Good Wife Post Mortem: Matt Czuchry on What Makes Cary 'Re-evaluate' His Future at the Firm

Red Team/Blue TeamThe following interview contains spoilers from Sunday’s episode of The Good Wife.

Well, that was bold.

Going up against their bosses in a mock trial was the least of Alicia and Cary’s concerns in Sunday’s The Good Wife — especially when, after having their offer of partnership rescinded, Cary suggested he and Mrs. Florrick start their own firm.

But then Will and Diane re-offered Alicia — and only Alicia — equity partnership, which she accepted (!), leaving Cary on the outs.

Below, Matt Czuchry talks about his character’s future at Lockhart Gardner, Cary’s more confident attitude, his mysterious moment with Kalinda and more.

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TVLINE | This was a very big episode for Cary. Is this a signal that there’s a lot more Cary screentime to come?
Well, it opens up a lot of doors for Cary in terms of him pondering what his future is at Lockhart Gardner and what his next move is within the firm or outside of the firm. This episode certainly opens up a lot of doors for that potential for the character to grow as we move into the end of the season.

TVLINE | This was perhaps the most ambitious and aggressive we’ve ever seen Cary and Alicia. Is this the start of a new, different side of Cary?
I believe [the change came] when Cary’s father came in and tried to use him for some help with Diane, and Cary stood up to his father and said, “No, I’m not going to help you.” That was really a turning point for Cary in terms of realizing that he has to make his own way [regarding] what he wants for his own life… And then in this episode, that idea, yes, absolutely is furthered. I have a scene in this episode where Cary’s in court and he’s questioning somebody on the stand. We see Cary is relaxed and tense at the same time. So there’s a new confidence in Cary and that is something that is going to continue to grow throughout the rest of the season.

TVLINE | He and Alicia really challenged their bosses. Is that going to come back to bite them in the behind?
Cary knows what his worth is as a lawyer, so he’s willing to stand up to Alicia within the firm — or Diane or Will. He’s willing to stand up to anybody within the firm because he knows he’s good at his job and he has that renewed confidence. So I would say… if there is some push back from his bosses, then that would be OK with Cary. He would be fine dealing with that and handling it.

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TVLINE | They offered the partnership only to Alicia, so Cary and Alicia aren’t on a level playing field anymore. How’s that going to change their dynamic?
On one level, Cary feels that he would do the same exact thing if he was in her position, so he understands… On the other side, it certainly makes Cary re-evaluate what his worth is in the firm and what his future should be at the firm and what he wants to do in terms of his career. Cary and Alicia, for four seasons, they’ve been competitors, they’ve been adversaries, they work great together as lawyers. So we’ve seen a full dynamic of that whole relationship over the course of the four seasons, and what’s nice about this episode is you see little pieces of all those aspects of their relationship. You see the competition, you see the adversarial aspect, you see them on the same side against Will and Diane and doing a great job in court. They have a very complex relationship in this episode and now that Alicia has become partner and Cary hasn’t, the complexities of that relationship are going to continue to grow.

TVLINE | Are they still sharing an office? They wouldn’t be, right?
Alicia is a partner and Cary isn’t, so there is going to be a status change there. How Alicia handles it is very interesting, and how Cary handles it is very interesting. Of course, the elements that Diane and Will place on both of them is interesting, as well. Change of office is a piece of that.

TVLINE | Alicia also knows that Cary was thinking about starting a new firm. Is that a point of tension between them?
It’s a thought that has slowly been developing for him, and he was genuine when he asked her. Then of course, Alicia was asked to become partner, and like I mentioned before, Cary says, “That’s smart. I would take that too.” So the fact that Cary’s looking to his future and protecting his future just like Alicia’s protecting her future, I think there’s probably a mutual respect and mutual understanding [between them] in that they both have to do what’s right for them individually.

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TVLINE | Are we going to see Cary’s starting-a-new-firm storyline continue to play out?
One of the storylines that this episode opens up… is Cary’s future and where does he want to go? If he stays at Lockhart Gardner, where does he want to go after? Does he want to start his own firm? That is going to be a storyline for Cary that is going to carry out through the end of the season… He’s certainly going to look towards his future in a very calculated and specific way.

