Exclusive: Keri Russell on Re-Teaming With J.J. Abrams on Star Wars: 'I'm Waiting For My Call'

Keri Russell J.J. Abrams Star WarsShould J.J. Abrams decide that it would be, ahem, felicitous to reunite with one of his former TV colleagues for Star Wars: VII well, he has Keri Russell’s number. “I’m waiting for my call,” she deadpans.

All kidding aside, talking with TVLine only hours before the premiere of her new FX drama, The Americans (tonight, 10/9c), the actress says she’s game to play “anyone he lets me play. I would do anything for J.J. I would do crafts services if he asked!”

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Something tells us that the Golden Globe winner won’t be making sandwiches for Ewoks, though. For starters, she and her former Felicity boss remain good friends. And he cast her in his first big-budget feature as a director, Mission: Impossible III. (For that matter, he loves to reuse actors he likes. See also: Greg Grunberg, Amanda Foreman… )

On top of all that, the moment it was announced that Abrams would helm SWVII, TVLine unofficially started a campaign to get Russell a part. (And, c’mon, we all know how powerful TVLine is, especially when it’s unofficially started a campaign!)

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Anyway, for more from this interview, look for a special edition of TVLine’s weekly web series Spoiler Alert! on Thursday, in which Russell elaborates on which man in her life is really pulling for her to be in Star Wars, reflects on her Felicity days and lightly spoils Episodes 2 and 3 of The Americans.

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