts his revenge for the Battle of Woodbury. But, believe it or not, that isn’t the worst thing that happens to Team Cell Block. Here are all the gory details…

HAPPY HAUNTING | While Rick is busy chasing a vision of Lori — how nice that his imagination dolls her up like she’s headed to the Oscars! — Glenn tries to take charge. Unfortunately, whatever leadership qualities he might possess are undermined by the rage he still feels over Maggie’s near-rape. Though she finally opens up to him about exactly what transpired, it only serves to widen the gulf between them. (Apparently, after the zombie apocalypse, nobody celebrates Valentine’s Day.)

SHE’S THE SHERIFF | In Woodbury, the Governor promises Andrea — somehow without cracking up — that he won’t retaliate against Team Cell Block. Not only does she buy this, his 2,704th whopper of a lie, but she’s flattered to no end when ol’ One-Eye compliments her reassuring speech to the townspeople and deputizes her as a kind of stand-in Governette.

INTO THE WOODS | Alone at last with Merle, Daryl is quickly reminded of what a grade-A schmuck his brother is — especially after he tries to rob a family that they save from walkers. Finally, Daryl has had enough. He calls Merle on leaving him behind with their abusive father and tells his sibling that, as far as Rick and Co. are concerned, he got what he deserved. Snap!

UNFRIENDLY FIRE | When Axel speaks more than a coupla lines — he reveals to Carol that he was in jail for committing armed robbery… with a toy gun! — his fate is obviously sealed: He becomes the first casualty of the Governor’s sneak attack on the prison! Next, Team Woodbury breaks down a penitentiary fence with a van — full of walkers! It’s looking pretty grim for Rick and Hershel (and, frankly, for the lot of ’em) until Daryl shows up. Trouble is, there’s a catch: He’s brought Merle — s***-eating grin and all — with him!

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Have you had your fill of “Crazy Rick”? Did you know Axel was a goner when Carol started softening toward him? And — not to be morbid, but — what was your favorite kill: Daryl dispatching a walker with the trunk of that hatchback or Michonne slicing and dicing ’em like she was throwing together a zombie cheese platter? Hit the comments with, you know, your, um, comments.