TVLINE | In the last scene, it seemed like Kalinda and Cary were maybe plotting or scheming. Should we be reading something into that scene?
It really speaks to that last question you asked in terms of, is Cary going to go out on his own? Or is he going to create alliances at the firm to further his position within the firm? Cary and Kalinda were standing there, outside the glass, for a reason as Alicia was shaking hands inside the glass. So that was certainly a poignant moment that was very specific and intentional.

TVLINE | It was very symbolic, especially considering that Cary and Kalinda are the two characters that have been passed over for promotions recently.
I liked the scene with Cary and Kalinda in this episode. In Season 2, Cary would constantly be the one helping Kalinda out, and in this episode, we saw Kalinda give information to Cary that really broke the case in a big way [so] Alicia and Cary [could] win. We’re seeing, also, Kalinda supporting Cary. [They] are ships passing in the night, but in that specific case, they were right there together, side by side, because Kalinda helped Cary out. As you mentioned, Kalinda has been slighted and Cary has been slighted, so they have mutual interests right there at the end of the episode.

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  1. TV Gord says:

    Such a terrific episode tonight! I’m glad to read that Matt thinks Cary understands Alicia’s decision to take the partnership, so it won’t be such a black-and-white animosity developing between them.

    I was quite surprised that Alicia accepted the partnership. I thought she would form an alliance with Cary somehow, but that would be the predictable route, and THIS meaty turn of events is much juicier! (I sound pretty bloodthirsty for a vegetarian, don’t I?) ;-)

    I love all of the dynamics among the characters. I wonder if Kalinda’s nose will be out of joint over Alicia’s decision. That would be interesting, seeing Kalinda mad at her, for a change.

    And that KISS!!! Oh, man! It’s a good thing the Emmys don’t have a best kiss category, because I’m conflicted over whether Will and Alicia was hotter than that game-changing kiss on New Girl a few weeks ago.

    God, I love television!

    • Kim R says:

      This episode was well worth the wait! Other than the Nick storyline, this show never lets me down. I love how they don’t remove characters that are so unlikeable (David Lee) because it would be unrealistic to how life really is. I love that Alicia took the partnership because even though it would have been satisfying for us, as viewers, to see her refuse it would also have been a “cutting off her nose to spite her face” kind of thing.
      Eli is gold. :) That pairing of him and Elsbeth is so excellently done.
      Cary, Kalinda and the direction it all will go….how does it get any better??
      And the kiss. “Nuff said.

      • Annette says:

        This is by far the BEST show on TV. So well written and so well acted. I really loved last night’s show and especially Will and Alicia and that moment they had .I want to see more of those moments. They are great together.

  2. Jason says:

    Brilliant episode tonight. Walking Dead, Revenge and Good Wife all put in stellar efforts. Television rules.

  3. pecola says:

    Does this mean that Kalinda is back from her banishment?

  4. Saint Alicia says:

    loved, Loved, LOVED this episode! Firing on all cylinders, strong on all fronts. I’m glad Cary has played a bigger role in the last couple eps, and I really like the development of his relationships with Kalinda and Alicia. As pointed out, Kalinda was always getting help from him in the past so it was nice of her to finally reciprocate and return the favor.
    Also, his friendship with Alicia is so complicated and at times tenuous but I love it. In the last ep Alicia even mused aloud that Cary wasn’t as deserving of partnership as she was, yet in this ep they were plotting together how to get ALL the fourth years that promotion. But of course it didn’t pan out that way… curious dynamics.
    Anyway, I hope if/when Cary moves out of Alicia’s office they don’t forget about him again. Maybe he can move in (office space) with Kalinda? Adore those two together :)

  5. Eli says:

    Best Good Wife episode of the season. Holy crap that had me completely drawn in for the full hour. Alicia kicking Will’s ass in the mock trial was awesome.

    Also, Florick, Agos and Associates does have a nice ring to it doesn’t it? :)

  6. Mandy says:

    Willicia 4ever!!!

    Best episode of the season by far for now. I feel sad a little about Cary but he is young, the whole let’s make a new firm with Alicia was pretty much just a dream

  7. sonja says:

    I also agree that this was a fantastic episode! I love this show but it can be a bit dry and slow sometimes (or I’m watching too much Scandal!) but tonight’s episode was non-stop!

  8. nikki says:

    The Willicia kiss was way out of place. And kinda gross. Very disappointed.

  9. Lucy says:

    I really hope all those awesome words translate into a more consistent storyline and a less ridicolous screentime for Cary.

