Vampire Diaries Recap: Say That You Love Me

After School SpecialThe Vampire Diaries returned Thursday night, and it was packed with action exposition! See, Rebekah’s back, and she wants to know what she’s missed, so that means a recap of the season so far! (She’s right, a flow chart would be nice!)

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While she mostly just asks questions, the Original sister does more than her fair share of emotional damage while holding Elena, Stefan and Caroline against their will. Compelled to tell the truth by Rebekah, Elena unleashes her honest feelings about the brothers Salvatore right in front of Stefan.

“I didn’t sleep with Damon because of the sire bond,” she says. “I slept with Damon because I’m in love with him.” The revelation seems to be as surprising to Elena as it is to her ex-boyfriend. But that’s not enough feelings talk for Rebekah, so she presses the Gilbert gal to expand.

“Being with Damon makes me happy,” she adds. “When I’m with him, it feels unpredictable, like I’m free.”

And how does Stefan make her feel? Well… “Lately, I feel like I’m a project, like I’m a problem that needs to be fixed,” she replies. “I think I make him sad. … When he looks at me, all he sees is a broken toy.” It gets worse. When Rebekah asks her if she’s still in love with Stefan, Elena replies with a simple, “No.”

That’s enough to drive him to take up the Original on her offer to erase his memories of his ex-girlfriend. Too bad she reneges on the deal with a laugh because “it would far too easy. I refuse to make you forget her the way that Klaus made you forget me. But now [Elena] know how he really feels.”

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Meanwhile, Damon, who’s off training hunter Jeremy at the lake house, can’t stop listening to Elena’s voicemail (“I miss being near you. I wish you’d just let me come to you.”). So when she calls to tell him she loves him, he can’t help smiling and breaking his command that she stay away from him.

“Get in your car. Right now. And come to me,” he says. But as he warned her, he’s going to have to do some ugly things to get her that cure, which brings us to the rest of the episode:

– Klaus, unsatisfied with Jeremy’s progress, takes it upon himself to turn the cute pizza delivery girl into a vampire to help grow Jer’s mark. And he doesn’t stop there. He also claims several bar patrons and workers so the hunter can kill them. Elena’s little brother was under the impression that Damon was going to find another way to grow his mark that wouldn’t cost innocent lives. “[Klaus’] idea was better,” replies the elder Salvatore.

– Rebekah wants the vampire cure, too, so she sends Kol to kidnap Shane and torture him until he tells them its location. When the professor reveals that he wants to free Silas, which will raise all the dead, Kol freaks out and stabs him. This Silas guy is bad news, apparently. Rebekah, however, thinks he’s just a myth and presses on with her plan, which gets a surprising assist from Stefan. He proposes that they partner up to get the cure, which will allow him to finally know how Elena truly feels.

– Bonnie’s protection spell to help Shane actually links him to April, who begins to suffer the same injuries as him. At episode’s end, the pastor’s daughter is seen telling Sheriff Forbes and the new mayor – Bonnie’s dad! – that Shane brainwashed her dad and the others into killing themselves. Meanwhile, the prof assures Bonnie that “expression” magic is not dark, but it has no limits. He promises not to let anything bad happen to her. (Except for whatever weird stuff he clearly already did to her brain, right?!)

Vampire Diaries fans, what did you think of the return episode and Elena’s confessional? What’s the deal with Shane and Silas? No, seriously, it’s time for some answers, show! And were you glad to see the Originals back in action?