How I Met Your Mother Recaplet: The 5 Best Moments From Robin Sparkles' Return

How I Met Your Mother Season 8 Robin SparklesFrom pop princess to grunge rebel.

Robin Sparkles made her return to How I Met Your Mother on Monday night. But did the fourth chapter in the singer’s journey live up to the hype? One thing’s for sure — it more than met its quota for celebrity cameos.

Let’s review the episode’s highlights and then relive Robin’s dark side in the full music video for “P.S. I Love You.”

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BECOMING CANADIAN | Upon learning that Robin was once a stalker, Barney heads to the Great White North to track down the object of her obsession. The more time he spends up there, the more Canadian he becomes with his word pronunciations. Our favorite: Neil Patrick Harris slaying “ridiculous.”

WHERE WERE YOU WHEN THE MUSIC DIED? | Canada’s answer to Behind the Music – MuchMusic’s Underneath the Tunes – takes a look at “the day grunge was born” when Robin Sparkles became Robin Daggers in a stadium full of fans. Jason Priestley, k.d. lang, Paul Shaffer, Rush’s Geddy Lee, Alex Trebek and many more reminisced about that fateful day by sharing which Tim Hortons they were at and what kind of doughnut they were eating in that moment.

P.S. I LOVE YOU | The latest single from the former mall queen is clearly inspired by Alanis Morissette’s “You Oughta Know,” and it’s damn catchy. It also inspires a hilariously twisted music video in which Robin Sparkles trades in her sweet pop star image for dark hair and combat boots. The full spectacle below is even crazier than what aired. But as anti-conformist as she may be, Robin Daggers is still polite. “Consider Questioning Authority, Please,” reads a sign.

IT’S A FULL HOUSE | Making a surprise appearance, Dave Coulier insists Robin’s song is not about him. Asked yet again if he’s the subject of the tune, Coulier replies, “Cut it out,” as Future Ted (voiced by Coulier’s Full House co-star Bob Saget) declares, “I always himymliked that joke.”

PACEY I LOVE YOU! | So who is “P.S. I Love You” about? Among the list of possible names: hunky Canucks Joshua Jackson and Ryan Reynolds! What, no Ryan Gosling? Alas, Robin had an older man thing – she was obsessed with Paul Shaffer, aka P.S.

HIMYM fans, what was your favorite moment from the episode? And was anyone else waiting for Abby Elliott (playing Ted’s new, stalkery girlfriend) to break out into a Drew Barrymore impersonation?