Vampire Diaries Recap: Racing For a Cure

Catch Me if you CanOn Thursday’s Vampire Diaries, the gang splintered off into teams in a race to find The Cure. (If one fails to materialize at the end of this chase, everyone in Mystic Falls is going to be so pissed.) Let’s take a look at how they fared:

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TEAM HUNTER GAMES | Klaus compels his newly sired vampires to go after Matt, so Jeremy will kill them and grow his hunter’s mark. When Jer returns at daylight to off them, he finds that Kol has already done the deed. The other Original brother is determined to stop them from finding the cure and raising Silas. “You risk waking someone very dangerous,” he warns. He suggests that Damon would like to see the last vestige of Elena’s humanity gone and compels him to kill Jeremy. When the two are face-to-face, with Damon unable to stop himself from going after Jer, the hunter shoots Damon in the head, not the heart, as instructed. “Stupid idiot. Borderline brain dead moron,” mutters the elder Salvatore. Despite not saying anything when Elena called him for help, Stefan swoops in at the last minute and snaps his brother’s neck to stop him. He then drains his blood to weaken him and locks him up. Meanwhile, Elena comes up with an alternate solution to their problems: Jeremy will kill Kol instead and his entire bloodline, which should grow his mark to completion and stop his compulsion on Damon. Hopefully.

TEAM CRAZY SEX | Rebekah’s plan to find the cure involves stealing a headstone from Shane, so she and Stefan break into his office. When they find the professor’s herbs, she reminds her ex of all the fun they had in the 1920s and convinces him to relax. They also reminiscence about the other type of fun they had, which wasn’t so great because they didn’t care. “Crazy sex is always good,” he corrects her. And by the end of the episode, they’re having some! In case you’re wondering, they manage to find the headstone before the hanky panky when someone else comes looking for it, too, and reveals its location. Later on, Rebekah also battles it out with Kol, and the two almost kill each other while quarreling over the cure. “Elijah won’t even show his face he’s so disgusted by our bickering,” says Kol. Elijah knows he’s too good for you folks.

Catch Me if you CanTEAM JUST PLAIN CRAZY | Sheriff Forbes brings in Shane for questioning about the explosion that killed Pastor Young and the others. Bonnie convinces her dad to let her talk to Shane because allowing teenagers into interrogations is A-okay in Mystic Falls.  The prof admits to her that he confessed, but it doesn’t matter that Young and the group died because Silas will just bring them back. Bonnie’s not boarding his crazy train until he pulls out the Grams card. Wouldn’t she like to see her again? That sets the witch off, making her lose control of her powers as she cripples Shane’s hand and lights a fire in the room. Shane is able to bring her down, but warns her dad that without his guidance, she’s a ticking time bomb.

We can’t wrap up this recap without talking about the emotionally brutal exchange between Stefan and Elena, neither of whom can understand why he’s hanging with Rebekah. “Are you trying to punish me?” she asks, offering up another apology. But he doesn’t want it. “You can do whatever you want,” he replies. “I really don’t care.” Elena doesn’t believe this behavior is the real him, to which he responds, “You don’t know what I look like when I’m not in love with you.”

Vampire Diaries fans, who do you think has the best chance of finding the cure? Are you into Stefan/Rebekah? And are you hoping Bonnie goes full-on dark side? 

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