Once Upon a Time Recap: Death in a Small Town -- Plus: Burning Questions Answered!

RAPHAEL SBARGE, LANA PARRILLASo much for a peaceful return to normal Storybrooke life.

In the first Once Upon a Time of 2013, Snow and Charming’s reunion was interrupted post-coitus by their offspring – awkward, but hilarious! Meanwhile, Emma’s bonding time with son Henry was cut short by Pongo, who led the returned Sheriff and Ruby to Archie’s dead body. Ruby had a pretty good idea who was responsible for the death, having witnessed Archie and Regina arguing on the street and her entering the psychiatrist’s office later that night. Emma tapped into her inner magical powers to access the pup’s memories and witness what really happened between the shrink and the mayor.

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But for once, Regina, who’s trying to change for Henry’s sake, wasn’t responsible for the bad deeds. Unbeknownst to the residents of Storybrooke, Cora and Hook had arrived in town with a plan. Cora disguised herself as her daughter and kidnapped Archie – a random townsperson was made to look like the familiar murder victim – turning everyone against Regina and, hopefully, setting her back on the path to evil.

Meanwhile, in the fairytale land that was, Snow and Charming used a trap to capture the Evil Queen. But when it came time to kill her, Snow couldn’t go through with the deed and proposed that they rehabilitate her instead. Rumple presented Snow with a test that would reveal if Regina could really change or not. She failed. After being let free by Snow to start over, Regina stabbed her – but the wound did no permanent damage. Rumple had cast a spell that would prevent her from ever hurting Snow and Charming in this world. Hey, he didn’t forget his former protege completely.

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Read on as executive producers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz tackle burning questions from this week’s episode.

WHY DID CORA KIDNAP, AND NOT KILL, ARCHIE? | “What does Cora need? Information,” Kitsis answers. ” If you come to this strange land … a psychiatrist is perfect, because he knows everyone’s secrets, he knows how they run…. Gold has gone to him. Henry’s gone to him. So he’s more valuable to her to have him alive right now. “

SHOULD WE BE WORRIED ABOUT WHO CORA REALLY KILLED? | “She literally took a random Storybrooke resident, killed him,” says Horowitz. Adds Kitsis:”If we had an alternate universe, we would be able to show that guy, his family, who’s probably worried about him. “

HOW LONG WILL IT BE BEFORE REGINA FIGURES OUT CORA’S RUSE? | “That storyline will progress rather quickly,” Horowitz promises.

WHAT IS REGINA’S NEXT MOVE? | “She is laying low and she has a next move,” says Kitsis. ” The real question is, how persuasive is Cora? We know she has a commitment to excellence, so the question is, for someone who has been off magic, will they return [to that way of life]?”

HOW ‘MAGICAL’ WILL EMMA BE NOW? AND WILL IT BOTHER HENRY? | “She just realized a little bit ago that was all real, and then she just got back from this crazy land, so it frightens her to realize this magic is inside her,” says Kitsis. “So you’ll see her using it when she needs to as opposed to going out and doing birthday parties. ” As for what the EP calls Henry’s “anti-bad magic” stance, the question becomes: “Now that there are people that use it in Henry’s life, how does he feel about it? That’s actually something that’s going to get explored towards the end of the season.”

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