Has Girls Gone Wild? Did Glee Short-Change a Reunion? Hot New Girl Necking? And More Qs!

girls300We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Girls, The Good Wife, New Girl and Supernatural!

1 | Could there a correlation between Andy Samberg’s rather random Saturday Night Live return/face time and the fact that he now has a sitcom pilot in contention?

2 | What did Girls‘ Allison Williams do to piss off Lena Dunham? Three episodes into Season 2 and her Marnie character has already endured a painfully awkward sex scene with a gay man and, this week, a threesome involving a doll! And why in the world would Marnie stick around (much less sleep with) Booth Jonathan after he locked her in his chamber of visual and auditory horrors? If his creepy coital talk about the doll didn’t dissuade her from further hook-ups, what will?

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3 | Could other awards shows take a cue from the super-streamlined affair that SAG puts on each year? But who designed the floral backdrop for E!’s interview booth, the manager at the local Rite Aid? And why, at the SAG Awards — arguably the most “actor-y” of all awards — are nominees being asked on the red carpet about dance crazes, DUIs and manicure color choices?

4 | Do you think The Good Wife‘s Lockhart/Gardner will be renamed Lockhart/Gardner/Florrick by the season finale? Also, can we agree that this week’s episode was as beautifully crafted and conceived as any hour of television this season? But wouldn’t it have been more realistic if Alicia had acted shocked by the amount of the buy-in to become a partner, rather than the fact that there was a buy-in at all (which is SOP in the legal world)? That criticism aside, has Julianna Margulies ever had a giddier moment on the show than Alicia’s confession to that reporter about being an athiest?

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5 | Can The View please interview Whoopi about her shoes? How does she walk in them? Has she always been this into crazy shoes? Was she wearing them under her robe in Sister Act? There are so many questions!

6 | Hey Dallas‘ Christopher, think you might check to see if baby crib safety regulations have changed in 20 years? Also: Who would’ve liked to be a fly on the wall when Judith Light was cast as mother to the three-years-younger Mitch Pileggi? (Or is a job a job?) And with lines like, “You’re not the first Pam to fox her way into the hen-house,” just how much will you miss J.R.?

7 | What was with all the yelling on Bunheads this week? Why were Melanie and Ginny’s parents having dinner together? And since when does Jordan teach class?

bachelor3008 | Isn’t it nice to know The Bachelor is an equal-opportunity exploiter? And how did Sean get away with his line about “living out” the Pretty Woman “fantasy” without any acknowledgement that it involved a hooker and her john?

9 | OK, Bones fans: Did Booth’s “goodbye” video to Christine make you shed a tear or several?

10 | The Following‘s Debra Parker: shrewd FBI agent trying to gain Carroll’s trust, or yet another crazy cult member awaiting instruction? And as a TVLine commenter pointed out, didn’t those Poe masks kinda resemble porn star Ron Jeremy? Or Sons of Anarchy‘s Tig?

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11 | Has Hart of Dixie‘s Lemon ever looked better than when sick with the flu and with tousled hair, trying to seduce her new beau?

12 | Who else would seriously pay to A-Ha themselves à la Happy Endings?

13 | Did you find yourself siding with Pretty Little Liars‘ Spencer when she said they should stop caring about Allison? (And maybe ‘A’ would stop terrorizing them if they turned off their cell phones more often!)

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newgirl27514 | On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being sizzling hot and 10 being blazing hot, how would you rate New Girl‘s long-awaited smooch? And were you surprised at how suave Nick can be when he wants to (despite wearing a lady’s trench coat for much of the episode)?

15 | A super-important ‘shipper Q: The Office‘s Kelly and Ryan, or The Mindy Project‘s Mindy and Jamie?

16 | With Golden Tickets for “comedy” contestants Papa Peachez and Zoanette Johnson, is American Idol trying to pollute Hollywood Week — and perhaps even the live shows — with train wrecks? Did we learn nothing from Season 8’s Nick “Normund Gentle” Mitchell and Tatiana del Toro?

17 | Is it now clear how Arrow himself “created” his first supervillain, by ODing the Count on his own drug? Given how the Vertigo-pusher last looked, are you almost afraid for his eventual encore? And is it too late to send Thea to boarding school? It did wonders for Kaitlin Cooper!

