The Voice's Cassadee Pope on Lower-Register Woes, 'Over You' Magic and Glass Dresses

cassadee popeCassadee Pope says she found it “silly” that some fans of The Voice felt that the pre-existing fan base she brought from her old band Hey Monday should have kept her from competing on Season 3 of NBC’s hit singing competition.

“I obviously appreciate all the fans I gained from my band, but there weren’t enough of them to make me a very successful artist,” she says. “To me, being successful is selling a lot of records and selling out big venues on tour, and it’s not up to anyone else to decide what success is for me.”

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Plus, she adds, she’s worked hard for years and paid her dues, just like any struggling musician. “When Hey Monday first started, there was this very cool hype around us and a label behind us that was excited. But then the momentum started going away,” the eventual Season 3 winner explains. “That was hard, because I actually liked our music more the longer we were together.”

When she moved to L.A. a little over a year ago to launch a solo career, Cassadee says she had to “swallow my pride knowing that I was going to be a little fish in a very big sea.” When she failed to generate any interest from labels or management, she decided The Voice was an opportunity she couldn’t turn down — and it turned out to change the course of her life and career.

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TVLine caught up with Cassadee to discuss her most memorable Voice performances, her early-season vocal woes, and her plans for keeping her iTunes momentum alive.

TVLINE | I loved the choice of Natalie Imbruglia’s “Torn” for your Blind Audition because it’s not one of those ballads that’s been done a million times on reality singing shows. In fact, I felt like you were pretty savvy throughout the season in terms of song selection. Was “Torn” a strategic pick or just a case of you covering something you like?
I was a little strategic, but in a way where I just wanted to establish myself, get people to know what style I was into, before I started experimenting. “Torn” was something that I had covered before, with just piano and strings. I really love that song. I love when people cover songs that are familiar, but have been kind of forgotten about. So when you play it, it takes people back to a certain place. That’s what I wanted for “Torn.” Then with “Payphone,” I love that song, and Adam [Levine]’s range is similar to mine. I really loved the idea of doing a guy’s song and turning it into my own kind of thing.

TVLINE | When you got to the Live Playoffs, your first song was Avril Lavigne’s “My Happy Ending.” Was there any concern on your part of tackling an artist who’s got a very similar vibe and sound to what you want to do in your post-Voice career?
Unfortunately, I couldn’t go out there and sing my original stuff — which would have been the easiest way to show people what I’m about and the kind of music I do. So I just tried to think of the one artist and the one song that I thought truly resembles what I want to do, and that’s the one I thought about.

TVLINE | Your first few weeks on the live shows, I felt there were times when you struggled with your lower register, where you hit some weird notes here and there. That started to change in Top 10 Week, when you covered “Over You.” I wonder if you felt the same way, and if you feel you improved as a vocalist over the course of the show.
Yeah. I felt all of those things. I mean I still struggle with my low notes. It’s just always been something for me: I’m not a low singer. I have a really high voice. The songs that I want to sing, like “Behind These Hazel Eyes,” she’s going from one octave to the next. I always want to pick songs that are really crazy rangy and sometimes those low notes aren’t there. But I started taking it way more seriously after a certain point, and I started doing vocal warm-ups every day, even when I wasn’t singing, sometimes twice a day. I mean, I’ve always taken care of my voice, but I never really thought to do exercises on days that I wasn’t singing. When I started doing that, I felt a difference for sure.

TVLINE | Let’s talk about “Over You,” which seemed like a major turning point on the show. When did you first realize something magical might be happening with that cover?
I had the idea to do the song, and Blake was all about it, but I wasn’t sure how it would translate and if it would make any sense. So when we were at band practice and it started coming together, that’s when the magic first happened. It was everything I had hoped for, and everyone was freaking out. Blake was thrilled. That was definitely the moment where I had somewhat of a glimpse into the future of me winning; I thought “If I can get to number one on iTunes, and I just keep doing songs that I can put my heart and soul into, maybe I can make this happen every week. Maybe I can do this.” So, yeah, “Over You” was definitely when the tides turned.

