OLTL Reboot Forces Howarth, Easton, Alderson Off GH -- How Might ABC Hold Onto Them?

ROGER HOWARTHJohn McBain is soon to be McGone from General Hospital‘s Port Charles. As will fellow Llanview transplants Todd and Starr.

Daytime TV vet Michael Easton took to his Facebook page on Friday morning to advise fans not to send anything to the ABC soap’s studio for his Feb. 15 birthday, because by then he’ll no longer be hanging his hat there. “I’ve been informed that, due to some ongoing legal this and that, I cannot be at General Hospital after February 8th,” he shared.

UPDATE: SoapOperaDigest.com has confirmed that Roger Howarth (Todd) and Kristen Alderson (Starr) also must leave GH — at least for the time being.

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The “legal” matter to which Easton referred stems from the upcoming Hulu/iTunes relaunch of One Life to Live, where John, Todd and Starr originated. When the media company Prospect Park announced its new plan to revive both OLTL and All My Children, it was with the proviso that it owns and thus has first dibs on the sudsers’ characters — even on those that have since relocated to GH.

Though McBain seems fated to return to OLTL‘s Llanview, that does not necessarily mean that Easton will be playing him, since the ex-OLTL actors’ deals are not with Prospect Park but ABC. (Easton’s name was not among the dozen first confirmed for the relaunch, but his leading lady Melissa Archer’s was.)

In fact, Digest is hearing that John, Todd and Starr will all be recast for the online reboot.

GH meanwhile is holding out hope that it can hold onto the three actors, likely in different roles. (Welcome back, Caleb?) “General Hospital is excited about Michael Easton, Kristen Alderson and Roger Howarth staying on the show,” ABC said in a statement cited by Digest, “and we are exploring ways to allow that to happen.”

“[I’m] honestly not sure what the future holds,” Easton added on Facebook, “but I think it’s going to take some time and some very bright people to resolve it.”

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  1. maynepei says:

    This sucks. I thought the OLTL transplants were a great additions to GH

    • Dennis says:

      Ok i got this fixed, john Mcbain is actually Mark Mcbain john’s cousin who’s been undercover pretending to be john because he’s missing. Todd Manning is actually Clayton manning todd and victors idenitcal brother because they were identical triplets and todd is still held captive. Star is really sara manning which is stars twin sister who was kidnaped at birth and brainwahsed into thinking she was Star like victor or maybe they are all clones… i don’t think that’s been done in Soap operas yet

      • Dennis says:

        twin cousin i meant

      • Robynne says:

        Hysterical! Love it. :)

      • Kenya says:

        Wow!! I like it. Fresh and original. You should be on staff. Lol!!

      • Nancy M says:

        I like that idea.

      • Lydia says:

        Not liking what your doing to GH turning it into OLTL
        Cancel this ideas

      • Lydia says:

        O please take John away also

      • kitty says:

        LOVE IT! You should be writing for soaps. Totally original ideas.

      • Lorraine Stanley says:

        March 20, 2013

        I totally agree.
        Todd Manning, John McBain and Star Manning should remain on General Hospital with the current cast members playing them.
        One Life to Live (online) can hire new cast members that lost their jobs from the other Soaps that are gone and reinvent new characters.

        P.S. ABC bring back Jason and Lucky. Give these two guys what they want. I don’t want to see General Hospital go too!

        • Lisa says:

          I like what you say. Keep the current actors and their parts intact. They”ve added new life and more story lines to evolve. Definitely bring back Jason and lucky, it’s not the same without them, and bring jax back. I’ve been watching this soap for roughly 25 years and have it pvr’d everyday. Don’t want to see it go anywhere or go off any real crazy insane storylines (ie. vampires….). However, I’m loving all the characters returning for the big anniversary. PS Johnny needs to get out of jail and be the bad boy/good boy again. Maybe Christina and johnny can hook up….. haha!

        • kelly smith says:

          GH can’t bring back Jason and Lucky,, Jason (Steve Burton) to do movies with James Franco . Steve needed a change of pace. and Lucky (Jonathan Jackson) Is now on Nashville. playing music. which has been his dream for a long time…

          • Maria Cortese says:

            Jason Steve Burton deserves to be seen by more than soap fans. He is an amazing actor!!!! Johnathan Jackson is definitely missed as well in the role of Lucky….but if he gets to follow his dream of playing Music than we will have to make the sacrifice!! He is adorable and charismatic on Nashville. He’s the best actor on that show. PS Wasn’t Steve Burton in the movie with Robert Redford and James Gandolfini?? Prison movie….Mabe called the Rock? He ‘s already made it to the Movies! Good for him!

