How I Met Your Mother Recaplet: Ted Hooks Up With [Spoiler]! Were You Surprised?

Ring UpDid you see it coming, How I Met Your Mother fans?

Ted got back on the dating horse in Monday night’s episode with a much younger gal (played by Pretty Little Liars‘ Ashley Benson) who turned out to be Barney’s half-sister!

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Honestly, we had our suspicions once Robin mentioned that her future half-sister-in-law was not happy about Barney giving his future bride a family heirloom as her engagement ring. But as the episode progresses, the former bachelor is none the wiser about his pal’s mystery girl, so he begs his bro to hook up with her. See now that Barney’s engaged, he’s detoxing from one-night stands and has to get his thrills vicariously through Ted.

Of course, it blows up in his face when Ted and Carly do the deed, despite them not having anything  — aside from a sort of mutual appreciation of Star Wars — in common with her.

“Close enough,” he replies when she says she’s only seen the new films. (And how funny and spot-on were his “different species” description of his new lady?)

After the horrific realization that his best friend slept with his half-sister, Barney throws an impromptu wedding because he won’t have Carly treated like a one-time fling. Ted then points out that that means his buddy is done with his detox.

Meanwhile, Robin finds that her new engagement ring makes her invisible to the opposite sex (“You’re not precious!” it hisses, all Gollum-like). Now she has to pay for her bagels, coffee and rent (!). Worst of all, she can’t get a beer at the bar. But it’s OK, because there’s another method she can use.

“I know a way that’s going to last forever,” she says before asking Barney to get her a Scotch. Aww!

HIMYM fans, what did you think of the introduction of Barney’s mentioned-but-never-before-seen sibling? So much for the theory that she’s the mom… And can we please have a Pretty Little Liars reunion with Benson and Lucy Hale (as Robin’s sister from Season 2) at Barney and Robin’s wedding?