TVLINE | My favorite performance of yours this season was “Stupid Boy.” Again, like “Over You,” it’s a song by a country artist — and yet neither of those performances felt necessarily Country with a Capital C. What was your approach to those songs, in particular with “Stupid Boy.”
I don’t want to go full-on country for my solo career, and so I didn’t want to do “Over You” or “Stupid Boy” the way they were [recorded]. For “Stupid Boy,” I really wanted everyone to hear the lyrics, and I just loved it so much when I stripped it down. Some people don’t realize that Keith Urban is singing about himself being a stupid boy and being regretful. And after “Over You,” I hadn’t had another moment that was really intimate, so I wanted that again, too.

TVLINE | I’ve got to pause and ask a totally shallow question: Where did you get the silver dress you wore for your reprise of “Over You” in the performance finale? That was definitely the wardrobe moment of the season.
It’s actually from the Warner Bros. lot. I’m not sure exactly what it was used for, but that’s where [The Voice] wardrobe [department] got it. They have access to that, which is great. They just had to make some alternations and put lining on the inside of it because the mirrors were really sharp and they kept cutting me. I loved the fact that I was wearing a dress that looked like shattered glass, because it is such a tragic song. It’s about Blake’s brother dying in a car accident when he was younger. It just all kind of tied in together and was a really special moment.

TVLINE | Talk to me about your choice of “Cry” as your final number on the performance finale. That’s a really high degree of difficulty in terms of the vocal range. Did you have any fears going into that one?
I did. I used to cover that song a lot when I was a kid, when obviously my voice was a lot higher. I even raised the key when I was younger. For the finale, I did raise the key half a step. Even that was still too low for me [in places] and too high [in others]. Moments before going on stage, I was trying to warm up my voice, and I was trying to get those low notes to be warm, but they just weren’t, because nerves tend to affect my lower register every single time. I was actually thinking of changing the melody just so I knew it was solid instead of trying to hit these low notes that weren’t there. But I ended up doing them anyway. They turned out to be a little bit more of a breathy kind of thing, but I liked it. It’s definitely not the strongest thing I could have done as far as my lower register, but I think it worked because it’s such a vulnerable song. It’s asking someone to feel something for you. The set was really magical and fairytale-like. I feel like it all came together.

TVLINE | With Hey Monday, you never achieved massive chart success. What was it like to wake up on Tuesday mornings and find your songs at number one on iTunes, or sometimes have multiple songs in the top 10 on iTunes?
It’s so rewarding because it’s not like I just woke up one day and said, “I’m going to go solo and it’s going to be great!” I gave it a lot of thought. It was really scary. It wasn’t something that I was positive was the right idea. But I took a risk. Seeing my songs at No. 1 on iTunes, even if they are covers, it’s still such an accomplishment, something that the band and I had worked toward the whole time we were together, and never achieved.

TVLINE | With that iTunes momentum happening right now, how urgent is it to get some new music released in the next few months? Do you feel like you have to strike while you’re still really present in Voice fans’ minds, or is it a matter of taking your time with the music and releasing it when it feels right?
I definitely want to hit the ground running. I want to get started on making an album or at least a single. Everything shuts down for the holidays, so I’ll have to wait until January 1 to pick things up again. But I really want to release a single mid-January [2013]. I know that that’s really soon. But I want to be involved in the writing, I want to do co-writes with people and get something going as soon as possible. I’m hoping to release an album in January or February. The thing is, I’ve been writing. I’ve always kept writing. There’s never been a moment where I went through a spell where I just don’t write. So I have a lot of material, which I’m really excited about. It’s all acoustic right now, but as soon as I can get in the studio with some great producers it’ll probably come to life. I’ll experiment a little bit with my sound. But I want to do pop-rock, maybe even crossover into country just a little bit, too, because I know that that’s more common now than it was before.

TVLINE | So that first single may already exist somewhere in your arsenal of acoustic numbers that you’ve written recently?
It may, yes. It won’t be acoustic when I record it, but that’s how I write, so that’s what it is at the moment.