      • Diane says:

        Wow I think your ideas are great. Now let’s hope that ABC reads your post.

      • I like this it could work

      • Butterfly says:

        I like your idea!!


      • Debbie says:

        I love it, you should be working for them as a writer. I think the vampire line is stupid andwas glad for it to be over at least for the time being. I love John.,Todd & Starr on GH!!! I would never ever watch Any Soap on line! Starr should come back and play Starr and her twin. Although I think PP should bring back Jaso at any cost, I low ed it that Sam and Jason finally had something going on. you messed up when you took Jason off. I loved it when you brought on John Todd and star on GH, I thought it made it very exciting do the storyline. if PP was smart they would bring them all back. what was the point of canceling the othersoaps just to put them back on, you should have left them on in the first place. PP look at the mess you’ve made of everything and the fans that you have lost because of this!!!

        • Debbie says:

          Meant to say loved it and Dennis you would make a good writer for GH, they should fire the ones they have now and hire you.GH is the best soap out of all the Soaps in my opinion.

          • ctwildheart says:

            @Debbie…why would you never watch any soap online?

            And I think you are mistaken as to who owns GH. ABC/D still owns GH, so PP can’t bring back Jason – that would be between abc/d and Steve Burton (who is on another soap already). PP allowed abc/d to borrow the OLTL characters for GH in order to keep a bit of Llanview alive. It was ABC/D who cancelled the soaps and PP stepped in to save them. So I am not sure what mess you think PP created; and it was abc/d who lost fans.

    • Nikkiii says:

      Totally agree. It sucks! It’s so stupid to have them play different roles. Why can’t they cross over & do both soaps. There is also the Alcazar/Tomas thing. He can cross over until they clear that up, but then stay on OLTL since GH doesn’t need Alcazar back. Love Todd & Carly as friends and Todd & Starr’s relationship. John & Natalie are over, so why go back to Landview? PP needs to leave Todd in Port Charles mainly, bring back Trevor St. John for OLTL and then they’ll probably get great ratings with occasional cross overs between the 2 soaps.

      • margaret says:

        wow that is deep

        • Lydia says:

          Todd N Carly Really :( bad idear unbelievable
          Take Todd Star n the rest of OLTL people N GO…….
          I thought they cancel that show

          • louisa1951 says:

            I am so grateful that they crossed over from OLTL, I was overjoyed to see some of my faves from there come to GH it made my mourning of OLTL bearable and they have all fit in perfectly. I love the John and Sam connection, since Jason’s gone, her and John are perfect and the Carly and Todd relationship has endless possibilities of BAD/GOOD girl and boy storylines. I hope they find a way to get them back on quickly…..

        • Lydia says:

          I think this is it for me if they don’t bring back GH the way it was I’m OUT

          • Paulette says:

            I agree with you, its sad that the poor writing and stupid storylines have left us long time fans of GH to go elsewhere…whats next after vampires–??

          • Kevin says:

            Lydia-we get it already! Stop whining in every third post. It is annoying! I don’t get it. I feel if ur a fan of GH as I am then you would love OLTL & AMC too! We should be happy to stiill have our shows and characters in whatever form. A few OLTL characters is NOT hurting GH or you AT ALL!!!!!!

      • cassie says:

        I agree, just how stupid do they think we are. let GH stay as it is. hire new actors for OLTL. we already said goodbye to that chapter in our soap life. begin a new. Lwave John. star, and Todd. where they are.

        • P.j. says:

          Well I agree that the story lines have been a little out there. I think that the writers think we are really dumb. I guess I must be. I just keep watching the silly thing. Go figure.

        • helrhe says:

          I enjoyed seeing some of my one life to live characters in general hospital. Young restless has a lot of all my children character. General hospital needs new story lines new people. Robin is alive and the show is keeping her away to long. Now lulu is missing what’s happening to the show.

      • Julene says:

        Yes, that would work! I like it! :)

    • bgrider says:

      This does suck! I love them on there! With what Todd is going through Starr could “disown” him and change her name. Todd could change his name to “reinvent” himself, and the writers need to figure something out with Mcbain! I was going to watch the OLTL reboot but am thinking twice now,, Prospect does seem loyal to fans!

