The Walking Dead Recap: Barbarians at the Gate

The Walking Dead Season 3 RickIn Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead, the Governor exacts his revenge for the Battle of Woodbury. But, believe it or not, that isn’t the worst thing that happens to Team Cell Block. Here are all the gory details…

HAPPY HAUNTING | While Rick is busy chasing a vision of Lori — how nice that his imagination dolls her up like she’s headed to the Oscars! — Glenn tries to take charge. Unfortunately, whatever leadership qualities he might possess are undermined by the rage he still feels over Maggie’s near-rape. Though she finally opens up to him about exactly what transpired, it only serves to widen the gulf between them. (Apparently, after the zombie apocalypse, nobody celebrates Valentine’s Day.)

SHE’S THE SHERIFF | In Woodbury, the Governor promises Andrea — somehow without cracking up — that he won’t retaliate against Team Cell Block. Not only does she buy this, his 2,704th whopper of a lie, but she’s flattered to no end when ol’ One-Eye compliments her reassuring speech to the townspeople and deputizes her as a kind of stand-in Governette.

INTO THE WOODS | Alone at last with Merle, Daryl is quickly reminded of what a grade-A schmuck his brother is — especially after he tries to rob a family that they save from walkers. Finally, Daryl has had enough. He calls Merle on leaving him behind with their abusive father and tells his sibling that, as far as Rick and Co. are concerned, he got what he deserved. Snap!

UNFRIENDLY FIRE | When Axel speaks more than a coupla lines — he reveals to Carol that he was in jail for committing armed robbery… with a toy gun! — his fate is obviously sealed: He becomes the first casualty of the Governor’s sneak attack on the prison! Next, Team Woodbury breaks down a penitentiary fence with a van — full of walkers! It’s looking pretty grim for Rick and Hershel (and, frankly, for the lot of ’em) until Daryl shows up. Trouble is, there’s a catch: He’s brought Merle — s***-eating grin and all — with him!

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Have you had your fill of “Crazy Rick”? Did you know Axel was a goner when Carol started softening toward him? And — not to be morbid, but — what was your favorite kill: Daryl dispatching a walker with the trunk of that hatchback or Michonne slicing and dicing ’em like she was throwing together a zombie cheese platter? Hit the comments with, you know, your, um, comments.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Cokes says:

    The word is “Governess”, which Downton Abbey should have taught you by now, I’d think

    • Annie says:

      Actually, no. Governess is a domestic position charged with looking after children … oh, wait, no, it totally fits. (Seriously, though – it’s still GOVERNOR.)

  2. Mike says:

    Much improved after last weeks somewhat slow episode, the beginning of this one was similar, but boy that second half was a return to form. Am seeing Daryl tell of Merle was a treat. Hopefully Rick snaps out of it soon, given the circumstances his insanity makes sense, just I’m ready for awesome Rick to return. It was sad to see Axl go, but it was inevitable. Loved seeing Carol use his body as a shield. Can’t wait for next week. So who was driving the truck filled with Walkers.

    • Alan says:

      random mook number 42. they were covered head to toe not to hide someone but to protect them when they had to run back through the walkers.

  3. rachelle says:

    I’m gonna need The Governor to die a horrible, painful death. What a d-bag.

    • Matt says:

      But who should get to kill him? Maggie? Glenn? Rick? Andrea? Baby A$$-kicker?

      • Kevin says:

        I want Beth to kill him.

        • Alan says:

          she really needs to gear up in the next fire fight, im getting sick of seeing her hide when literally everyone else in the group is being badass

          • Matt says:

            Speaking of being badasses, why is it that everyone inside the prison can shoot a walker between the eyes at 20 paces with handguns while sprinting for their lives, but if you plant them in a stationary position behind cover, they can’t take out a single also-stationary target without exhausting massive amounts of ammunition?

          • Alan says:

            walkers dont shoot back, its much more difficult to aim correctly when people are shooting at you; plus rick is the only one who has ever been in this sort of situation or has even even trained for this sort of situation so all of them would be struggling to control their emotions and that would negatively affect their ability to aim.

      • Lo says:

        In the comics, his own people kill him which I think would be so fitting in the show as well. But very little about the Woodbury storyline has matched with the comics, so I imagine they’ll go a different route with his death, assuming he dies :)

      • MelindaB says:

        I think that Milton should wake up to the Governor’s true depth of evil and take him out. Or for the prison group to find some grenades and just go take out the whole stinking town.

    • Mike says:

      Yes, but it won’t be for awhile, and Rick should kill him, or Andrea to begin redeeming her character.

      • says:

        In my opinion NOTHING Andrea can do will redeem her character…but dying. She consistently makes foolish decisions that endanger whoever happens to be traveling with her at the moment. Like everyone out there I have my favorite characters but Andrea is the ONLY character I find my self shouting “No…you dumb f#$%ing bitch!” at the television over. My hope is that she continues to be a bad luck charm and acts like a sort of Trojan horse for the governor. Maybe after she gets him killed she can sacrifice yourself for the greater good.