18 | Did Gil McKinney’s terrific Supernatural turn as Dean and Sam’s grandpa officially wash away the bad taste of his arc as Julie’s T.A./lover on Friday Night Lights? And were you surprised to see Smallville alum Alaina Huffman pop up as Abbadon with little fanfare? Perhaps The CW didn’t want to “confuse” people by promoting two Black Canarys on one night?

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americans19 | What was scarier about the 1980s, as depicted on The Americans: the threat of nuclear war or high-waisted Guess jeans? And which was your favorite musical moment: Fleetwood Mac’s “Tusk” (during the opening chase) or Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight” (for Philip and Elizabeth’s car romp)?

20 | Is the Port Charles/vampire angle growing a bit tired on General Hospital? One wink to the audience was fun, but trying to integrate the two shows after nearly 10 (!) years by introducing old PC characters isn’t quite working. On the flip side, how gratifying (and hilarious!) was it to see Patrick standing behind a bitchy Brit in the middle of her latest Emma rant?

21 | After a season full of amputations, who else get really worried for Jeremy’s arms on The Vampire Diaries?

22 | Considering that Glee doesn’t get Santana, Quinn and Rachel in a room together much anymore, wouldn’t it have been nice if the show’s writers spent a bit more time with the three in New York, at the expense of, oh, yet another scene of Ryder blessing Jake’s pursuit of Marley?

greys27523 | Who’s already ‘shipping Cristina/Dr. Bob on Grey’s Anatomy? Dare we hope for a steamy triangle with Rhoda’s doorman?

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24 | Thanks for the near-perfect finale, 30 Rock, but where in the world was a tearful/emotional/absurd goodbye scene between Jenna and Liz? And who knew that Tracy Morgan could pull off a tender, dramatic scene, as he did in (of all places) the strip club with Tina Fey?

25 | We’ve oft thought it impossible to find fault with The Office‘s Jim… but is his self-centered behavior in Philly making you have second thoughts? And we’re all for exploring the docu crew, but doesn’t it seem a bit forced (and wholly unnecessary) to add a romantic twist to their reveal? Does anyone actually think Pam would ever stray from Jim with the boom guy, let alone in the show’s final  episodes? All that said, how much fun are installments where Dwight and Pam team up — and realize they really do like each other? And if NBC is still looking to continue the show in some way, how about a spin-off centered around Dwight’s hilariously oddball friend Trevor (played by comedian Chris Gethard)?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Alice says:

    THANK YOU! There was maybe 10 minutes of Rachel/Quinn/Santana in NY and they cut the scenes down it wouldn’t of hurt to give them a little bit more time considering there were a lot of McKinley repeat scenes.

    • Randy says:

      Quinn, Santana, and Rachel are my 3 favorite things about Glee. I wish they were roommates. It’s amazing to think that as a fan since episode 1. Also loved that Rachel not being Rachel this season was part of the storyline.

    • SantanaNYBound says:

      Agree reviewer. This is 1 of the many things I’ve hoped and longed for. Santana, Quinn and Rachel. Santana and her saying or showing a desire to go to NY. Quinn having lines in the scenes were cut. Cut short for a way too long scene and song by Marley(gag cough cough)and Jake. Sorry but truthful, I cannot stand anticeptic Marley. Ryder longing for Marley and then still another go for it sing and tell her I love you to Jake. Another gag.

  2. Chaz says:

    *sobs* Booth’s farewell tape for Christine *sobs*. David knock it out of the park.

  3. Rob says:

    I don’t think Liz and Jenna needed a goodbye scene. They were best friends before TGS started (well, as close to friends as Jenna can have), and with them both living in NYC (and we know Jenna stays there, since she goes on to get nominated for a Tony for her performance in a Broadway show), they probably would continue to see a lot of each other. Also, we got an episode that focused on their relationship earlier this season. In a lot of ways, I felt like this entire season was one long goodbye/winding-down (particularly with Liz getting married earlier in the year, and the Colleen funeral a few weeks back), and so the burden of wrapping everything up didn’t all fall on that final hour. And that’s why I think it worked so well. It had “final episode” moments but it also had stuff like the Lutz/Blimpie thing that made it a regular (meaning insane) episode of 30 Rock.

