Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on Good Wife, Psych, Covert Affairs, Grimm, Being Human and More!

Red Team/Blue TeamWhat should Psych fans get psyched for? What blast from the past will The Good Wife get? Is Arrow off his mark? Will Josh cease Being Human? Get answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

Psych | Your long, (semi-)patient wait is just about over, Psych-os, with the Season 7 now just… well, less than three weeks away. I am two episodes in, and here’s a tiny taste of what’s ahead for Team Pineapple. You will see Shawn repeatedly wrestle with what exactly the term “Mexican stand-off” means, have cause to tell Jules, “I’ve got the greatest girlfriend ever” and, in a sad-ish turn of events, blow up [spoiler]’s car. As for Gus, he finds love with ER‘s Parminder Nagra – which pleases him greatly since, as he notes, he tends to fall for “killers or girls dating killers.” And while Gus will declare his new lady to be “the one,” Shawn can’t help but selfishly ask, “But is she the one for us?” There’s also what has turned out to be a dated Don’t Trust the B— in Apartment 23 reference, a land mine winds up in a very bad place, and when Shawn’s lease expires… well, that leads to all kinds of complications/discussions, as you might imagine.

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Arrow | Stephen Amell talked up this past week’s “Betrayal” plenty. But given how it ended – and especially if you watched the new promo– he also had something to tease about Episode 14, titled “The Odyssey” and seemingly featuring Olivier in a fugue state of sorts after suffering a major injury. “Episode 14 is a radical departure for the series based on how most episodes have been structured, and it will be probably the toughest episode for me to shoot,” he shared the week before filming it. “John Behring, who directed our sixth episode featuring the Royal Flush Gang, is coming back for that one, and it is going to be incredible.”

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The Good Wife | I’ll keep this fresh bit of intel short but sweet — and sweetly provocative it is: Shockingly, the CBS drama with its next episode (airing Feb. 17) will suddenly revive a storyline that has been in hibernation for more than a year. Which dormant tale do you think will be dusted off? Share your theories in Comments!

Covert Affairs | A new man will be entering Annie’s orbit when Season 4 arrives – definitely for business, and possibly (we must always wonder) for pleasure. The USA Network series is casting the series regular role of Calder Michaels, a cocky and ambitious CIA station chief who ascended to that choice post at a relatively young age (i.e. in his 30s), and is hungry (and destined for) more. Calder grew up on a U.S. military base in Germany, so expect him to just as worldly as the well-versed Agent Walker. Casting suggestions?

And now, diving into the Inside Line reader mailbag….

I’m loving the new season of Being Human but I’m not going to lie — I miss Josh as a werewolf. Please tell me that he will become a wolf again at some point? – Scott
“Things are not likely to ever really work out for Aidan, Sally, Josh and Nora in the way that they hope –and I mean that in the best way possible,” showrunner Anna Fricke answers. “The show is about exploring all aspects of what it means for these characters to be human. But if Josh were just forever human and if Sally could just forever change into cute outfits, we wouldn’t be pushing ourselves. Maybe the characters would be happy but the show would be over. Things will get complicated. The interesting thing will be to see how.”

Are Grimm fans ever going to find out why Renard wears what looks to be a wedding band on his left-hand ring finger? –Shannon
Quite possibly. But for now, all show boss David Greenwalt will (cryptically) share is this: “It’s not a wedding ring….”

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I just saw FX artwork that said American Horror Story: Salem with a picture of the back of someone’s head hanging from a noose. Is it real? –Billy
That is fakety-fake piece of Fake-oshop work – which I suspected the instant I saw it. Because ask yourself this: Isn’t it a bit tame for a Horror Story poster? Now, if the noose was on someone with two heads…

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