Once Upon a Time First Look: As a Charming Celebration Gets Underway, Evil Lurks....

It’s Miller time on Once Upon a Time, now that Emma and Snow have returned from the fractured fairytale land. And the Storybrooke gang had better get their beer on while they can, because uninvited evil lurks closer than they know.

In this first salvo of pictures from the back half of Season 2, Granny’s hosts a celebratory supper for Emma and her reunited ‘rents. Heck, even Regina scored an invite. But the episode, airing Jan. 6 and titled “The Cricket Game,” won’t be all fun and games for madame mayor. No, she will be accused of offing “one of the town’s most beloved fairytale characters” — kindly Archie, by the looks of it — and her only defender may be… Emma?! (Concurrently, in flashbacks to the fairytale land that was, Snow and Charming plan Regina’s public execution after finally capturing the sexy sorceress.)

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Meanwhile, Cora and Captain Hook appear to be up to no good after dropping anchor in Storybrooke, with a foot locker belonging to Leroy aka Grumpy being on their list of targets. Do they seek a literal axe to grind?

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