TVLINE | Are you going to arm-twist Blake to spend the last days of December listening to a couple of these tracks and giving you some feedback?
Absolutely. I mean he’s always down to give me advice. I even asked him if he’d sing on the album and he said he would. So that will be really amazing. I need to have his advice every step of the way because he’s been really great in this whole process. I know it’s nothing like the real world where you’re on a label and going through the grind. But he’s successful and he’s a genuine person and a good guy. I would love to kind of model my career after his, because everyone loves him and he’s so great to everyone and he’s still successful.

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    • andrew says:

      The condescending attitude displayed by Kanye West toward country singer Taylor Swift sometime ago still left bad taste in my mouth. Respect to each other is a virtue that can be learned actually. It’s a shame some won’t.

  1. gailer says:

    Can’t blame you for asking about her dress….I loved all of the dresses she wore that night!

  2. beckstle says:

    Getting the music out quickly will be critical – something neither winners of The Voice did. At least she admits ahe sounded like Avril. That was one of the truly annoying things this season – Blake’s constant comments about her not sounding like anyone else. Acknowledging it and moving on would have made it feel less like listening to the great Oz while seeing the little man behind the curtain.

  3. Alienate says:

    She seems like a good person. One day I may stumble over a song she sings and actually recognize her voice. I wish her success.

  4. I won’t say she’s the worst winner of a big singing contest ever or that she can’t sing well because it’s kinda rude with a girl that’s is trying hard to break out…but, man, I really hope that she sells one million copies, so The Voice next season doesn’t need to pimp really hard a contest, throw under the bus ALL the others and invent suddenly new rules just to make a mediocre but marketable singer the winner.

    • andrew says:

      The notion that TV show viewers can be manipulated to vote certain contestants by TV show producers is a stretch and undermines the intelligence of TV show voters. The fact that certain demographics among certain TV show viewers which slightly leaning toward country music is pretty much obvious by having a country singer in X-Factor as the winner and the winner plus the runner-up of American Idol last year. All 3 country songs of Cassadee Pope reaching #1 on iTunes validate this assumption. Apparently the voters for other contestants from other genre were not able to trump over the segment block of the “country”-voters.
      Understandably The Voice wanted to have a ‘succesful'” winner with substantial record sales in order to lift their show in the rank of other ‘singing contest show’ besides the Nielsen rating. Viewers better not to forget that all these so called ‘singing contest’ are TV shows based on profit oriented business, not even closed with such as ‘spelling bee contest’, which is probably conducted by ‘non-profit organization’.

      • my opinion says:

        YOU ARE SO RIGHT……Exactly why I WON”T be watching anymore “Smoke and MIrrors” aka, The voice. Let’s really talk about who’s intelligence was REALLY undermined….and it was not the producers. The viewers WANT to watch a talent show that is truely a talent show with no manipulation. The Voice had blatant visible signs of the scouted “select” ones receiving preferential treatment ie:performing in the “sweet spot” most times, interviews on other talk shows during the competition for the “select” few, questionable itunes charting with genre switches etc. etc.. The viewers expect a talent show revealing winning talent that the “REAL WORLD” supported…. chosen by the viewers/voters….not a scouting show of average talent aka, Cassadee Pope.(which she has publicly said the producers scouted her). She was their obvious push from the beginning with much manipulation involved….it all became fully revealed and unfolded before our very eyes….. the producers should consider that intelligent people share their intelligent opinons with others who are intelligent that may have never watched the show and now never will. The truth path in life is always the best policy. Nothing good ever comes from ill gotten gains. What the producers really did was besmirch the shows reputation, which seems to be the consensus from others that have shared their viewpoint. This reputation has now spiraled into a precipice of disappointment to vast to recover.

        • tv-show viewer says:

          It seems The Voice gained more and more viewers …….
          “NBC ranked #1 Tuesday night among ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox in 18-49, as “The Voice” set records for a finale and grew 11 percent in 18-49 rating and 18 percent in total viewers versus the prior finale.”

