Scandal Post Mortem: Shonda Rhimes Weighs In on the Shocking Fitz Twist

Scandal Season 2 SpoilersWarning: The following contains spoilers from this week’s episode of Scandal.

This Thursday on ABC’s Scandal, President Fitzgerald Grant returned to his rightful place in the Oval Office, having (mostly) recovered from gunshots sustained during an assassination attempt. And one of his first orders of business was personal, asking wife Mellie for a divorce.


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Of course, the first question that comes to mind is whether Fitz was in his right mind when he suggested the split, especially given his fragile condition and quite possibly compromised mental state.

“Some people will assume this is part of the accident,” series creator Shonda Rhimes tells TVLine. “And some people will think that it is very, very real.”

But what does Scandal‘s puppetmaster herself think? “I think it’s real. I do,” Rhimes says.

Explaining her point of view, Rhimes continues, “You go through something like that and you wake up and you think, ‘I’m done pretending.’ I think he’s done pretending. For a very long time he’s been a man who’s wanted to be done pretending and hasn’t had the opportunity to walk away from this life that he feels caged into. He’s a man who has everything – and hates having everything.”

Plus, this is not the first time we’ve heard Fitz toss around the D-word. “He tried to do it once last season,” Rhimes reminds, “but now I think he feels like it’s really his chance. “

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OK, but wanting to end a marriage and actually doing it are very different things — even more so when you’re the sitting President of the United States. So is this all just so much talk? “We will see him make an effort to see if divorce is possible,” Rhimes previews.

Really? Even though the First Lady is expecting America’s Baby™? “That will have an interesting effect,” Rhimes responds. “An effect maybe [you won’t] anticipate.”

Oh. And Edison proposed to Olivia.

What did you think of this week’s episode “A Criminal, a Whore, an Idiot and a Liar”?

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