        • Mo says:

          Agreed. Every week I say, “Maybe this will be the week Andrea stops being stupid as hell.” And then find out that I’m the one who’s stupid as hell for believing this will ever happen.

        • Showville says:

          She must have been one useless lawyer that Andrea.

        • tripoli says:

          Agree with you 100%.l

        • Ashley says:

          i agree 100% about andrea once she shows up at the prison everybody there is NOT GOING TO TRUST HER! it’s a while since they last saw her and thought was DEAD she sooo stupid hanging around woodbury still after Michonne not just leaving but WARNING her about the governer and who he is. That will be funny if she dies in the hands of the gov. if not i hope it’s michonne!

  4. Amy says:

    Andrea just needs to go, she’s whiney and not anything worth watching.

  5. Mikael says:

    The trunk door kill was out of control! One of the best/goriest

  6. jonathon says:

    This show is amazing. It develops story and character, and in this example it did this for about 45 minutes and then the last 10-15 minutes it throws you back into the chaos and you don’t know what hit you till its over and you have to wait 7 days for another episode. Man the writing on this show is awesome, no sarcasm, just huge credit where credit is due!

    • Ash says:

      Couldn’t agree more. This show is the most well rounded tv show out. Great actors, writers, special effects, ect…the whole shebang.

    • Mike says:

      The acting is incredible, too bad the zombies throw them out of award contention. Andrew Lincoln deserves recognition.

      • Ash says:

        Almost all of them deserve recognition. Why would the zombies throw them out?

        • tripoli says:

          Because shows of a horror or sci fi type nature tend to get ignored. Being that The Walking Dead kinda falls into a horror category for some, it gets over looked when awards get handed out. It’s unfortunate since the show is just a great drama that also happens to be filled with zombies.

        • Alan says:

          emmy voters hate anything that doesnt fit their very limited definition of good tv and unfortunately thats basically all the stuff that isnt a stuffy period drama

      • Jamie says:

        You are so right about Andrew Lincoln. It’s just mind-blowingly wrong that he hasn’t been up for Best Actor awards. I just recently went back and watched some of S1, and it’s amazing how much he’s grown as an actor since then.

  7. Lauren says:

    Maybe I didn’t pay attention last episode but where did Tyrese and the other three go? I don’t remember them leaving the prison but they were MIA.

    • they hauled butt when rick lost it

    • Dustin says:

      Rick started having a vision of Lori on the top floor of the cell, and was waving the gun around telling the vision to go away and leave him alone, Tyreese and the others ran out of the area, thats why they were MIA.

    • Cody says:

      At the end of last weeks episode when Rick saw Lori in the prison and had his conniption yelling and screaming “Why are you here?!” Glenn and everyone told them to leave just leave and they were freaked out enough to not stay around and left.

  8. Russ says:

    I expected Axel to die eventually but I was so shocked when it happened. But I loved it.

  9. JC says:

    “I damn near killed that Chinese kid.”
    “He’s Korean!”

  10. Babybop says:

    Now THAT is how you make good TV!! I am very rarely surprised by shows anymore, but shooting Axel in the middle of him telling a mundane story was genius. Loved every bit of this episode. This season has been the best yet!

  11. Asia says:

    Good episode, granted I didn’t expect Axel to die so soon. I mean one minute I’m acknowledging that I’m starting to like his character and then the next minute he’s dead. So sad, at least he kept Carol safe sort of . Anyway I have to ask, am I the only that checks out when Andrea appears on screen? She’s continuing to act so unbelievingly stupid that I find myself doing other things when she’s on. It’s becoming a habit and I always end up missing something.

    • Cris says:

      Andrea annoys me to no end, too, but when she is on screen I can’t help but watch to see what other way to be utterly stupid she finds. How she is still alive in this world is a mistery for me. Oh wait, I know: first Dale, then Rick, then Michonne kept her alive.

      I don’t think Andrea will get killed off to soon. She needs to realise what a blithering idiot she is first. I don’t know why, but I get the feeling she and Rick will hook up down the line. Remember when they first met in that mall, back in Atlanta, that was the first think I thought when I saw them together (when we didn’t yet know that Lori was part of the same group as Andrea).