      • Erinn loots says:

        Yes this does suck. They have a good story line and honestly how many are going to watch the computer version of the two shows. Alot of people don’t even have computers. I think it’s a big mistake. You go GH…they’re great on there.

        • P.j. says:

          I just got Hulu plus so I could watch it again. It really better be good. I must really need help!!

        • Jill Moberg says:

          I think the John, Todd, and Star should stay on GH I wan to watch the new OLTL, but to rip the stories we’ve been following on GH away from the fans shows disrespect to the fans of both shows.

    • Lydia says:


    • Lora B says:

      Ahh but Michael Easton played ANOTHER ROLE on the cancelled show Port Charles…Rock star Stephen Clay…and I love ME on GH Mcboring on OLTL never like Jolie! So I think Me IS STAYING ON GH. He HAS A CONTRACT with ABC NOT PP. So head to youtube and WATCH Stephen Clay from Port Charles series..I am SO EXCITED ME gonna stay on GH!! I feel THIS storyline is VERY WORKABLE!! Luv ME stay on GH!!

      • Susan M. says:

        Yeah, ME gets to have fun on GH in his dual role as John McBain/Caleb Morley. He looks sexy as both characters. Good observation Lora.

      • Beatrice says:

        I want to see Micheal Easton play caleb Morley the cool looking vampire for at least the next 100 years!!! Period!!! GET IT????NOW GO!!! GO DO IT!!!! GEEEEZZZZ!!!!!

    • Maggie Nieves says:

      Wait a minute. I thought Starr had a contract with GH for five years, leaving then in 2017. I knew nothing about Todd’s contract, but if John Mc. Bain, the character, is fated to return to Llanview, and Michael Easton has to play Caleb, then that’ll fix this whole John/Caleb mess, because I’m still trying to figure out if John’s the human version of Caleb or just a look-alike. It’ll be hard to get into John Mc. Bain if Easton’s not playing him, though. Easton will always be Mc. Bain to me, just like I can’t see anyone else playing Caleb Morley. I really don’t want Easton to lose his job. He’s one of my favorite soap-opera actors. I’m going to have to go to the library to watch OLTL though because my home internet connection has great difficulty doing anything other than browsing web pages, meaning video play is torture.

      • Yes, John McBain and Caleb Morley are two separate people – just look-alikes. The way that I get the storyline is that Caleb Morley/Stephen Clay is the “vampire” but Anna/John have found a news article saying that Stephen Clay used the Caleb Morley as a vampire persona for his rock band, then went insane after his wife Livvie (also played by Sam Morgan’s actress) died. John McBain is like you know is a FBI/Cop from Llanview that came to Port Charles. Most likely Caleb will be the new Heather Webber.

        Most likely they were either make whole new roles for Howarth and Alderson – this could also allow Howarth to not have his scar. They could be just random people or can tie them in like making Howarth as Duke’s long-lost half-brother or something. Alderson most likely will be playing Howarth’s daughter (that would be good).

    • Lora B says:

      As for Michael Easton YES I want him back to GH…Now with PP wanting John McBain back. Lets go over some history shall we?? Bring him back as Stephen Clay (less vamp) (internet stuff on Steven Clay Caleb set “up Stephen to hide that he was really Caleb) since Sam is taking in Rafe. Stephen could come back to try to right all his evil twin/cousin did to Sam and Rafe. Plus he would be Rafe uncle! That would throw., Stephen Clay and Sam in to each others orbit. OF all the Char’s Michael Easton played I luved the “Naughty boy Stephen Clay” AND I just think Sam might be the “one” to tame him. Just a Robin did Patrick! Let’s get the actors BACK TO WORK. They have family’s to support.this PP Park messed up! I will NEVER watch their online shows. Putting actors out of work and bulling just isn’t What a free Country America is!

    • My Husband & I really like John & Todd on GH Please keep them on!

    • My Husband & I Love John & Todd on GH! Please keep them on the show! :)

    • Nancy says:

      Abc is so stupid! They never should of cancelled all my children and oltl in the first place! Now look at all the problems! I would rather see these people on gh than online!!