          • also a viewer says:

            That was then, this is now. For being a viewer your quite versed on the ratings…..however, those ratings are reflective of the season in question. Next seasons ratings will be reflective of disappointed viewers from this debacle of a season I believe.

        • A lot of the contestants are “scouted,” especially those from the established artist camp–Terry and Nicholas have said similar things about getting calls about auditioning. The producers didn’t push Cassadee that hard–they didn’t even show her battle round. Her performances finished the show with Over You and Cry and both were the best songs of the night. They gave the final spot to Terry when he had Let It Be and Nicholas with Somewhere Over the Rainbow. The producers–I think–are more concerned about creating good television that gets good ratings than with producing a major star. So, it makes sense to not mess with the public’s reaction to contestants: that would be like taking focus group data and doing the opposite. The switch from 2 to 3 person finale was really the only last minute addition. All the iTunes voting rules were established when the voting started–I will acknowledge that they were unclear but they weren’t changed. A number of the changes this season were to eliminate problems from previous seasons like the best artists not making it to the finale because of judge quotas or bad battle round pairings kicking out a great artist too early. I liked the changes. And I think that the iTunes voting added a transparency to the process that you don’t get on other shows.

          All these conspiracy theories are going too far. She sold a lot of downloads. She is continuing to sell her Voice album even since the voting has closed. She was really popular on iTunes and Twitter and Facebook. She looked like a pop star, sounded like a pop star, and was really nice and approachable–that’s ratings and music sales gold.

          • keynote says:

            Good points and questions raised above. So where is the equality for the contestants that weren’t scouted? I also heard, as you mentioned that both Cassadee and Terry were approached by the producers to be contestants (they stated this in interviews).hmm. Interesting they made it in the top two. Also you raise another good point about Cassadee’s battle rounds not being shown as I also read this in someone else’s post in another article that suggested to go on youtube and listen to the only full battle round of Cassadee and Suzanne, and after giving it a listen Cassadee was pitchy throughout the whole song whereas Suzanne was vocally solid. That battle round had a clear winner. If this is a show of eliminating the weakest singer in each round Cassadee should not have sailed thru. The fact that the show did not air her battle rounds does seem strategic, but in opposite of the way you mention. Maybe more about not exposing her vocal weakness. They will be able to auto tune those issues as she makes records. So much for the voice.

          • Keynote: 1) You are talking about her knockround performance against Suzanne…we all saw that. Suzanne may have been vocally solid, but her choice as an artist left Blake confused. She couldn’t pick an identity and Blake didn’t like that. It was totally honest and straight-forward with his strategy. Great voices aren’t enough. You need to have an identity that fits into the music industry. Suzanne didn’t demonstrate that. Gracia didn’t stay country–she went home. Blake was consistent. 2) The equality of experience vs newbe is in the coaches choosing in the blind auditions. People with pasts made it through and didn’t make it through. Amanda had ties to famous people, Trevin was just a kid without a history. Nicholas had like 6 albums. People who are busy touring aren’t thinking about reality TV in any legitimate way. The Voice likes to have these people on, they always have. They are pulling working musicians and to do that they have to scout. Dia, Javier, Juilet all these people were scouted. But they are scouted to audition. It makes no sense to mess with America’s voting to push an arbitrary agenda of who “they” think would be popular. What would that get them? Nothing. Instead of the majority of people being happy. 3) The voting was in America’s hands. And was open and honest in that it mirrored for the most part iTunes downloads. You could get online and see what was resonating with people and what wasn’t. You can’t do that on a single other show. 4) Cassadee showed a lot of growth over the course of the show. She did start out shaky and nervous, but I think that growth resonated with people. Xenia grew a lot too. People like improvement and dislike frontrunners.

            Look Cassadee wasn’t who I was voting for. But I think all the conspiracy theories–particularly by Amanda and Melanie fans–is ridiculous. She worked hard and people liked her. Your personal opinion of her obviously wasn’t the majority choice.

