Suits Boss Previews the Firm's Civil War Fallout, Louis' Rough 'Comeuppance' and More

Suits - Season 2Put on your most dapper jacket and tie, because Suits‘ Harvey, Mike and the rest of the Pearson Hardman law firm are back this Thursday (USA Network, 10/9c) to finish Season 2.

Despite partner Daniel Hardman’s ouster, things are far from peaceful in the workplace. Below, executive producer Aaron Korsh previews the aftermath of the firm’s civil war, Harvey’s efforts to expand his personal life, Louis’ “comeuppance” and much more.

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TVLINE | The stakes seem higher than ever. What challenges lie ahead for the firm, post-Hardman?
What happens in the aftermath of a civil war is, first of all, you’ve got to deal with the people who didn’t necessarily take your side. We’ve got to deal with Louis. [He] has to deal with the ramifications of the choices that he made, and [the firm] has to deal with the ramifications of the choices that Louis made. Also, once your enemy is gone, who’s going to replace Hardman is going to be a major question in the last six [episodes]. In addition to that, sometimes when you’ve gone through a fierce battle with one enemy, other enemies see that you’re wounded and can come and attack you. We’re swimming in the sea of New York shark law firms. The civil war that [Pearson Hardman] went through was definitely noticed by other firms in New York… On a personal and professional level, Mike is going to have to deal with some of the decisions that he made toward the end of last season.

TVLINE | Are there any characters that are going to make a power play for the position left by Hardman?
Yes, there is one particular character. [Laughs] I don’t know about “power play,” as much as a play. One of our favorites is going to make his case for whether or not he should be the one to replace Daniel Hardman.

TVLINE | Last time we talked, you said Hardman would be back. Under what circumstances does that happen?
Our firm is going to be somewhat under attack from some neighboring firms in the aftermath of this civil war. Hardman is going to make his appearance, from our perspective, at the worst possible time — probably our weakest possible moment.

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Suits - Season 2TVLINE | How’s the relationship between Louis and Harvey following what Louis did?
As one would imagine, the relationship is not good. It’s almost nonexistent. Louis is going have some comeuppance. He’s going to reap what he sowed for his actions, and Harvey is going to be the deliverer of that.

TVLINE | How far will Mike spiral? And what’s it going to take to snap him out of that?
It is going to go far enough that he’s going to test the limits of Harvey’s patience. In that testing, he’s going to be forced to make a decision: Is he going to continue this spiral or snap out of it?

TVLINE | Will anyone else learn the truth about Mike’s secret by the end of the season?
[Laughs] I’m going to choose to not answer that, but perhaps. I’ll say this: Mike’s secret does definitely come up as a topic in the last six [episodes] more than once. We don’t drop that storyline. As it has, it comes up and then recedes and comes up and recedes.

TVLINE | Where does his relationship with Rachel stand?
If you were to put yourself in Rachel’s shoes, you’d be able to answer that question. I think you already know it doesn’t stand well after what he did. [Laughs] …Rachel feels betrayed. He tried to sleep with her, she said no, and then he immediately goes to someone else. So he’s got some explaining to do. [Laughs]

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TVLINE | Has the sexual tension between Mike and Rachel shifted to something else this season in the wake of that?
Yes. They’re on the outs. Something’s got to happen to get them back on some kind of even footing, and things do happen that move them in that direction. So it does change — it changes to anger. But as has happened with them before, they always seem to come back to each other. I don’t know that their relationship is the healthiest thing in the world. I feel like at their core, they like each other, but there are things that keep them apart. But they always seem to come back to each other because they have this deep yearning for each other and chemistry.

TVLINE | Are there plans to delve into Harvey’s personal life? Maybe give him a more stable love interest?
We delve a little bit more into Harvey’s personal life. We definitely do. He goes through some emotional growth… Harvey is actually trying to take steps to expand his personal life in the aftermath of the victory over Hardman.

TVLINE | Amanda Schull is guest starring as an assistant district attorney who tries to join Pearson Hardman.
She’s going to come into the firm under, I would say, not the best of circumstances. Both the nature of her entry into the firm and the timing of her entry into the firm are going to lead her to have some problems with certain members of the firm.

TVLINE | Is she strictly a workplace comrade/foe? There’s no romantic love interest?
That could develop over time, but not currently.