    • Brinda Davis says:

      This really sucks wish ABC would stop this frakkin’ sh*#! I believe they want to get rid of GH too and replace it with a stupid cheap show like the chew! Because making these three people leave will bring big-time consequences down on GH and ABC knows it !!!
      To the comment from Dennis below awesome you should write for them, seriously…lol.
      I loved OLTL and that’s why I really began watching GH now that Mcbain, Todd and Starr are gone I’m washing my hands with this soap! Sorry GH!!! I was holding on to OLTL with those 3 characters. I won’t hold my breath waiting for OLTL being Rebooted and AMC eather .

      • CTwildheart says:

        Brinda, you said “I loved OLTL and that’s why I really began watching GH now that Mcbain, Todd and Starr are gone I’m washing my hands with this soap! Sorry GH!!! I was holding on to OLTL with those 3 characters. I won’t hold my breath waiting for OLTL being Rebooted and AMC eather .”

        If you REALLY loved OLTL, you would be happy that OLTL (and AMC) will be returning on Monday April 29, 2013. No breath holding necessary – it IS happening!

    • True says:

      I finally started watching GH again because of these actors and actress being on this soap! Fight GH to keep them.This soap has been the best in years and they need to stay on tv not a stupid online tv show!Fight!!!!!!!

    • I really like these three on General Hospital, Sam and John have such chemostry together, Starr and Michael and even Todd and Carlie had hopes. They shut down the show after 40 plus years and they put it on something most of it viewers can’t even see and now they want to take them away again. I say we boycott one life to live and let these three stay and don’t bring john in as a vampire there is to much for him and Sam.

    • Tracey says:

      I love GH, I faithfully PVR it and watch it. Years ago when I watched a lot of soaps I watched OLTL intermittently so I knew the characters a bit. I quite liked them on GH, it royally sucks an agreement wasn’t made… Politics = stupidity!

      I hate (so far) the new character path for these actors. You can’t sell me that Starr and Kiki are not the same characters. Michael is not freaking out that she looks identical to Starr which eliminates the past year of his life. Now it looks like they are going to start connecting … Don’t even get me started on “Franco”. Ok so the character Franco was hateful & the original actor was bar none the best at it. But Todd Manning – Roger, has always been a guy you kind of hate but you love it… So now I’m expected to believe Franco is redeemable. Sorry I don’t buy it.

      If GH continues this path … Yup can see this Anniversary to be the last. And I might not even be all that sad to see it go!!!

      On another note, one of my favorite reasons I’ve loved GH all these years is because of all the longstanding characters that come and go – reviving old beloved storylines with the same people! Key word – same people playing same character!!! And the characters (even the not so lovable ones) that have LONGstanding relationships…

      If you want to bring back the des bring back Jason, Robin and even (hate to say this) Helana (OMG) but that I COULD BUY INTO!!!

      Very disappointed GH is becoming one of those soaps…

    • AS says:

      ME TOO! OMG…I’m so sad. I’ve been trying to figure out why GH is doing this weird thing in which the actors are all playing someone other than their original characters. I don’t like it. I want STARR, JOHN, and TODD back. :-(

      • peter says:

        No kidding It’s a mess because “Disney/ABC=GH?” screwed up they tried to destroy Prospect Park online relaunch of the shoes OLTL/AMC they killed those shows for crap “TALK SHOWS” and realty TV??

  2. Melissa says:

    What about Todd and starr! I love them on GH and would be happy to see them go!

    • Melissa says:

      Would NOT be happy to see them go! Sorry

    • Stacey says:

      Roger and Kristen never had deals with PP. Kristen had plans to go to LA when OLTL was cancelled. Michael had signed a deal with PP before the previous launch failed, and came to GH instead… But they still own the characters. So I guess GH might be able to still keep them. Or change their names… Sounds like he’s not going to the new show. But being kept off GH until the new show is launched….

      • Jenny says:

        With all three Prospect Park owns the rights to the characters so the characters have to leave GH. So the writers at GH could create new characters to keep the actors around. If the three actors decide not to revive their characters online, I am sure at some point these actors will get new roles on GH. the online OLTL will probably have recasts as Todd, John and Starr.

      • Mary says:

        They can’t change their names their stories were because they are Todd and Starr Manning. If GH does do that it ruins the integrity of the show IMO. Unfortunately I think they are screwed. Michael might get away with it due to the fact that he played Caleb but do you want him to be a vampire – don’t think so. So unless PP gives up their rights to the character, which obviously is not happening, they are without a job at the moment.

  3. Renee says:

    Yep. When all else fails screw the actors over.

