Did Horror Story Out-Sing Mad Men? SVU Love Mystery? Is CNN's NYE Joke Old? And More Qs!

doctorwho300We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week(-plus) of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Doctor Who, Parenthood, American Horror Story: Asylum and The Big Bang Theory!

1 | Revisiting Christmas: Did Doctor Who‘s sinister snowmen give anyone else flashbacks to Calvin & Hobbes? And can we get a(nother) round of applause for astoundingly telegenic new castmember Jenna-Louise Coleman?

2 | Can Downton Abbey somehow close the gap between UK and Stateside airings, if only so we don’t have to keep inventing new levels of “spoiler alert” warnings?

3 | Is everyone that Underemployed‘s Sophia encounters a lesbian? Her classmate’s boss, the random girl waiting in line for the bathroom… and now her former professor!

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Now, venture back with us to Dec. 31 for all that countdown craziness…

4 | Didn’t NBC’s New Year’s Eve coverage — which basically amounted to a really long clip package with only one live performance — seem really low-key (and a little boring?) in comparison to what the other networks offered up? On that note, why doesn’t CBS have any skin in the New Year’s Eve game?

nye2755 | Have we received confirmation yet that Rockin’ New Year’s Eve hostess/kissing bandit Jenny McCarthy woke up Tuesday with a massive cold sore after smooching that sailor? (Or was that just her lipstick smeared on his face?) And can we — Ryan Seacrest included — declare a moratorium on trying to interview PSY? Given his limited grasp of English, it seems just mean. (Or will PSY getting any publicity in 2013 be a moot point?)

6 | Can someone at CNN — perhaps new boss Jeff Zucker? — finally stick a fork in Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin’s painfully forced and unfunny New Year’s tradition? She makes a “shocking” joke! He giggles! Rinse. Repeat. Cancel.

7 | Remind us: Why is it so hard to sing live in Times Square? (Yes, we’re talking to you, Taylor Swift.)

And that concludes the NYE portion of this week’s column. Back to regularly scheduled programming…

VIDEO | Parenthood Sneak Peek: Tensions Rise Between Julia and Victor! Will His Adoption Stick?

8 | While Parenthood putting Sydney in the path of a large metal projectile may have been a little cruel, wasn’t it just the teensiest bit satisfying to watch Julia finally tell her whiny little one to shut up? Wasn’t Crosby’s maturity regarding mom-in-law’s move-in refreshing? And to those confused by Kristina “revealing” herself to be “34,” did you not catch Adam’s discreet eyeroll?

9 | Doesn’t the insane cuteness of the General Hospital puppy make it tough to believe it’s a harbinger of bad times ahead?

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10 | Did American Horror Story‘s Sister Jude/Call Me Judy out-“Zou Bisou Bisou” Mad Men‘s Megan Draper with her totally random but nonetheless infectious ’60s-themed song-and-dance? (And who knew “The Name Game” had so many rules?!)

11 | Wouldn’t it have been better if Nashville‘s “Juliette Barnes” had narrated Wednesday’s recap special with some sass, as “Nolan” did for Revenge?

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12 | On Chicago Fire, did Mills and Dawson’s little bones-naming foreplay exercise give you a sudden urge to study anatomy?

13 | Law & Order: SVU fans, who do you think Olivia’s unseen traveling companion was?

The Egg Salad Equivalency14 | The Big Bang Theory is currently giving us the best Leonard/Penny season yet, but the Raj character is still woefully adrift — Agree or Disagree?

15 | Elementary fans, can we tell you how eerie it was, having just screened the first episodes of FX’s The Americans, to witness this week’s Soviet spies twist? Also: What do you think will change Watson’s mind about leaving?

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runway27516 | Who are you more worried for going into next week’s Person of Interest: Reese, or Carter? And while logical, wasn’t it a let-down how little Jim Caviezel was in the winter premiere?

17 | Let’s be honest, Project Runway All Stars: Isaac Mizrahi totally faked his love for Anthony Ryan’s unflattering design so you could find a reason not to eliminate the frontrunner during an off week, right?

18 | Anyone else totally in love with the little boy in the NFL’s Play 60 commercials with the Carolina Panthers’ Cam Newton? “‘I’m just loosening my arm…”

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!