  4. Katie says:

    Glee cut parts of “Love Song” (trimmed it down) and cut a scene of Rachel/Kurt playing a board game and originally Quinn was supposed to mention her breakup with Professor Patches all of this was cut.

    • SantanaNYBound says:

      Glee seems to have and keep a strong constitution to exhibit and showcase their new talent at McKinley. Leaving shorter and fewer scenes of NY and the characters associated with it.

      • Sib says:

        Which I think it’s very disrespectful to the original cast(especially lea michele, Cory monteith and Chris colfer) because they are needed to be featured everyweek by glee to bring the viewers but the writer give them such a poor story lines and screen time for them to worked on

  5. Sarah says:

    RYAN AND KELLY. always. They may hate each other wayy more, but they’re oddly and sadly, meant to be.

  6. FenW says:

    YES! Watched Booth’s goodbye tape scene several times and have cried several times. Major props to David.

  7. Amy says:

    Definitely would have preferred to cut some McKinley scenes and see more Rachel/Santana/Quinn.

  8. Carolyn says:

    Loved loved loved Jess and Nick’s kiss. I haven’t deleted the episode off my DVR cause I want to watch it over and over again. I thought it wasn’t going to happen since it just wasn’t good timing in the episode.

    • Jane says:

      Same! I’ve rewatched it like fifteen times and still haven’t deleted it.

      • Teeny says:

        I’m not sure which part I have watched more times, the smooch or Schmidt fainting at the sight of Nick out on the ledge. Best episodes since The Landlord!

        • Patty says:

          Awsome episode! I really liked the face Nick made when Jess called him and told him she needed him, that was a give away of the kiss. Love Nick!

        • Betsy says:

          Teeny – i whole-heartedly agree! i rewound the fainting at least 6 times – and only on last viewing did i notice that while everyone else is yelling at Nick in horror, Sam is in the background cheering him on! The faint was genius. and as i encouraged my friend to watch it IMMEDIATELY, i invoked the Landlord as well!

        • EmmaY says:

          OMG!!! I rewound that fainting scene at least ten times!!! SOOOOO freaking funny!!!!

    • Gail says:

      I literally gasped. And rewound it and sighed. The way he pulled her in – every girl wants a guy to kiss her like that. Assertive but not aggressive. Kiss her like you mean it Nick, yes sir. And a nice long kiss too. And then – “Somethin’ like that.” YEEEESSSSSS!!! Best TV kiss I’ve seen in years.

      • Tiffany says:

        I rewinded that kiss between nick and Jess a few times too…that was the best kiss ever! Been waiting for that kiss since last season!

    • Dane says:

      That was one of the most realistic and HOT kisses on television.. ever.

    • GalleyGrl says:

      I did the same thing. I can’t wait to watch it again. I kept thinking that the kiss was going to be a dream sequence and then the credits started rolling!

    • Princess Adora says:

      I loved it too, that kiss was hot!! I also had to watch Sam (that’s boyfriend’s name, right?) yell “kiss kiss kiss” over again, I enjoyed the maturity of his reaction in that immature situation. I liked Sam, too bad Nick is sooo much better suited for Jess. And I loved that she only made a Nick doll and it was Nick she called when she heard the dog at the door. Jess + Nick <3 <3

  9. Boiler says:

    Glee needs one of three things…go to 90 minutes, have more first run episodes during the year or do the spin-off with both on the same night. Frankly I like the new kids even though do miss some of the old ones.

    • SantanaNYBound says:

      Definitely agree that Glee needs to split Lima and NY into 2 shows to give each full and proper perspective and emphysis on character development and story. But differ with you about my preference, I choose to watch NY, not just for Rachel and Kurt but for Santana and all their College and adult experiences. I do not care for the teenage soap opera anymore. I choose to move onto other “untold” possible stories for my favorite characters.

  10. Mary says:

    Booth was awesome – one of David’s best performances… and on anothe note – New Girls Jessica and Nick went WAY beyond the 10 for blazing hot! Love those two together :)

  11. Sally says:

    I did cry. Seriously it was my favorite ending of Bones ever. And that is something considering how many great Booth and Brennan end scenes there has been. Kudos to David.