        • my remote power says:

          Oftentimes viewers’ involvement and time-investment in the tv-competition-shows are so deep that creates such ‘disappointments’ if the certain contestants which were rooted for were voted off. Such disappointments could be troublesome, if they are continually nurtured. They could create antipathy, even can go further and deeper and become irrationally hatred. It is important always to remind ourselves that the sole purpose of all of these shows are for our entertainment.
          Thankfully none of these shows are funded by hard-earned tax-payers money and our power is literally in our hand with our remote control.

  5. mia says:

    Love her! So glad she won. I’ll be looking forward to a single/album from her soon. And I think her keeping a country flair to her music is a smart idea. I’m not a country fan persay, but her voice does lend itself really nicely to the genre

  6. onlyakb says:

    I can’t wait for her to release a single/album!! would buy in a heart beat!! really enjoy her voice, and if you ask me people are just too mean with her. So what she was in a band before, it wasn’t a huge band, whats wrong in trying something by herself / a solo career! she is young,that’s the time to try new stuff, well done Cass!! she did great and grown a lot during the show!!

  7. JAO says:

    I never purchased an iTunes Voice number until Casadee’s Over You & Stupid Boy (also bought Miranda’s & Keith’s originals). I enjoy her as a song stylist and emotions. I wish her well

  8. mockingbird says:

    I was glad that she brought back De’borah and Melanie for the friends’ performance during final week. But there is something unlikeable about Cassadee, and that will undermine her career. This comment was particularly insensitive and distasteful:

    “I loved the fact that I was wearing a dress that looked like shattered glass, because it is such a tragic song. It’s about Blake’s brother dying in a car accident when he was younger. It just all kind of tied in together and was a really special moment.”

    • andrew says:

      From time to time there were artists’ ‘bizarre’ expressions of certain things. But Cassadee’s description about the emotional condition of the song’s writer at the time he was losing and missing his brother in a tragic car accident as ‘shattered’ glass was almost too precise. The ‘insensitive’ and ‘distasteful’ part of her statement unfortunately can not be detected. That her statement about ‘shattered glass’ would undermine her career or became such egregious mistake of her part is really not understandable here without any further explanation.

    • mainstream says:

      I would have to agree with your observations. It is extremely hard to connect with her and I really sense that this is her personality. She expresses a somewhat “I am the only one that has worked hard in the music industry and the industry owes this to me attitude.” See her comment in the beginning of the article “To me being successful is selling a lot of records…….it’s not up to anyone else to decide what success is to me.” That statement alone will not help win alot of fans. Unfortunately it comes off narcissictic,and arrogant,” but she has spoke her truth. This is how she feels….it is all about fame(selling alot of records) and what comes with it ie: money (selling alot of records), that she anticipates will bring her success which she thinks will bring her happiness. That mentality is a road to ruin…..true success in life is what you can give back to others and how it blesses them. Gratitude, humility,and a heart for giving out more than you receive is the law of the spirit. This may be a hard learned lesson for her. I do not wish her failure at all, but with this “success perspective” that she has publicly declared… failure will come in one form or another. How sad.

      • There are a number of people saying she doesn’t deserve to win or even be on the show because she had a deal in the past and fans from prior work. Her response to those people is that she’s worked really hard paying her dues and she deserves another chance just as much as someone who waiting in line at a stadium to “get discovered.”

      • my humble opinion says:

        :’Earning’ and ‘giving’ are obviously two completely different issues. Some earn a lot and give a little. Some earn a little but give a lot. And some earn a lot and give a lot, it comes to mind, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett.
        From the interview, there is no topic about ‘giving’ but about ‘success in profession’.
        Surely everyone has different definition of ‘success in life’. A clerk could have a ‘success’ in life; let’s say, the person is happy, humble, full with gratitude and gives a lot to others.. A CEO could have a miserable life even with a lot of money in the bank; probably the person is egomaniac, narcissistic, stingy, arrogant, etc..
        In profession, monetary reward is the norm. Otherwise the salary of a CEO and the salary of a clerk would be interchangeable.
        Now for an artist: the artist has a ‘success’ if the artist would be able to convey the produced art to more people (i.e. concert in 10,000 seating arena) rather than to few people (i.e. a gig in coffee-house with 10 tables). The monetary reward would come with it obviously..