  10. Shuayb says:

    Brilliant episode! Vlada was so very right when she said this was the episode to watch this season… I love where things are headed in all the main story lines. Cary really grew on me and I hope that he ends up with a win this season. My guess is that he will more than likely go over to Canning. That will make Diane and Will tremble in their boots. They know what Cary did in the SA’s office and they’ve seen how good he and Alicia are so that will give them a lot to think about should the need arise for them to have those thoughts… Delicous…

  11. Lea says:

    Best episode of the season so far… and I thought the last episode was fantastic as well! This show is really finding its way back. If it’s not renewed for season 5 I will be furious. Everything fit together in a way that it hasn’t since season 2.

  12. Karen says:

    Such an amazing episode. I really wouldn’t have minded a Agos/Florrick firm – here’s hoping it will become a reality at some point, cause I love the chemistry between Matt Czuchry and Julianna Margulies.
    And if Cary and Kalinda hook up some more (professionally and personally) that would be amazaballs
    I’m really just so very pleased that there was finally some more focus on Cary again. I feel like there’s been far too little screentime for Czuchry, who in my oponion, has been Good Wife’s best player this season.
    Also that Will/Alicia hook-up was interesting, to say the least. Not the worst thing to happen this season, I’ll tell ya that

  13. Karen says:

    Also, Carrie Preston: I love you! Incredible

  14. Jade says:

    I haven’t watched this episode yet but after reading this it sure does look like a good one. I’ve always loved Cary and Khalindas relationship whether good or indifferent and that they always seem to stick together or find a common ground. I just wish there was more of these two characters this season.

  15. Lily says:

    This episode was probably the BEST of the season so far, It got everything. And Willicia’s back into play was everything I could hoped for, their kiss was perfect and i’m glad that they seems to have still feelings for each other

  16. Tiki says:

    Loved this episode… Will and Alicia kiss was wonderful to me.

  17. Lipstick Socialism says:

    Lovely episode! Well worth the wait!

  18. CW says:

    Excellent episode! Wonderful writing and acting all the way around. My only question is, where is Kalinda? Like many fans, I loathed the Nick character, but I never wanted to see Archie Panjabi relegated to two or three minutes per episode. Such a waste of a great actress.

  19. Pam says:

    I’m not sure if that show will get a season 5. But there’s something I’m almost sure about it: Matt Czuchry is so going to get his big leading role sooner or later.

    • Lucy says:

      I really hope. Because unfortunally he always comes after Josh Charles and Alan Cumming (and guest stars) in terms of storylines and writers’ consideration. And I don’t think things are going to change.

  20. Kym says:

    I agree with most… great episode! Yes, the Will & Alicia kiss did seem like left field, but then, so did the idea that they could so completely go back to a platonic relationship after their steamy affair. I, too, cringe whenever I see Alicia & Peter together. As much as I love Chris Noth, and he makes Peter more palatable than anyone else could, I still can’t quite trust him. Looks like Alicia doesn’t either, despite their history, chemistry & kids, since they still appear to be living apart.

    Season 5 is a *must*, beyond that (assuming the quality can hold up) would be rich gravy.

  21. Phoenix says:

    Loved, loved the last episode. Great fan of the show. Just one little thing. They started a story line about the mom Jackie, after her stroke she was “seeing” things. Then the story line just quit. Not a fan of Jackie but would have liked to see things wrapped up. I agree with CW about loathing the Nick character. It had been hinted at that Kalinda had something bad or secret in her past. Now we know what it was. Even though I thoroughly disliked Nick, I was happy to see Archie getting more screen time. She is a wonderful actress. Wish she would get more time. Wondering now what is going to happen between Carey and Alicia, with her taking the partnership and the firm withdrawing the offer from the others. Wait, watch and see.

  22. Shark says:

    I thought the best bit of this episode was when Diane told Alicia to stop whining and that good things come even under ugly circumstances. Negative as the message was, Diane was bluntly honest because the truth hurts. Great Lawyers can’t be angels. Sharks arent nice guys. Period.

  23. Serena says:

    Finally a good episode! I was beginning to think that this season was going to disappear into oblivion.Glad that they made a comeback! Was really enjoying the mock trial scenes when they were taking the firms’ partners down. Would have loved an ARgos Florrick partnership, and perhaps with Elsbeth joining then, they can together give Lockhard Gardner a run for their money! May they continue to surprise us!

  24. Clydia Van Wagner says:

    Please get rid of Amanda Peet! I love this show, but not that girl!