Has Girls Gone Wild? Did Glee Short-Change a Reunion? Hot New Girl Necking? And More Qs!

girls300We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Girls, The Good Wife, New Girl and Supernatural!

1 | Could there a correlation between Andy Samberg’s rather random Saturday Night Live return/face time and the fact that he now has a sitcom pilot in contention?

2 | What did Girls‘ Allison Williams do to piss off Lena Dunham? Three episodes into Season 2 and her Marnie character has already endured a painfully awkward sex scene with a gay man and, this week, a threesome involving a doll! And why in the world would Marnie stick around (much less sleep with) Booth Jonathan after he locked her in his chamber of visual and auditory horrors? If his creepy coital talk about the doll didn’t dissuade her from further hook-ups, what will?

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3 | Could other awards shows take a cue from the super-streamlined affair that SAG puts on each year? But who designed the floral backdrop for E!’s interview booth, the manager at the local Rite Aid? And why, at the SAG Awards — arguably the most “actor-y” of all awards — are nominees being asked on the red carpet about dance crazes, DUIs and manicure color choices?

4 | Do you think The Good Wife‘s Lockhart/Gardner will be renamed Lockhart/Gardner/Florrick by the season finale? Also, can we agree that this week’s episode was as beautifully crafted and conceived as any hour of television this season? But wouldn’t it have been more realistic if Alicia had acted shocked by the amount of the buy-in to become a partner, rather than the fact that there was a buy-in at all (which is SOP in the legal world)? That criticism aside, has Julianna Margulies ever had a giddier moment on the show than Alicia’s confession to that reporter about being an athiest?

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5 | Can The View please interview Whoopi about her shoes? How does she walk in them? Has she always been this into crazy shoes? Was she wearing them under her robe in Sister Act? There are so many questions!

6 | Hey Dallas‘ Christopher, think you might check to see if baby crib safety regulations have changed in 20 years? Also: Who would’ve liked to be a fly on the wall when Judith Light was cast as mother to the three-years-younger Mitch Pileggi? (Or is a job a job?) And with lines like, “You’re not the first Pam to fox her way into the hen-house,” just how much will you miss J.R.?

7 | What was with all the yelling on Bunheads this week? Why were Melanie and Ginny’s parents having dinner together? And since when does Jordan teach class?

bachelor3008 | Isn’t it nice to know The Bachelor is an equal-opportunity exploiter? And how did Sean get away with his line about “living out” the Pretty Woman “fantasy” without any acknowledgement that it involved a hooker and her john?

9 | OK, Bones fans: Did Booth’s “goodbye” video to Christine make you shed a tear or several?

10 | The Following‘s Debra Parker: shrewd FBI agent trying to gain Carroll’s trust, or yet another crazy cult member awaiting instruction? And as a TVLine commenter pointed out, didn’t those Poe masks kinda resemble porn star Ron Jeremy? Or Sons of Anarchy‘s Tig?

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11 | Has Hart of Dixie‘s Lemon ever looked better than when sick with the flu and with tousled hair, trying to seduce her new beau?

12 | Who else would seriously pay to A-Ha themselves à la Happy Endings?

13 | Did you find yourself siding with Pretty Little Liars‘ Spencer when she said they should stop caring about Allison? (And maybe ‘A’ would stop terrorizing them if they turned off their cell phones more often!)

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newgirl27514 | On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being sizzling hot and 10 being blazing hot, how would you rate New Girl‘s long-awaited smooch? And were you surprised at how suave Nick can be when he wants to (despite wearing a lady’s trench coat for much of the episode)?

15 | A super-important ‘shipper Q: The Office‘s Kelly and Ryan, or The Mindy Project‘s Mindy and Jamie?

16 | With Golden Tickets for “comedy” contestants Papa Peachez and Zoanette Johnson, is American Idol trying to pollute Hollywood Week — and perhaps even the live shows — with train wrecks? Did we learn nothing from Season 8’s Nick “Normund Gentle” Mitchell and Tatiana del Toro?

17 | Is it now clear how Arrow himself “created” his first supervillain, by ODing the Count on his own drug? Given how the Vertigo-pusher last looked, are you almost afraid for his eventual encore? And is it too late to send Thea to boarding school? It did wonders for Kaitlin Cooper!

18 | Did Gil McKinney’s terrific Supernatural turn as Dean and Sam’s grandpa officially wash away the bad taste of his arc as Julie’s T.A./lover on Friday Night Lights? And were you surprised to see Smallville alum Alaina Huffman pop up as Abbadon with little fanfare? Perhaps The CW didn’t want to “confuse” people by promoting two Black Canarys on one night?

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americans19 | What was scarier about the 1980s, as depicted on The Americans: the threat of nuclear war or high-waisted Guess jeans? And which was your favorite musical moment: Fleetwood Mac’s “Tusk” (during the opening chase) or Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight” (for Philip and Elizabeth’s car romp)?

20 | Is the Port Charles/vampire angle growing a bit tired on General Hospital? One wink to the audience was fun, but trying to integrate the two shows after nearly 10 (!) years by introducing old PC characters isn’t quite working. On the flip side, how gratifying (and hilarious!) was it to see Patrick standing behind a bitchy Brit in the middle of her latest Emma rant?

21 | After a season full of amputations, who else get really worried for Jeremy’s arms on The Vampire Diaries?

22 | Considering that Glee doesn’t get Santana, Quinn and Rachel in a room together much anymore, wouldn’t it have been nice if the show’s writers spent a bit more time with the three in New York, at the expense of, oh, yet another scene of Ryder blessing Jake’s pursuit of Marley?

greys27523 | Who’s already ‘shipping Cristina/Dr. Bob on Grey’s Anatomy? Dare we hope for a steamy triangle with Rhoda’s doorman?

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24 | Thanks for the near-perfect finale, 30 Rock, but where in the world was a tearful/emotional/absurd goodbye scene between Jenna and Liz? And who knew that Tracy Morgan could pull off a tender, dramatic scene, as he did in (of all places) the strip club with Tina Fey?

25 | We’ve oft thought it impossible to find fault with The Office‘s Jim… but is his self-centered behavior in Philly making you have second thoughts? And we’re all for exploring the docu crew, but doesn’t it seem a bit forced (and wholly unnecessary) to add a romantic twist to their reveal? Does anyone actually think Pam would ever stray from Jim with the boom guy, let alone in the show’s final  episodes? All that said, how much fun are installments where Dwight and Pam team up — and realize they really do like each other? And if NBC is still looking to continue the show in some way, how about a spin-off centered around Dwight’s hilariously oddball friend Trevor (played by comedian Chris Gethard)?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!