American Idol: 20 Songs We'd Ban Forever!

If familiarity really does breed contempt, then there exists a select set of overperformed songs American Idol fans would like to drag into a darkened alley and hurl into a manky dumpster.

Indeed, over the course of 12 seasons, certain offending ditties have become almost inescapable on the show, and their annual arrival feels as welcome as Kim Kardashian at a Mensa meeting.

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The good news is that executive producer Nigel Lythgoe and Fox reality chief Mike Darnell have both expressed amusement — and, dare I say, intrigue — at TVLine’s proposal to create a list of banned tracks for the live-performance rounds, a move that would spare the Idoloonie Nation from what those great Motown-era philosophers The Four Tops referred to as “the same old song.”

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Check out our picks below, then sound off in the comments about which ones we got right, which numbers we unfairly maligned, and what blasphemous omissions we made!

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