    • Marcha says:

      Great Bones ending, showing us the love between B & B without them rolling around in bed, altho, I could handle that too. So much love, as said before David and Emily are pure gold together. It made that ep worth watching.

  12. Daisy says:

    Q4 No, I think she might quit.

  13. KND says:

    New Girl…that kiss was a 22! I had to rewind that a few times. Who knew Nick had that in him…especially after living in a woman’s trench coat.

  14. Mannie says:

    Why were Melanie and Ginny’s parents having dinner together?

    I’d LOVE to know that! Are they dating or related or something? Crazy! Let’s just throw some random stuff in there.

    On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being sizzling hot and 10 being blazing hot, how would you rate New Girl‘s long-awaited smooch?

    I’d give it a 100! GREAT kiss!!! Probably my favorite kiss since Veronica and Logan.

    What was scarier about the 1980s, as depicted on The Americans: the threat of nuclear war or high-waisted Guess jeans?

    Maybe jeans should go back to being high-waisted… Or maybe some of these people who always show their butt crack can get jeans that fit them so we don’t have to see it… Either works for me!

    • Megan says:

      I’m glad I’m not the only that keeps a mental list of favorite TV kisses! For me, it’s been pretty hard to beat the first Chuck/Sarah kiss in that season 1 episode where they thought a bomb would go off…and I gotta say, this Nick/Jess kiss comes close. TVLine – can we have a “best TV kiss” countdown or bracket tourney? I’m pretty sure you haven’t done that before (although my memory is terrible) and I love those brackets you do and I feel like there’s gotta be at least enough contenders to start it at a Sweet 16 round…maybe in time for Valentine’s Day??

      • MorganK says:

        Brilliant idea Megan!

        • Gail says:

          I still remember (I’m kinda old) when Dave and Maddie finally kissed (and more) on Moonlighting. They built that up for soooooo long and it was so amazing and delicious (Bruce Willis had the sexiest voice on that show, I was totally smitten with him), but then they let it ruin the show. I am so hoping that doesn’t happen with New Girl. I love Nick in all his old man weirdness, and Jess is so sweet and clueless that he’s head over heels for her. I hope they take their time with the storyline.

          Confessional time, I actually had a guy I work with kiss me like that once, totally out of the blue, and it is still a memory I cherish. We were both involved with others, and it was a one time spontaneous thing, but holy cow I melted into the rug. And once my husband, who is NOT spontaneous, pulled a similar move out of nowhere, and again, melting. Like butter. Mmmmm hmmmm.

      • DarkDefender says:

        Castle and Beckett
        Sookie and Eric
        Brian and Justin
        Maddie and Dave
        Carrie and Brody
        Chuck and Sarah
        Alex and Izzie
        Derek and Meredith

        Totally time for a best kiss bracket tourney.

  15. wordsmith says:

    17) How funny would it be if Thea Queen gets sent away to boarding school and comes back later played by Shailene Woodley? Karmic justice!

  16. Tom Charles says:

    15 | A super-important ‘shipper Q: The Office‘s Kelly and Ryan, or The Mindy Project‘s Mindy and Jamie?
    Mindy and Jamie hands down. They seem to be much better people than Kelly and Ryan
    19 | What was scarier about the 1980s, as depicted on The Americans: the threat of nuclear war or high-waisted Guess jeans? And which was your favorite musical moment: Fleetwood Mac’s “Tusk” (during the opening chase) or Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight” (for Philip and Elizabeth’s car romp)?
    Considering I’m still terrified of nukes, the nuclear war. As for music, both were great, but the best was the dance scene in the mall.

  17. Estee Thomas says:

    25: i must say i was actually a little annoyed they were going that route with the boom guy but dwight & pam bonding is pretty hilarious

  18. Michele says:

    Dear Fox – please make Glee two shows this next season. The show already suffered for 3 years with weak character development. I can’t handle the whiplash despite the best cast of character arcs this show has ever had. You are losing viewers.

    Dear PLL – Please take the advice of the Tvline team and do a scene where the girls throw their phones in a drawer in a genius bit of rebellion.

    Dear anyone – please explain the appeal of Girls – I tried and I don’t get it.

    • Liz says:

      The last time the girls tried ignoring A by blocking their phones and emails it didn’t really work out they did that back in the first half of season 1..