    • Ginnifer says:

      I’m a longtime ABC soap fan. GH, OLTL, AMC, Port Charles … I’ve watched them all. Set my VCR, DVR, watched them on SoapNet. I’m disgusted by Prospect Park right now. The only reason Prospect Park is able to revive OLTL is because GH has helped keep interest alive by bringing Llanview to Port Charles. If GH hadn’t done this, and proven that interest was still there via strong ratings, PP wouldn’t be reviving OLTL & AMC now. Why PP would alienate viewers who have been longtime fans if both shows by hurting GH makes no sense to me. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you. Roger and Kristen DIDN’T sign on with PP initially – they DIDNT WANT TO. Michael chose to sign on initially but how much of his decision is based on working with Cartini’s crew, who are now with GH? How does hurting actors that the fans love help PP? Taking their livelihoods away doesn’t help the new OLTL. Is PP trying to sabotage the new OLTL? Are they trying to hurt GH?

      • paula says:

        Boy u took the words right out of my mouth. They couldn’t work it out a year.ago.so more PP does and expects them, to move back across the country to Connecticut. PP are jackasses!!

    • cottle says:

      You are so correct, Renee! ABC/D could care less about any of their employees!

    • Lydia says:

      That is what OLTL cast did to GH cast

    • Debbie says:

      Hi Renee!

  4. Valerie says:

    That completely sucks.

  5. Asia says:

    This is not going to make me want OLTL. Prospect Park is forcing actors out their job and I’m not supporting that.

    • Carrie says:

      Could not agree more. I’ve really enjoyed Michael Easton on GH and I hope he has a good lawyer who can fight back. It took Prospect Park too long to get their act together, the actors should not be forced into working for them or forced into unemployment because of them. Shall we all agree to boycott? Let the writers on GH also do some quick twist that the viewers will forgive for the sake of keeping him on the show – for example let him fall into a coma and wake up calling himself Caleb McBain who is not a vampire but actually an amnesiac who thought he was John McBain, his distant cousin that he looks like,and is now finding his real identity – ala Roman/John Black/Priest/Jewel Thief that Drake Hogestyn played on Days.

    • Asia says:

      Typo, I meant make me want to watch. I feel bad for the actors. This completely sucks.

  6. dude says:

    Ugh, no more Todd? This is the worst!

  7. Ck says:

    So maybe Lucy Coe is right… And Caleb will be making a return to port Charles….

    • Mary says:

      I hope not. I actually hate this story line and was hoping it would go away. So you want Sam to be Livvy???

      • Ck says:

        No, I was being snarky. I’m guessing if Easton is not playing McBain on OLTL and is still under contract with ABC, they’ll figure out away to bring him back. Caleb is just the most obvious option, but not the best.

      • lll says:

        Unfortunately that is the direction the writers are headed in. Caleb doesn’t have to be a vampire that raids the town. He could be a changed vampire that wants to help people by being a detective, they can steal a TVD stoyline and say he was ‘cured,’ or do something entirely different. Although these possible storylines sound silly at least he and Todd has a way around the OLTL names. Starr is another story.

      • Penny Gill says:

        yep bring back the whole crew from port Charles love it!!!!!

        • Adrienne says:

          I think…… not only did you try to insult your viewers intelligence. But, you insulted three fine actors Michael E., Roger H., and Kristen A. and have made a mockery of them all. Perhaps, you need new writers? Stop bringing back old cast they played their parts already. “In the car business we call this flooding the floors.”
          Perhaps, your brains have become water logged.

      • Mia says:

        lol Sam not going to turn into Livvie. Sam belongs with Jason!! ITA the s/l needs to end!!

        • Meg says:

          As much as I loved Sam and Jason together, the actor, Steve Burton has moved to “Young and the Restless”. Since he is not coming back and I’m not sure Jason fans would accept a recast, why not let Sam be happy with whatever character Michael Easton can play on GH? I didn’t like McBain and Sam together at first, but after watching videos of Port Charles….thy definitely had chemistry on there. As far as OLTL characters ruining GH……Remember there are older fans that think the show has been ruined by characters that are not Luke, Laura, Robert, Anna, Duke, Frisco, AJ, the Quartermaines, Bobbie, and the rest of the “original” cast….shows change and grow….characters come and go…..learn how to be tolerant of what others like…

    • Lydia says:

      All of them should go back to PC

  8. Jean says:

    I honnesty thought that him playing Caleb would resolve that for the time being. Cleary he does not seem interested in joining back OLTL. This is one messy situation but ABC knew that they were loaned and the actors too. So I still support it.

