Exclusive Castle Video Preview: Rick and Kate Wish Upon a Star (Wars) This Valentine's Day

Castle Season 5 First Valentine's Day Will the force be with Rick and Kate on their first first Valentine’s Day as a full-fledged couple?

Monday’s Cupid-centric Castle finds the lovebirds playfully discussing what they got each other for the big day, and let’s just say the words “limited edition,” “Star Wars,” and “lightsaber” are dropped.

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And remember, Rick has a lot of ground to make up for after he mistakenly obliged Kate’s wishes and filled her Christmas stocking with tumbleweed.

“There’s a subtle competition between the two of them,” series creator Andrew Marlowe previously told TVLine, adding that Rick’s attempt to overcompensate for his holiday misstep “brings its own complications…. Let’s just say that some wild hijinks ensue as he tries to deliver her present.”

Press PLAY below and watch the happy pair grill each other for clues, and then hit the comments with an answer to this question: What do you think they got each other for V-Day?

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