Did Parenthood Hop Beds Too Fast? Horror-ble New Allies? Danny Loves Mindy? And More TV Qs

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Homeland, Parenthood, American Horror Story and Glee!

Episode 2111 | On Fringe, was Olivia’s failure to recognize that rather obvious roadside trap as such offset by her ability to later repurpose The Bullet, MacGyver-style, to set herself free?

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2 | Dear Saturday Night Live: What exactly is our reference point for the “J-Pop America Fun Time Now” bit? Because we watch a lot of TV, and it’s simply not ringing a bell.

| How did Homeland, just minutes after telling us the TAC team works in pairs, send (an unarmed!) Carrie to Nazir’s hidden room with just one guy? Also, what in the name of all that’s holy is going on with Estes’ hairstyle? And, lastly, a show of hands: Who else has a bad feeling about what’s about to go down in Sunday’s finale?

4 | Shouldn’t Dexter be worried that Hannah will expose his Dark Passenger to authorities in retaliation for him getting her arrested? And Deb totally spiked her own water bottle in an attempt to get Dex to turn on his honey, right?

5 | First a whole SNL sketch, and then a 2 Broke Girls gag: Are Dylan McDermott and Dermot Mulroney having a collective moment?

6 | Was How I Met Your Mother‘s parental hook-up between Marshall’s mom and Lily’s dad too obvious?

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7 | On Monday’s The Voice, was the amount of effort it took Howie Mandel to dress in the same exact owl T-shirt and baseball cap as Cee Lo Green wasn’t really worth the almost nonexistent comedic payoff? And while we’re on the subject of Cee Lo-related misfires, was he deliberately trying to sabotage Trevin Hunte by saddling him with “Wind Beneath My Wings”? (And how is it that Bette Midler’s mawkish ballad managed to find its way onto not only The Voice but also The X Factor (via CeCe Frey) and American Idol (thanks to Skylar Laine) this calendar year?

8 | What was with Gossip Girl‘s bizarre score during the closing minutes of this week’s episode?

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Sparks Fly9 | Hawaii Five-0 fans, wouldn’t you like to see the show zag and send Danny on a couple dates with the Aloha Girls troop leader? They were cute together! And was the casting of goofy Tom Arnold intended to undercut the tension of a thug taking a little girl hostage?

10 | No offense to Hart of Dixie‘s Zoe, but can Tansy be George’s permanent love interest? How adorable are they?!

11 | After watching New Girl‘s Winston shouting for most of the last episode, will you wear earmuffs when cutting up the cranberries for this year’s holiday feast – y’know, just in case?

12 | How long do you think Mindy Project‘s Danny can hold out before telling Mindy how he really feels about her? (Based on this week’s episode, our guess is “not long.”)

13 | How flawless was James Van Der Beek hijacking the closing credits of Don’t Trust the B—-, so that the audience would get to see more than just a few seconds of the ballroom dance number he learned?

Parenthood_SHank14 | While at the hospital visiting Kristina, should Parenthood‘s Sarah have had herself checked for whiplash, considering the speed with which she leaped from Mark to Hank?

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15 | Who’d have thought that Private Practice‘s Sheldon would be dealt one of the final season’s grandest, most poignant and romantic scenes?

16 | Was Kanye West’s 12.12.12 concert performance as jarring to those in the audience as it seemed at home? Did you fear that Steve Buscemi would be crushed by all of the sanitation workers crowding into his shot? And did you ever in your lifetime think you’d see Sir Paul McCartney filling in as Nirvana’s frontman?

17 | Are you as in infatuated with Arrow‘s tech wiz Felicity as we are?

18 | Modern Family‘s Gloria-is-tone-deaf subplot — way, way, way more annoying than funny? And how could kids play hardball on freshly laid sod?

19 | Are any other American Horror Story: Asylum fans trembling with excitement/anticipation at the prospect of unlikely allies Lana and Sister Jude teaming up to take down Briarcliff in the final stretch of episodes?

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britney30020 | Didn’t Britney Spears’ Expressions of Horror™ after Fifth Harmony was declared safe on The X Factor results show almost make up for her lackluster performance at the judges’ table all season long?

21 | Regarding Glee: We were all well and good with Artie’s It’s a Wonderful Life-esque realization that he still has a fantastic future despite being confined to a wheelchair, but wasn’t it awfully heavy-handed to include the footnote that Quinn would’ve died from a broken heart in the wake of her texting-while-driving accident unless she’d been in Glee club? Six steps too far, writers!

22 | Are we 100-percent certain that Scandal‘s Sally Langston opted for the “stronger” pill? Couldn’t Becky or her backers have instead snitched on Huck? Speaking of Huck’s GF, did you have a sinking feeling all this time she’d emerge as a bad egg?

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23 | Why didn’t Project Runway All Stars challenge winner Uli get the fancy white watch?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

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