  9. Shaun says:

    Weird situation….who woulda thought OLTL would be dredged up again after the first failure to restart?

    • Lydia says:

      Please say that again

      “Weird situation….who woulda thought OLTL would be dredged up again after the first failure to restart?”

  10. Sarah says:

    I just read that it’s not just John McBain-Todd and Starr have to leave after 2/8 as well. I freely admit I am a GH loyalist who was not overjoyed about having the OLTL folks “infiltrate” Port Charles, but I was wrong. Very wrong. I love them, and I will be so bummed to see them go!

    • Mary says:

      The sad part about all of this is they were the main characters on OLTL so I do not see PP letting the characters go – grant you they may have someone else play them, which probably won’t go over big for the fans, but unfortunately I do not see a creative way to have the actors g written into GH as someone else if that makes sense.

    • Jules says:

      I agree. This sucks. And surprisingly, I think I’m mostly disappointed about Starr leaving because I really like Michael and her together. And I was on board with Sam and McBain. Todd…meh…he provides comic relief and maybe could work out with Connie but I hate Todd and Carly together.

      • Lydia says:

        Wait what Star leaving YES!!!!! OK now Todd Yes next

        • Carolyn says:

          We get it!!! You don’t like the OLTL actors on General Hospital. Are you a broken record? Enough already, your becoming annoying. Looks to me like more like them on General Hospital than don’t. If you haven’t liked it, why’d you continue watching?

    • Lydia says:


  11. Juanita Dudley says:

    John has transplanted well in GH. Why would he want to go back to OLTL when his Father-in-law and wife have taken his child away. Dumb writing. AGAIN!

  12. Robert says:

    This really sucks. John’s storyline on GH is just starting to pick up and Starr’s romance with Michael is going strong. With Todd, they have an easy write off with him facing prison.

    I still think the ideal deal would be for all three actors to agree to return to OLTL for a few weeks to close out their storylines over there (John/Natalie closeure, Victor being alive) before returning to General Hospital. One Life to Live doesn’t need these characters anymore.

    • Mary says:

      You may think they don’t need them, but I think PP thinks differently. They were the main central characters on the show. They are the draw to get OLTL fans to watch again.

      • Stacey says:

        They only have rights to the characters. Not the actors. Michael doesn’t seem thrilled about this. So he’s not looking to return to PP, which means uprouting his life and moving to Connecticut to film. PP wants the actors and characters, but they only have a right to the characters. Which is why the mess since the actors are contracted to ABC. Sounds like GH wants to keep the actors, and are looking at ways to make that possible. Including likely changing the characters they play!

    • Lydia says:

      No no no let them go…………..:)

  13. Lana says:

    I’m ambivalent about both John and Starr, but Todd is such a welcome addition to GH. He fit seamlessly into Port Charles and is terrific opposite whichever character they put him up against. I will be sad to see him leave.

  14. jacqi says:

    So much for Sam’s new romance. I love OLTL but I do like the characters that went to GH. I will still watch both though. Hope something gets resolved.

  15. Cassie says:

    Okay. Prospect Park fell through last year so ABC extended contracts to its favorites and had cameos for related parties. They forgot about/didn’t care about the characters being rightfully PP’s per the agreement. Now it seems the actors and the fans are still the ones screwed.

    Way to go ABC.

  16. Meg says:

    It’s completely ridiculous that PP is going to force actors to either leave their employment or end up working for the OLTL reboot. That’s completely ridiculous. It’s not fair to the fans or the actors. I wasn’t totally sold on the actors coming over from OLTL but I like their presence. Maybe work something out where they can do some crossover work or something, but don’t for them off GH completely. A fake town in upstate NY and a fake town in PA can’t be that far apart.

  17. Melissa says:

    Ok I just read the update. This whole thing really sucks. Recasting those 3 major characters doesn’t seem like it will go over well with the fans. And GH turning the actors into different characters (especially this soon after they first joined) doesn’t sound like it will go over well either. UGH.

  18. Amy says:

    I feel badly for everyone. The OLTL actors who basically can’t go either direction, the writers at GH who now have to come up with a creative and believable way to either remove or change the characters and fast, and the GH cast whose stories will suffer because of the bonds they’ve built. Poor Sam, she’ll probably suffer most.

  19. Megan says:

    this is by far the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard! I guarantee PP will disregard every storyline those three characters have been involved in, in the past year and nothing will make sense.

