Body of Proof: Scoop on the Show's 'Thrilling' Reboot and Big Season 3 Mystery

Body of ProofDANA DELANY returns Feb. 5 with more action, romance and a greater sense of urgency.

Discussing the show’s Season 3 revamp Thursday at the Television Critics Association’s winter press tour in Pasadena, exec producer Matthew Gross said viewers should expect an amped-up Body. “We wanted to make stories that were more thriling, that have more stakes,” he said. “Inject more octane into the show.”

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The addition of Mark Valley as a police officer and former love interest of Dana Delany’s Megan will add an undercurrent of sexual tension throughout the season. “[We wanted to] bring Megan’s personal life into the actual ‘A’ case,” noted fellow EP Christopher Murphey. “And also bring out the law enforcement aspect of the show.”

The more things change though, the more they will remain the same. Said Murphey: “Megan’s still full of piss and vinegar.”

Other spoilery highlights from the panel:

Body‘s two-part opener has “a thriller aspect to it,” shared new EP Evan Katz (24).

• Kate “starts to go into politics” — including no less than a run for Congress, previewed her portrayer Jeri Ryan. “She decides life is short, now is the time.” (She’ll also get a new love interest in Desperate Housewives‘ Richard Burgi.)

• Season 3 will delve deeper into Megan’s backstory, specifically the circumstances surrounding her father’s suicide. “As the season progresses,” teased Katz, “that is a mystery we grip onto and run with.”