The X Factor: A 12-Step Plan to Salvage Season 3

Think fast: Would you rather get a root canal from your car mechanic or set your DVR to record Season 3 of The X Factor?

Okay, maybe Fox’s other reality singing competition isn’t quite that painful. But with sagging Season 2 ratings and rumors that mentor Britney Spears is about to get pink-slipped, it’s pretty clear Simon Cowell will have to consider an overhaul at least as big as the one he enacted at the end of the show’s lackluster freshman voyage.

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Whatever the case, the real looming question remains: Is it too late to save the show?

If Cowell thinks the answer is as easy as swapping out one bold-faced name for another — or praying at the Oracle Kardashian for wisdom — then The X Factor seems doomed. On the other hand, if Simon is willing to consider some of the advice in our 12-Step Plan for Season 3, he might turn his expensive lemon into a sleek Maserati.

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Check out our advice below, then hit the comments with your thoughts on how to save The X Factor in Season 3!