    • kat says:

      I hear you. I just can’t like Girls, it seems like they are trying so hard to be everything everyone says they are. And last week’s was the WORST. For self proclaimed feminists, they sure to base everything they do on whatever the guy of the night/week says. Also, that mesh top and her boobs on the street and the club and all? I am no prude or critical of body types, but it was just repulsive.
      On #20. YES, finally.
      On #21. YES, I totally was!
      On PLL- so much. The phones yes, and I get they are liars, but if they could just tell each other stuff and figure out that going out on their own is always a big fat FAIL, I would be fine.
      On Glee- I seriously cannot believe you guys are still watching that…..

    • Russ says:

      Girls – It’s really hard to explain, I’m not even sure you can. I think if you don’t understand it then you won’t like it. I remember watching the first couple of episode and being slightly confused and then it I just got it and it was amazing. I think the best thing is don’t try and understand the show just watch it as it is and it might click.

  19. dude says:

    13. Those two Spencer monologues were probably the best thing PLL has ever done. It’s ABOUT TIME that someone mentioned the fact that Allison was a horrible person unworthy of the rose coloured glasses they see her with (kind of reminds me of that line in Deception “oh but she’s dead so that makes her a saint.”) Also, I totally agree with Spencer that they should start taking responsibility for the lies they tell/things they do instead of focusing their anger on the person blackmailing them with it (A).

  20. madbengalsfan85 says:

    #9 was simply beautiful…brought a tear to my eye

  21. Martha says:

    I loved Booth’s good-bye to Christine but can’t help wonder if he made one for Parker, too. If not, he better. And Nick’s kiss to Jess left me on the floor. Superb.

    • Katie says:

      The lack of mentioning Parker was the only drawback in the Booth vid tape to Christine. He mentioned her mother, her brother should have been mentioned also, but I forgive him. The other part of the vid where he mentions he likes god a lot and is trying to get to heaven pulled at my heart strings and I am not really a religious person. So well done, kudos to David and Emily.

  22. Kristina says:

    #14–off the charts. Not sure what it was about it that made it so good but they did it right.

  23. Heathers says:

    Sometimes I wish Guess jeans would come back in style because I am seriously tired of the young girls with ass crack hanging out. It’s extremely unappetizing.

    • Jennifer says:

      That and young girls wearing stupid looking sweatpants with words on the butt. Honestly I could never respect a guy who thinks wearing words like “juicy” and “sweet” on the ass is hot, cute or sexy.

  24. Poppy says:

    Nick and Jess…BEST. KISS. EVER!!

    Ryan and Kelly will always be the better couple than Jamie and Mindy.

    I can’t stand the the PC/vampire crap on GH. I was excited to have Lucy come back to the show, but for this storyline, its ridiculous. I did love seeing the look on Britt’s face when she realized Patrick was behind her. Lets just hope that Patrick is smart enough not to fall for Britt trying to pin the blame on Sabrina brainwashing Emma into ruining their relationship.

    The Office just gets worse and worse as the weeks go by. The whole documentary crew thing is just weird. I would have preferred if we never saw any of them, especially if they are trying to force a crush/romance between Pam and the boom guy. I’m sticking with the show until the end because I’ve been there since the beginning, but I wish they had done a shorten season, because this has just been really painful to watch to a once awesome show.

  25. Julie says:

    With the talk of the kiss on NG, it brings back to me we were never allowed to see the first really meaningful kiss between Booth and Brennan. boohoo The Christine vid was so precious, the love between that little family is awesome.

  26. Kristi says:

    Are you kidding? The Port Charles storyline on General Hospital is great! A tribute to the fans of PC and the history of both shows.

    • jsd4eva says:

      have to disagree. pc storyline has got to go. it’s awful and this is not what i want to see so close to gh’s 50th. i want family, hospital, elq and nurses ball story to be the focus.

  27. Janey says:

    14 = Ten, and then some.

  28. Kerry says:

    This season of The Office is so horrible. It is definitely forced and unnecessary to start a new Jim/Pam/Other love triangle. Also Jim is not this big of a jerk – stop trying to make him one.