  9. CP says:

    What is there NOT to like about this girl. She could be the next superstar! She is every bit as good as Christina when she sings! Guess all you folks who responded above would have liked to see Nick or Terry win – neither of whom had the “voice” that Cassadee has. Nick and Terry would have been over long before their careers even got started. Guess we are all entitled to our opinion, but I’m really glad she won!!!

  10. teatime says:

    Another great interview, Michael. I feel like a get a sense of her personality and it coincides with what we saw on the show. It was interesting to read how she exercised her voice every day. It was interesting to read her talking about the meaning of the songs since so many commented they liked the way she tapped into the emotion of her songs. She has a lot going for her as an artist.

  11. Ellen says:

    I’m looking forward to see what she does. She has potential which (to me) is more than some of these other reality conteastants have. I think the American talent pool is wearing thin and here is where I like the premise of the Voice vs. Idol and XFactor.

  12. andrew says:

    Nowadays to celebrate other people’s success is increasingly rare. To stimulate that sentiment back in people’s mind, there is one to be celebrated:
    “The Voice” crowned Cassadee Pope its season three winner on Dec. 18, the singer now crowns Billboard’s Heatseekers Albums chart.”

  13. Realist says:

    From Billboard:

    A little over a week after NBC’s “The Voice” crowned Cassadee Pope its season three winner on Dec. 18, the singer now crowns Billboard’s Heatseekers Albums chart.

    Her “Voice” best-of album, titled “The Voice: The Complete Season 3 Collection,” bows at No. 1 on Heatseekers. It sold 11,000 in the week ending Dec. 23 according to Nielsen SoundScan. A little farther down the list, Pope’s self-titled EP, which was released in May, re-enters the chart at No. 42 (1,000; up 61%).

    • kcostell says:

      For comparison: Phillip Phillips’s iTunes compilation sold 24,000 in its first week, and Scotty McCreery’s sold 23,000.

      • tv-show viewer says:

        For comparison:
        American Idol Season 11 (Philip Phillips/winner) Finale: 21.49 millions viewers
        American Idol Season 10 (Scotty McCreery/winner) Finale: 29.29 millions viewers
        The Voice Season 3 (Cassadee Pope/winner) Finale: 14.13 millions viewers
        The Voice Season 2 (Jermaine Paul/winner) Finale: 11.90 millions viewers
        AI is like 4 times older than The Voice.
        AI has 1.5-2 times viewers than The Voice.
        AI lost viewers from Season 10 to Season 11.
        The voice gained viewers from Season 2 to Season 3.

        • teatime says:

          AI has more viewers than The Voice. But there are times when they are much closer than the above numbers indicate. The above numbers are for the final result show where Idol has a 2 hour star-studded extravaganza. For instance, the Idol Season 11 final show with 29.29 million viewers included performances from current pop stars like Beyonce and Lady Gaga. The final performance show had 20.57 million viewers, which is not much more than the viewership throughout that season.

          Idol 11 Final performance show: 14.85 (May 2012)
          The Voice 2 Final performance show: 10.74 (May 2012)
          The Voice 3 Final performance show: 13.37 (Dec 2012)

  14. Lourdes says:

    I think she’s so smart to realize that now is not the time to agonize a year or more for her first single. Get it out there soon, accept Blake’s help when she can, and maybe she’ll be the first “Voice” contestant to finally break through. I like the Voice a lot – great show – but they will never have the legitimacy of American Idol until they get one of their winners to actually gain traction in the charts post-win.

    And FWIW, I don’t think she thought of the shattered glass dress in the context of shattered glass of a car. I think she was probably focusing on a person’s heart broken to pieces when someone they love goes away. She clearly is very fond of Blake and I don’t think she would intentionally be insensitive about his loss.

  15. Kim Nelson says:

    So Glad she won, I was rooting for her the whole time, she has an exceptional voice and would be honored to buy her songs

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