Musical Smash Preview: For Karen and Ivy, Is There No 'Moving On' from Their Feud?

You thought it was the winter weather bringing a big chill to New York City? Nah, it’s more likely the look Smash‘s Karen shoots Ivy in this video sneak peek at the opening montage for Season 2 (premiering Tuesday, Feb. 5 at 9/8c).

VIDEO | Smash First Look: ‘Princess’ Karen Hits a Sour Note With the New Guy

When last we tuned into NBC’s musical-drama, Karen had landed the lead in Bombshell as it embarked on its first out-of-town tryout. Ivy in turn shtupped Karen’s fiancé Dev. Everything spiraled downward from there, with Ivy last seen eyeballing a fistful of pills.

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This clip, set to the Bombshell tune “Cut, Print, Moving On,” makes clear that as the show bids Beantown adieu, the frenemies have not moved on at all from those tense times. “It’s not so great in the beginning. Ivy has a lot of apologizing to do,” Megan Hilty previews for TVLine. “This season is about rehabilitating her life both professionally and personally — and a lot of that has to do with Karen.”

Are you hoping that Ivy gets her groove back? Will the love of a good (if about-to-be-disgraced) man/director perhaps help her in that respect?