      Also, have you noticed how Beth is developing a crush on Rick? While Carl is crushing on her?
      I guess in a zombie apocalypse world like theirs, a triangle between a 17 years old girl, a 13 years old boy and his 40 years old father is not that unbelievable (only joking, that would be gross, but still…)

      • Alan says:

        i dont think she developed a crush on rick, the only reason she kissed his cheek last week was because he saved her sister and thats the only moment that could even be considered to show she has a crush on him

  12. Ana says:

    All I can think of is, poor Revenge! It doesn’t stand a chance against this beast! With the exception of Rick’s unexplained mental health vacation, this was one riveting episode. So much better than last week’s. Michone is such a badass and Darryl is back!!! Let’s see if Merle can behave. When the arrow pierced the walker’s head and was an inch away from Rick’s face I literally fist-pumped. Heck yeah. Darryl is back!!! Now, let’s stop wasting time and get him together with Carol. Please. When I saw the van run over the fence I knew there were walkers inside. I’m glad poor old Hershel lived another day. Andrea needs a spanking for being so gullible and the governor’s sneak attack was low and cowardly but brilliant. So, so good!

    • Alan says:

      “unexplained” the world he knew is crumbling around him and the woman he loved died before he got a chance to make peace with her, seems like that explains him flying over the cuckoos nest to me

  13. Venkman007 says:

    The last 10 minutes of last night’s ep makes up for the entire previous episode before it.

  14. I want to know how Rick keeps his watch so clean

  15. Faster says:

    Another great episode. Loved it. The only thing I was unsure of is where did Glenn go when he drove off and missed the first half of the action?

  16. Faster says:

    Ok thanks. I’m glad he was nearby I was really worried for old man Herschel.

  17. The Governor TWD says:

    The Governor is The Best character in TWD,then Merle.So bad they are on different sides now.The Best kill : For sure –> Governor kill Axel.I whould love to see Axel alive but when governor kill I don’t really care who is it!And I whould love to see him make team from prison retreat to wildernes and kill Michone ‘cos I damn hate her!

  18. So much Andrea bashing – some of it well deserved. However I saw Laurie Holden on a TWD panel and I had to agree with her take on Andrea. Andrea had a pretty good life prior to the apocalypse and at the beginning of Season 3 we see a woman who lost her suppport group and who’d almost died twice in the woods. When she finds Woodbury she is so desperate to get a semblance of her own life back her minds forces her to see it as the garden of Eden she’s been hoping for. Who hasn’t, at some point in their life, refused to see the truth in order to believe in something that in reality is too good to be true? I admit her believing the Governor wouldn’t retaliate against Team Prison was was really stupid, particularly when she saw him for what he was when he pitted Daryl against Merle. I believe in the end Andrea will step up to protect her original group, but it could easily be at the expense of her own life as it would be hard to see her as redeemable given her actions this season.

    • Mo says:

      That’s the problem right there. She has seen the reality over & over again and still refuses to believe it. I understood why she didn’t want to leave Woodbury with Michonne. But since then she’s seen the Governor’s “gladiator” battles, his head collection, his zombie daughter, Merle v. Daryl, and on & on. And not only is she still there (somewhat understandable that she might not want to fight her way to the prison on her own) but she apparently is still buying whatever bull crap story the Governor is selling. She gots to go.

  19. Omar says:

    What an awful recap :S

  20. DoctorWhoFanatic! says:

    Was it just me, or did the ninja jumping out of the zombie truck look female with blonde hair?

  21. R.O.B. says:

    When Axel was telling the story about his arrest, I started to think that his story was fishy and he was lying to gain Carol’s trust. Of all things to be put in prison for, a water gun? This guy’s a teddy bear! But back at the beginning of the season he had that creepy exchange with Hershel’s younger daughter. I was thinking he was making this whole story up and would eventually corner Carol for a brutal sexual assault. So I was completely shocked when he was suddenly killed by a head shot. Good job, writers, and nice that Carol had a moment to enjoy a compliment as well.

  22. Brittany says:

    Did Daryl die

  23. Brittany says:

    Ohhhhh because someone posted that he died in the last episode and I had not watched it yet and was very upset that someone said that… Was wondering if they were joking or trying to make people upset.

  24. Chuck says:

    Great episode! I enjoy the story, character development, zombie killing and head crushing gore! I do have one negative comment, that pickup truck that Glen drove was way too clean.

  25. MelindaB says:

    What I want to know is, why are they often able to pick off zombies with one shot with a handgun, but can’t get a couple of guys just standing there when they are using automatic rifles? Sure, they were shooting too, but surely somebody would be able to hit the target.

    When the van came roaring up, I first thought that it was Glenn coming back and that he was going to get shot. Then I saw that it was a van and wondered if Merle and/or Daryl found it and drove it back to the prison. My mouth actually dropped open when I saw the walkers come out of the back. Now I want somebody to pummel the smirk off of the Governor’s face. With the butt of a gun, preferably.

    • Alan says:

      zombies dont shoot back. do you know how hard it is to aim correctly when people are shooting at you you dont really take the time to aim like you would at shambling zombies. not to mention rick is probably the only one who has been under enemy fire before now so these guys are highly inexperienced at this kind of situation.

  26. Spencer says:

    I would like to see Carl kill the governor… Only seems right that he saves his fathers ass once again from his advasary