    Oh, and didn’t they spend a season and a half trying to find a new boss like it was a super important plot point? Now we have no boss and it’s like who cares? Also, after how much Dwight wanted that posistion isn’t it strange that he isn’t trying to take it or at least cause a stink over how Andy has been gone for so long?

    Same thing with Darryl. He spent all last season trying to get Val and then a few episodes ago he’s all happy to be getting broken up with her.

    The Erin/Andy thing kind of bugged me at first becuase it was so Jim/Pam 2.0 and didn’t Erin already have a weird love triangle with Andy? But they are cute so I kind of got on board with it and then they drop that storyline. Ugh.

    But, I did love the was Kevin stood up for Angela and Oscar. Go Kevin!

    • Kerry says:

      Ooops – I meant Erin/Pete kind of bugged me at first, but they are cute.

    • gdv says:

      Totally agree with everything you said. It feels like whoever is writing these Office episodes has never even seen previous seasons of The Office.

      Also, I think every single one of those Bunheads questions went through my head during the episode. Also, where the heck was Fanny?

    • Princess Adora says:

      They should’ve ended the office when Steve Carrell left.
      I don’t think Jim seems like a jerk with this plot line, I just don’t think Jim and Pam have really discussed the situation in detail like they should have. That whole boom guy love triangle thing DOES seem forced. Pam would never stray from Jim. They are the most realistic couple ever written for TV.
      And yeah, how do they not have a new boss? How has Andy NOT been fired? I wish I had a job that I could place hooky from and not get fired! And as much as I loved Andy and Erin together, that was a real dick move on his part to just take off like that (even if it was with the delightful Josh Groban!), so I’m actually routing for Erin and Pete.
      And yes, what Kevin said to the senator. Awesome!

  29. Jen says:

    Agreed about GH/PC! Yes, it was nice to have a bit of an inside joke to have characters think John looks like “Caleb,” but seriously, they need to knock it off with the vampire crap. I hope it’s not a lasting storyline.

    Regarding The Office – I don’t mind the boom mic guy thing since we all know Pam’s not going to cheat. But maybe it’s enough to get Jim to come back to Scranton with his family. The fight that they had last week when he asked Pam if she thought he was just doing it for him…yes, he is doing it just for him! True he has a family to support, but he had a full-time job in Scranton that supports them…

  30. Ann says:

    #25–My friend and I have a theory that The Office will end with the end of Pam and Jim’s relationship. Because they began the documentary with the Jim and Pam getting together…is it possible that the documentary crew stops filming at the end of Pam and Jim’s relationship?

    • lara says:

      They didn’t begin the documentary with Jim and Pam getting together…Jim had had a crush on Pam for several years before the documentary started, and they didn’t start dating until season 4. The documentary producers/creators could not have possibly foreseen that.

  31. Tammy says:

    Whoopie has talked about her shoes a lot on The View. Kobi Levi is the designer and he has done shoes for Lady GaGa as well. Whoopie isn’t much into fashion but she loves funky shoes!

  32. Karen says:

    Jim and Pam need to get it together. Now!
    And toanswer Q 14: hmmm…. let me think: 10! Best kiss television has seen in a very long time!

  33. Derrick says:

    They are not introducing PC characters into GH. They are bringing GH characters back to GH. Yes, they did time on PC also, but Lucy, Scotty, Kevin all originated on GH. Heck, Lucy and Scotty spent decades on GH..

  34. Samantha says:

    9.) Yes. Several. David was wonderful in that scene, as was Emily.
    13.) YES! And she also made the brilliant argument about the girls keeping less secrets, which I’ve been saying since the second episode lol
    14.) 10! I was seeing a whole different side of Jake Johnson. Damn.

  35. M3rc Nate says:

    25) I TOLD YOU ALL!!! I Called it with the last episode when it was a extremely handsome fit guy who is cast as the boom guy for a tiny 9 year documentary that hes in love with her. The same way Jim was in love with the engaged Pam…except SHES MARRIED WITH 2 KIDS you gross scum bag.

