Nikita's Devon Sawa on Owen's Face-Off With [Spoiler] and Division Woes: 'This Isn't His World'

Nikita Season 3 SpoilersMichael’s recent (and unfortunate) hand-ectomy forced Nikita‘s reluctant Owen back into the Division game headfirst. So, it should come as no surprise when Devon Sawa tells TVLine his alter ego’s reentry into organized crime-fighting will be anything but smooth.

“Owen has stepped in to watch Nikita’s back and, as we’ve seen, that does not sit well with Michael,” the actor shares. “But he ultimately knows it’s for the best because Owen is pretty good out in the field.” However, at the same time, “This isn’t Owen’s world,” Sawa explains. the result of which might actually find him leaning on his frenemy in the not-so-distant.

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“Owen isn’t used to working with a team,” he says. “He isn’t used to art galleries and martinis and that whole world. So, Michael is really the perfect guy to kind of coach him away from being this thug that he is. And that’s where we are right now.”

Unfortunately, Michael is the least of Owen’s issues at the moment. In the CW spy thriller’s upcoming episodes (Fridays at 8/7c), the reformed guardian will finally begin to piece together the mysterious past Amanda long ago buried on his behalf.

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“I’m actually waiting for that script right now,” Sawa tells us excitedly. “Apparently, the next episode I’m shooting [Episode 17] will touch on that. But [showrunner] Craig [Silverstein] likes to keep everyone — especially me — completely in the dark… because Owen doesn’t really know anything about where he’s going either.”

And in the interim, the ex-cleaner will (literally) get his hands on — and some answers from? — Amanda’s right-hand man. “There’s a huge episode coming up where [the team] is able to capture Ari,” reveals Sawa. “And Owen, behind everybody’s backs, slips in to where they’re holding Ari and interrogates him in a way that only Owen can do. He spills some stuff and drops some bombs, gives Owen a little bit of a rise. But he slips away just as Owen feels he’s getting somewhere… It’s very, very interesting.”

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