  20. Nicole says:

    While I am happy that PP is able to bring back OLTL, I have absolutely loved how GH integrated these characters and hate to see them leave.

    My question, since GH killed off Cole & Hope, will OLTL bring them back? What about the other story lines like Tomas/Lorenzo? I loved what GH was able to do, now not so sure how this will work going forward.

  21. ConcettaMarie says:

    OMG!! I think not!! Easton can go. We dont need vampires. But Roger cannot leave!! The Carly Todd chemistry is absolutely insane, that can’t be written!! I find myself loving Todd more and more,so he can’t leave!! GH, OLTL, figure it out!!

  22. Whole thing seems really lame to me! If they are just gonna recast them on OLTL then let them stay on GH!!!!!!!

  23. peter says:

    How long will they be gone. i love todd and starr on gh. they have to stay with gh.

  24. Harley says:

    Is the re-launch of OLTL and AMC going to be available for us in Canada??

  25. Steph says:

    I’m glad. They were the reason I stopped watching GH. If I wanted to see OLTL characters I would have watched OLTL when it was on. Now GH can bring back the good characters.

    • Lydia says:

      I had to repeat that again “I’m glad. They were the reason I stopped watching GH. If I wanted to see OLTL characters I would have watched OLTL when it was on. Now GH can bring back the good characters.”
      Thank U

  26. shadester says:

    if they continue with this vampire thing on Gh i am out!

  27. Amanda says:

    What if they were all to get into an accident and come out as other people. Come on GH you’ve done this before! Find a way to keep them!! Please. I NEED MCBAM.

  28. Jason says:

    Bring back Caleb!! Put Carly and Scott Baldwin together and have Michael fall in love with Sam!!!! Problem solved!!! ANyone else think that Scott Baldwin is the Quartermaine heir?

    • Jules says:

      Um…ew. And I know Sonny is not Michaels real dad but come on. Does he really want what his father already had?

    • Lyndsey says:

      The missing Quartermaine heir is Lauren, Franco’s daughter (Alan’s granddaughter).

      And why on earth would you pair those people up? Yikes!!

  29. OLTLer says:

    I Definitely can’t wait for John to leave GH/PC. I never thought he was transitioned properly. TPTB continually shoved mcbam at us before establishing the character on canvas. The writing for John hasn’t been great either = not working for months, not being in his son’s life, writing Natalie/Clint as props to make him a victim. Maybe PP OLTL can restore some dignity to this character.

    • jsd4eva says:

      agree! john mcbain looks like an ass on gh. not fighting for his son? come on. and this caleb/pc stuff is beyond stupid. poor lucy shoud be all about the nurses ball not at the nut house. question: is sam going to have an instaconnection with caleb too when john leaves?

    • chica7540800 says:

      ITA McBain wasn’t on the air for LONG periods of time, didn’t really have a storyline, not being in his son life. I’m DEFINITELY glad that he is going back. The writing wasn’t all that great for McBain either.

    • Mia says:

      I totally agree!! McBain was too forced and contrived on GH!! He was barely on too. I hope he returns to OLTL & stays there!!!

  30. bobby says:

    These actors and abc knew pp owned the rights to these characters. If u ask me pp has every right to insist that the characters be removed from gh. I wasn’t a fan of gh, but I’m sure they will survive this development

  31. ctwildheart says:

    I am still hoping things can be worked out. I believe PP has been working on this quietly all along. Truly hoping for the best for everyone…

  32. Derrick says:

    I know this sounds crazy, but if they stay on GH, why not just rename their characters and the people from their past and act like nothing has changed so there is no need to create totally new characters? I know it sounds far fetched, but, come on, this is a soap opera that back in the day had an alien story line and a character possessing some sort of “freezing ray” they threatened to use to freeze the world.

  33. Jennifer says:

    I hope they don’t go with the vampire storyline. I will take a hiatus from GH if they do. I like Todd and Starr on GH. I don’t want some stupid storyline that changes who they are on GH. It’s all ABC’s fault for canceling OLTL in the first place. They need to work out a compromise.

