Super Bowl Blackout: Top 12 Conspiracy Theories

Super Bowl BlackoutSuper Bowl XLVII came to a standstill Sunday when the lights went out at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans. What caused the unprecedented power outage, which delayed the big game for 33 minutes? Officials are blaming a faulty feeder line (whatever that is), but skeptics insist something’s rotten in Denmark.

Herewith are 12 of the most popular conspiracy theories…

1 | Sasha was so fierce she blew the power out!

2 | In a smart crossover, Elementary‘s Sherlock Holmes will solve this mystery live. Here comes Jonny Lee Miller, getting dropped in via helicopter….

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3 | Hey, Kelly Rowland was warned not to plug her curling iron into that sketchy dressing room outlet.

4 | NBC president Bob Greenblatt, dressed as a roving concession worker, pulled the plug to promote the midseason return of Revolution.

5 | CBS boss Les Moonves went to pay the electric bill, but had maxed out his American Express black card paying for that Broke Girls “spectacular.”

6 | The Ghost of Diana Ross’ Super Bowl weave strikes again!

7 | Eric Taylor still miffed about being passed over for the 49ers’ coaching job two years ago. And Riggins owed him a favor.

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8 | The stadium electrician, who looked suspiciously like diehard Niners fan Jennifer Garner, wanted to stop the Ravens’ momentum.

9 | A very poorly timed “viral” aspect to the Star Trek Into Darkness promotional campaign.

10 | At least I never called any of the players fat!” –Lance Armstrong, being taken away in cuffs.

11 | Uh-oh, Dan Marino’s wife just arrived.

12 | The bright stadium lights were wreaking havoc on a nearby night shoot for the Treme finale. Melissa Leo “knows a guy.”

What do you think caused the lights to go out? Hit the comments!

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