    I do think its sad that in breaking the fourth way they decided to go there…whats even more sad is how they plan to get him back on the show (he was fired as boom operator and obviously hes going to be in at least one more episode, so how? she calls him? he calls her?) , so at the very least she doesn’t get it that guys and girls cant be friends, that as a married woman (or man) you need to watch the signals you send. (Remember Jim with that temp-receptionist? She was sending all types of signals and sexual signals and he was smart, saw them, and avoided them)

    As for Jim, is he supposed to be bored and having a crappy time? I think one of my biggest problems is its so easy to guess what the story line will play out to be. The boom guy will kiss her or tell her he loves her and Jim will either see and get PISSED or she will tell him. I see her moving to Philly with the kids when his new job takes off, out from being a start-up to being a successful company.

    Overall i hate the story line, and i think its pathetic that The Office writers waits till the final 6 episodes to finally write some fun, realistic, moving, game changing story lines. It seems pretty much all the TV websites agree saying it feels forced and these story lines would have been great for last season, not THEE last season.

  36. ollie says:

    #18 thank you i knew i saw her in something else but couldnt fiqure it out.

  37. emma says:

    New Girl’s Nick is a 100, at least…

  38. Scott Revels says:

    I was watching Supernatural and saw the character of Abbadon and immediately thought of Alaina Huffman. Then I went to IMDB.com and it didn’t list a Supernatural appearance. I was like, “What in the world? Maybe I am confusing her for someone else.” I’m glad to know that I wasn’t blind as a bat and actually recognized her.

  39. Britta Unfiltered says:

    2. Ha. Hopefully Allison Williams was up for it and thought it would be fun. I think if I was an actress, that’s the kind of crazy stuff I’d want to be doing.
    12. What we should be talking about with Happy Endings is that totally awesome Keyser Soze ending. That was great!
    14. Meh. They do nothing for me.
    15. Definitely Mindy and Jamie.
    19. Oh wow, I definitely do not miss high-waisted jeans from the 80s. Nope, nope. Never again.
    24. Didn’t the pilot also have Liz and Tracy in a strip club? I’m pretty sure that was a callback.
    25. In a way, I’m happy The Office is returning to its more awkward roots of how people can really screw up their lives sometimes. We haven’t seen much of that since the first season.

  40. Kyle says:

    7.) I was wondering the same thing. That made me wonder if ABC Family aired an episode out of order or if I missed something in the last few episodes of Bunheads. At least I know I wasn’t the only one to notice.

  41. Cort says:

    Phil Collins in the Air Tonight…no contest and I couldn’t stop staring at the high waisted gins but I was in 80s fashion hell/heaven.

  42. stellalunaa says:

    #13- I’ve been wondering for many many episodes now why any of these girls even liked Allison! She’s awful!

  43. DeeKayTee says:

    #14 -10!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVED it!!!

    #19. Without a doubt Phil Collins In the Air Tonight!!! C’mon!

  44. DeeKayTee says:

    #13 and I still cannot believe that no one has yet to mention jailhouse Toby’s do-rag!!! I have been laughing about that since Tuesday!

  45. MurMaz says:

    #23: CARLTON FTW!!! P.S. How OLD are you, Team TVLine?

  46. Spencer says:

    20. I died a little from happiness when the Britch turned around to see Patrick standing there after she was bashing his kid. GH fans have been shouting at their screens for months for Patrick to dump her. Thank goodness the day finally came, but it’s a shame little Emma had to get caught in the crossfires.

  47. Wayne T says:

    4 – She was amazing in this ep. The Good Wife just keeps getting better. I especially loved seeing her get angry, the athiest question was perfection.

  48. KevyB says:

    Wow, now ” ‘shipping” is becoming almost as annoying as ‘shippers.

  49. Angel says:

    The kiss on New Girl was smokin hot! I have not deleted it from my dvr yet. I now have a huge crush on Jake Johnson, dude’s got some moves. I love how he tells her “Something like that at the end’ and the look on her face was priceless. It was reminiscient of Ross pulling Rachel into the doorway of the coffee shop in the rain on for their first kiss, anticipated, yet unexpected. I also agree with Glee. I wish they would’ve had a spin off instead. I am getting tired of the new kids back at the high school, though I did like Marley and Jake’s duet this week, but I feel like they are making them too much like Rachel and Finn were when they first started dating. Can they please just give Tina a proper solo already this season, she is a senior, and deserves better than what she is getting. They should’ve done next week’s Diva themed episode last season, with a showdown between Mercedes, Santana, and Rachel, it would’ve been more fitting.