  34. TV Gord says:

    This is crazy on so many levels. Prospect Park may (BIG emphasis on MAY) have investment to get these shows off the ground, but they are going to have to see a return on their investment, and how many soap fans (even the lunatics who haunt the blogosphere) are going to sign on? It will be a fraction of the audience ABC had, and that won’t be enough to give PP a return on their investment. So, investors may be content to throw good money after bad for the first year or so, but at some point, they are going to want to turn a profit…and that’s just not realistic, unless they plan to eventually have six or eight characters sitting around talking for days and weeks and months on end. The economics of it just don’t make any sense.

  35. Jan says:

    I really liked John, Todd and Star. I am glad they have Lucy, she is funny. I am so sick of that Connie, please just kill her off.

  36. Jen says:

    This is an honest question to tvline, since they are usually good about replying to posts: is there a way for fans to contact Prospect Park with our opinions? I like to think that I’m an intelligent person and I know that letter-writing campaigns are rarely to never successful. But I think that some well written feedback letting them know that they are actually turning away potential viewers is worthwhile for them to hear. Whether it gets read by anyone, who knows. But if there’s a chance it gets read, it seems worth taking the time to send, even if it changes nothing.

  37. Mizz O says:

    PP needs cash. ABC can purchase the characters.

  38. Chris says:

    How can michlae Easton Roger howarth and Kristin Anderson stay on gh I don’t get that part

  39. moshane58 says:

    I really think its all crap by ABCC and PP.PP DID NOT air by the date needed.Starrr was wrote off leaving Landveiw and ABC extended PP’s rights.So why is this all not fishy to everyone else.Are they trying to piss of soap fans and bring down GH?When they gave PP a extention on the rights they knew wht they where doing and could have had this cleared up.Think ABC is at it again and PP is helping them.Sorry but when they wrote Starr leaving Llandveiw and signed her for a contrat for GH don’t you think they knew what they where doing?PP done said they wanted younger actors.Different firection.So I for one think these three actors are being drug threw the mud.

  40. itstime4asitdown says:

    No need for alternative characters or anything like that. I guarantee I can resolve this in less than 5 minutes if I can get ABC & PP in the same room together. Have the three as such: “Roger Howath/Michael Easton/Kristen Alderson appear courtesy of Prospect Park”

  41. Mick says:

    ABC knew that PP held the rights to these characters when they sold the licensing fee. ABC then played a game of chicken thinking PP wouldn’t succeed. PP has last laugh and the actors are screwed over. Typical business.

  42. thesnappysneezer says:

    I will not support pp if they force these actors out of their job and mess up all the good that has happened.

  43. Barbara says:

    Big mistake. I don’t watch Hula and never will.

  44. karla says:

    I love John and Todd on General Hospital. I dont want them to leave this is terrible

  45. chica7540800 says:

    They should have never canceled the damn soaps!!!

  46. Jeanette Zimmerman says:

    You are messing with your viewers and can lose them. Then what will you have
    without viewers? Jen Z.

  47. HOPE THEY NEVER COME BACK …at least I know i will be rid of them for Awhile Dont mind todd Starr and John CAN GO PLEASE

  48. Susan M. says:

    Look, I am not in favor of shows going on the internet. I think it’s an insult to the programs that are downgraded to airing on the internet. Prospect Park could become a channel on broadcast TV. That will be the only way I would watch those soaps. And in my opinion, this online viewing of AMC and OLTL will fail. Lastly, I cannot fathom how airing TV shows on the internet will work.
    Susan M.

    • ctwildheart says:

      Online viewing is the way of the future, many people do not see this as downgrading or insulting. Many of us watch the internet on our tv’s now, through various devices. Luckily I’ve heard more people say they will watch than people like you, Susan M. who are very negative and won’t watch.

      • Cat says:

        It’s not just a matter of choosing not to watch, but it’s a big problem that a lot of people cannot watch.

        • ctwildheart says:

          PP is working on an international distribution deal for the folks in Canada and on a deal with a cable network to broadcast these shows after a delay. My point is a lot of people said the same thing about cable years ago and you don’t hear that anymore. For all those reasons I think people should just chill out and stop being so negative.

        • cottle says:

          I will watch them too. But a lot of people won’t be able to watch.

    • Cat says:

      I agree with you. To add to that, many people CAN’T watch online. I hope they air on a cable net too.

  49. Joe says:

    What happens to Skye? She was on all three shows. Does she stay with GH or can her character only appear on OLTL and AMC in the future?

    • ctwildheart says:

      Skye is an anomaly. I don’t think she ever had a contract with OLTL and she definitely never had one with PP, so she can go on whatever show wants her as far as I understand.

  50. Lydia says: