The X Factor Semifinal Results Recap: Did the Right Act Walk the Plank?

it's britney bitchIt’s time for another game of “Finish! These! Sentences!” starring your X Factor hosts Khloe “Oh em gee! It’s a shiny object!” Kardashian and Mario “would you get a load of my sex-ayyy reflection in that there mirror?” Lopez!

First, we’ll go with a direct quote from Mario: “Not only will next week’s winner walk away with a $5 million recording contract, buuuuhhhhtttt like so many global pop stars including One Direction and our very own Britney Sprears, they’ll also become*:

A. …the personal playthings of the Pepsi board of directors.”
B. …victims of their own success, making terrible personal and professional decisions that will drive them to a paparzzi-documented descent into near madness.”
C. …synonymous with the fetishization of school-girl uniforms and/or giant yellow boa constrictors.”
D. …just another in a long series of Taylor Swift photo ops.”

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(*none of these are actually the correct ending to the sentence, but I’d have to rewind my DVR to finish transcribing the quote, and more importantly, I know you don’t actually give a flying fig about anything Mario says, unless he’s insulting “fat babies.”)

And now it’s time for Khloe’s quote: “I’m so nervous, and I’m not even:”

A. …getting paid extra for it.”
B. …a human being.”
C. …staring at a full moon.”
D. …being doused with holy water!”

But enough about those people who each make more than your entire household income (times 10) for the basic act of reading series of one- and two-syllable words off teleprompters.

Let’s get to the results.

britney x factorSent to Safety (in no particular order)
Fifth Harmony (prompting some of the most deliciously perturbed facial expressions Britney has ever made)
Tate Stevens (prompting more Britney Expressions of Horror [TM] and an intensely puckered lip from Simon Cowell)

Final Two Acts Left in Jeopardy (again, in no particular order)
Carly Rose Sonenclar

“This is turning into an amazing night!” –Cultural Critic and X Factor “Host” Khloe Kardashian

And then, Blondie from Emblem3 said no matter what happened, he’d gained “a wealth of knowledge” that was worth more than $5 million. (Me, I’d take the cash, because that would buy a lot of books, with some leftovers for wine and ponies.)

simon cowell kissy faceEliminated

“We’re so grateful,” said Wes, who thanked the group’s fans for “voting their butts off.”

And I thank America for finally eliminating the thinnest voices/most annoying attitudes in the competition. That said, I really do wish Simon Cowell had been a smart enough mentor to let these guys road-test some original material over the last few weeks, but he was too damn obsessed with building the American version of One Direction. Alas, we’ll never know if E3 had another “Sunset Boulevard” (their undeniably catchy audition track) up their sleeves.


As for the evening’s three performances:

* I swear they had Carly Rose go first on the prefectly fine group performance of Diddy and Skylar Grey’s “Coming Home” just to make her fans sweat the idea that the season-long front-runner might actually be headed back to her Long Island digs. Combined with L.A.’s comments about Carly’s Wednesday night numbers having been “problematic” — something he made no mention of on Wednesday, by the bye — and the young singer’s own freaked-out facial expression after both Tate and Fifth Harmony were sent through to safety, and it turned out to be a stressful evening for the Sonenclar fandom.

* How’d that Bridgit Mendler person land a performance slot on the show? Did someone in the X Factor booking department think they were actually getting Carly Rae Jepsen? Is Justin Bieber somehow behind this? I need answers!

* Bruno Mars’ “Locked Out of Heaven”: Sublime! Take note, X Factor contestants, this is how you marry staging and vocals. Plus, the way his band and background singers execute their old-school dance moves will never get old for me!

And with that, it’s your turn: What did you think of Top 4 results night? Who is most likely to win the whole enchilada? Sound off in the comments, and for all my X Factor news, interviews and recaps, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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    • Janie says:

      YES! This so much!

    • greysfan says:

      Fifth Harmony are awesome and glad they will be there next week. In saying this and as much as i would love them to win, i think it will be Carly. I will be bitterly disappointed if Tate wins. Sorry but he is a pretty ordinary country singer. He sounds a lot like everyone else. Give it to someone fresh and new.



        • Erin says:




        • pmcd says:

          Tate is a good amateur country singer. Carly is an exceptional talent. It would be insane for Tate to win this although he probably will unfortunately. 5th Harmony is very good. Great individual singers though they sometimes don’t perform as a group (2nd song, for example). I would rather see them win if Carly doesn’t.

        • greysfan says:

          I do NOT like Tate. Sorry but Tate is just the same old regular country singer and he actually bores me most of the time. I am a fan of country music but what i see from him is what i see from 100’s of other country wannabes. In saying this Fifth Harmony all the way to win. I really hope America realise these girls could be huge.

          • X-lackluster says:

            I felt the same way about Scotty on AI as you do about Tate. Same boring stuff week after week after week. But not only did he win the show he won in real life too, no one from his season has come anywhere near him in sales. So hats off to the country music fans who support these contestants on the show because they also support them after the show by buying their music. The same can’t be said for the Haley Reinhart fans that supported her on the show, they were no where to be found when she released her album and now she no longer has a record label. Makes me sad and mad at the same time because her album is awesome and now who knows when or if she’ll ever get to make another one. :(

          • HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

            It was nice that they let her be a bit free in making the album but kinda sucky that they never dropped a second single, I’m just not sure Free was the one to start with (and it was the only one she had no part in writing from what I hear, not a bad song by any means, but just going by blindly introducing her to various friends Free just isn’t the song that worked the best on any of them as the single to get them full steam on board).

            And I mean 6 months is pretty ridiculous, not sure what kind of contract it was to not guarantee a full year. Why not a Hit The Ground Running and then take advantage of BoB and Oh My! and give them some real radio buys and push. Sometimes 3/4 of the game or more is just deciding to go all out in promotion and push. Most people don’t even know she even released an album.

            From what has been said Scotty apparently won it in a landslide and supposedly had more votes for him than all other contestants combined, or nearly so, one week. Supposedly Haley missed the finale by a crazy small percentage of votes to Lauren, almost tied. They said the middle america set was making up a big part of the viewership and even larger portion of the voters, I believe.

            It was pretty disgusting that the judge’s slammed Haley for this and that while praising to the heavens the same old every week from Scotty, even when the staging was utterly corny they were still like OMG now that is a Scotty concert OMG what a stage presence! Or they’d call her out for a single missed note and then say someone else had a perfect performance even though they had just brutally missed, literally, more than half of the notes (by a long shot too). Or she’d have the best performance of the night but then because the second one was merely among the better but not quite as good as the other one they’d rail on her for being inconsistent! Yeah sure performance of the night for like 4 weeks in a row is not consistent just because the second song wasn’t quite as perfect. sure. Anyway Scotty was a nice enough kid and all but I just fail to see how that was the voice or performer of the season, honestly I’d have taken quite a few others instead, not just Haley. I guess some just found his deep voice cute and the country set loved that it was country. More power to him. Just wish they didn’t have to try to take down and damage others deemed in the way. I think that is when the show finally lost all credibility and ever since all you ever hear is like 20% of the talk about all the shows hitting upon conspiracy theories and such.

            Anyway let sorry for the rant, this is x-factor thread (although still tangentially relevant in that people get upset about what goes on on this show too).

          • teatime says:

            @HitTheGroundRunning I agree with everything you said about Haley. Her album is really good and there are a number of very catchy songs that should have been singles before Free. There’s even a place on the radio right now for what her sound is, yet they went with one of the songs that really does not jump out at you the first time you listen to the album. I am sure she is doing fine but it was a frustrating missed opportunity for them to not push that album more.

        • analythinker says:

          I actually agree with you. People might throw things at me but there’s just something about Carly that is not genuine. I know, I know, all a 13yo cares about in a singing competition is to win, but you gotta put your heart into it too, IMO.

          Kudos to everyone who’s able to feel Carly’s emotion, because I never was.

          • Kiki says:

            She’s not genuine because she sings like a sexy older girl, and it’s disturbing to hear that kind of voice coming from a teenybopper.

        • Jo says:

          I agree !! I like fifth harmony and I can see them being successful since they’re really good, but I can see Carly not being successful. She is good but very boring…. I wouldn’t buy her songs, she’s young and has time to grow, she’ll just go back to broadway and acting anyways, she doesn’t need it as bad as Tate or the others! But of course she’ll win and she’ll be exactly like Melanie Amaro…in one year people will say where is she now? Hopefully LA Reid can sign Tate no matter what, he does deserve it.

          • Em says:

            I completely agree!! Carly is good but is too young, and her voice isn’t something I would listen to on the radio plus she already has connections she shouldn’t really be in this competition

          • broncfanwa says:

            Heck, if Carly wins this season, maybe Lea Michelle will enter next year! Why not? Same background, same absolutely no need to get “discovered,” let’s just pull in ringers, and let the ones who are looking for a chance whistle.

  2. gailer says:

    lol Michael: your words on Emblem 3. So was this an upset?

  3. Arc Drako says:

    Best Elimination of the whole season.

    • DarkDefender says:

      And most over due.

    • Jordan says:

      Amen! I’m as happy as a clam.

    • greysfan says:

      Agreed. Its about time!

    • gregk says:

      No question that this was the best suspenseful result ever of any show like this. Thought for sure Carly (my favorite) was gone after Fifth Harmony (2nd fav) was in. Ironically I thought Emblem3 gave their best performances last night, although not at all sad to see them go! Hope Carly does not dress so clunkily (toss away those shoes!) and simplifies her “fussy” performances in the finals.

      • HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:


      • bbl says:

        I’m rooting for Carly, too, and I also thought she was gone after Simon’s comments on performance night. But as another reviewer said, to see Carly stumble [slightly] vocally makes her seem more human, and that might allow people to connect with her performances more. What kinds of songs do you think she could sing to get past Fifth Harmony’s equally stellar vocalists and Tate Stevens’ country/rock fanbase?

        • gregk says:

          Maybe a powerful broadway/movie song, such as “The Music of the Night” from Phantom of the Opera. Jackie Evancho, who is much like Carly, has a terrific version of this on her latest album, Songs from the Silver Screen.

  4. Princess Adora says:

    I’m really glad about E3, but I need to vent about this show in general! I don’t know if it’s because he was my favorite judge on AI for the first 8 seasons, but I feel this irrational desire to be loyal to Simon. I WANT to like X-Factor SO much, but I just can’t!! It lacks…soul. It doesn’t seem like anyone actually cares about the contestants. They’re just dollar signs to the judges, and it’s a pissing contest between the judges. And I feel like I’m being manipulated in some way at every turn (buy these headphones, if you don’t vote for this contestant s/he & their family will die)! And the OVER-production of the performances! It’s like a Thanksgiving feast with all the trimming, except instead of turkey we’re served Spam. These contestants are just not ready for dancers and lasers. On paper the show’s a great idea. Katy Perry would never succeed on AI, but yet she’s one of the top acts in the US. Why not have a reality show that gives all those future Katys (CeCe, Paige) a chance? Seriously. Plus giving groups and ppl aged 30+ a chance is a really good idea. But nothing is connecting. The show doesn’t work. Plus I oddly miss Steve Jones. Maybe Paula Abdul can host next season! Thank you for reading my rant.

    • Ash Q says:

      I share the same thoughts.

    • Danny says:

      This is a pretty good post. I agree w/ a lot of what ya said except the part about Steve Jones coming back.

      It’s tough to put a finger on. Like you, I want to like this show. It just seems like all the comments are actually coming from Simon. He’s got an obvious affection for the boys. He tells Carly that her version of a song was bad (ok, maybe it wasn’t the best) & then the next minute he’s telling guys who did terrible how great they were.

      LA criticizes just enough to make it seem like he’s putting up a fight. It just has the feel that backstage before the show Simon said “ok LA, I need you to rip Lyric145. I won’t put up too much of a fight. It’ll look like I’m conceeding to you. But you make dang sure you praise Emblem3 to the heavens.”

      You’re spot on about the production angle. Everyone’s gonna be starving if they don’t win this show. Everyone would be devastated if they got knocked off. There’s just something so phony about it all.

      Yet, I still watch. I don’t think it’s nearly as good as the Voice or American Idol. For some dumb reason I keep watching though.

      As a lil add on to his critiques of Carly & then E3, if ya recall from his years on Idol, he’s told several singers that were a lot better than those guys that they were no good. That’s cost him a lot of credibility points. It has the feel of he’s trying to push a no talent act on us. He’s now got a used car salesman aura about him.

      Then there’s things like how he put Janell out of the show over Paige when he went off the wall last year when Nichole did the same thing. He gave his very own group a repeat song when he’s criticized others for doing the same thing. It’s like he wanted to ensure that the guys he liked were going to make it to the finals. His comments were also inferring that he wanted them to make it, even if it was at the expense of his more talented female band.

    • Linda says:

      DITTO! I am through. You’re right – this show just doesn’t work. It’s all about the so-called “mentors”/judges.

      • seattlejohn449 says:

        just read on HuffPo that LA Reid is hanging up his cowboy hat as a judge next season to spend more time on his day job

        • RUkiddingME says:

          Good riddance to him! If he had any credibility left he lost it all when he compared douchebags3 to the Beatles. I mean serioulsy?!?! That made me roll my eyes so hard I thought they were going to get stuck in the back of my head.

          • HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

            Between saying that they were the next Beatles and voting off Beatrice (in favor of CeCe) while claiming full impartiality and honesty in voting and then harping the next two weeks about: why is CeCe still here? her ship has long sailed! why is she still here? Umm, dude, because YOU saved her the week before!

            (not that I mean this to be a CeCe bash, she actually did do well performance and in-tune wise early in the show, not sure what happened when it went live, maybe so lost and rattled she could never recover or maybe she is only capable of singing three specific songs super well, I don’t know)

            I’m sure he is not a bad guy and he knows his stuff but he never quite seemed right for the show and he never even fully seemed to warm to being stuck with the crypt keepers this season.

    • HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

      you do make some points

      (the younger judges maybe seemed to care a bit about their contestants though, but they were not in a position to really see $ out of any of them; did seem like simon and even more LA and even more the production mostly saw $)

    • Timmah says:

      This show is actually just a plot designed to get us to appreciate Idol.

  5. Erin says:

    Grateful, not greatful.

  6. Scrubby says:

    Yes farewell ro the douches

  7. Joel says:

    I’m from New Zealand, so don’t get to see this until tonight but THANK YOU AMERICA!!!

  8. shlee says:

    Slezak, my friend and I believe that Britney is sabotaging Carly by giving her horrible arrangements. Thoughts?

    • Tess says:

      I think you’re giving Britney too much credit here. Brit’s not sitting down and deciding how Carly will approach her given songs or how the music is going to be arranged, all that stuff is being decided by production staff and the producers. Let’s be honest here, Brit’s probably not even involved in picking songs for Carly. Hard to be the one sabotaging your contestant if you’re not truly involved in putting together your contestant’ overall production.

      • Stacey says:

        None of them are. It’s not only Britney not involved in the selections. Except maybe Simon. The contestants have told Hollywood Reporter that the producers PICK the songs. It’s the mentors job to sell it as it’s coming from them. How they perform the songs may come from the committee around the mentor. But the song pics themselves have largely come from the producers. Except for at least one week when the contestants were allowed to pick their own songs. And largely it was a success week. Almost everyone did well! It’s been reported that Demi has had fights with some of the behind the scenes people about her teams cheography not being what she wants. So it’s never been about the mentors. Thanks to the kids spilling behind the scenes gossip… Heck Emblem 3 have been very vocal about how they have hated EVERYTHING Simon has done to them this season. Trying to make them into something they aren’t supposely… Trying to One Direction them!

        • HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

          I do have to say that the few times the contestants have been left more out of the producer’s hands they all seemed to do better.

    • HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

      I don’t think so. She turned a few faces there as others got announced safe and seemed confident in Carly even after 5th got through. It seemed like the show suddenly went all down on her just recently though.

  9. JM says:

    I’ve decided that at the end of each year I’m gonna make a list of best reality competition moments for me.

    4. Skylar Laine
    3. Cassadee Pope
    2. Nicole wins a challenge, comes back into the competition and wins Face Off.
    1. Aylin (The Glee Project)

    • Timmah says:

      I hope they call up Aylin and put her on Glee. The show could really use a new character who isn’t a retread of the old ones.

  10. Jason says:

    Tate will win, sadly. But Fifth Harmony deserves to.

  11. njm says:

    So is it likely that Tate wins because Fifth Harmony and Carly will split their vote? Are E3 fans more likely to go vote for 5H?

    • BarbL says:

      Doesn’t always work that way. My favorite was voted out, and while I’ve watched this week even though I said I wouldn’t, I’m not voting for anyone. I would think that people who were really invested in E3 might not vote at all either.

    • HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

      That thought did cross my mind, hope not.
      Hard to say. People kept saying once the first few are gone the country vote will be too diluted, but they understimated, as I’ve said, it’s a strong block. 5th probably would take more votes from her than him, just guessing. Hard to say. Carly could still certainly win. Who knows. Gonna be a nail biting finish for sure between them. Not sure where E3 votes, those who still bother, would go more too.

  12. screan says:

    Very excited Fifth Harmony made it to the finals despite their mentor’s obvious preference for his boy band. Carly Rose & Tate definitely deserve to be there also, and one of them will likely win.

  13. Christina says:

    Britney’s facial expressions tonight made up for her producer fed script she has been feed all season!

    • Nancy says:

      I bet the producers LOVE the “Britney Expressions of Horror.” Not even Britney would be stupid enough to vocally express her WTF feelings about voting results, so that face is as close to competitive honesty as they are going to get. I wish the show would buy out Slezak’s TM, popularize the expression, and then put out X Factor promo posters with just that face and a giant “Hit me BEH BEH one more time!”

  14. Tara d says:

    Britney’s face. Oh my! Seriously fantastic. Also 5th harmony over emblem3. Good job america.

  15. Danny says:

    It’s about time those guys left. They’ve had the best run of anyone who can’t sing. They lasted longer than Sanjaya, Tim Urban, & a few others from AI.

    Simon was his typical hypocrite. He’s all sad about his boyfriends leaving, yet no happiness for the girls who made it. At the end of the show I thought he might cry. How he could play them (5H) as the underdog when Sanjaya3 couldn’t even sing is beyond me.

    When it’s a singing contest, & somone can’t sing, then that’s who the underdog is.

    I felt the right 3 made it through. I still think Lyric145 is the best act of the show even though they’re long gone.

    Yesterday he tries to rip Carly to pull the rug out from under her. I’m sure he wanted Fifth Harmony in, but obviously not at the expense of his boy banders. LA & Brittany were instructed to praise his favorite, while neglecting his girls. They did as told.

    These judges have no credibility. That’s stating the obvious though.

    I think either Tate or Carly will win it.

  16. So happy for a final 3 that I approve of. I’ve always felt Fifth Harmony deserves a spot in the finale.

    • Jordan says:

      It took me until about two weeks ago, but I agree now that Fifth Harmony deserves to be in the finals with Carly Rose and Tate. Honestly, looking back through the top 12, these three have been the best and most consistent so, thankfully, America (and the juges in some instances) got it right.

    • Natalie says:

      Indeed…the best 3 are in the finals

  17. Greg says:

    Amazing results, yet 5th Harmony will disband once they get eliminated next week and Emblem3 is probably already signing their deal right now.

    • me says:

      why would they disband? if anything, with this amount of exposure, this is their only chance of making it big. Making it has less to do with what place they end up but instead it depends on what happens when the show is over. Although the comparisons are overdone, one direction was in the same boat – they were formed on the UK show, placed third (which is very likely where 5H will end up) and they exploded with success. So I can definitely see 5H trying to cash in on this rather than disbanding.

      (sidenote: it should be pointed out that acts in the x factor UK have a bit more success than singers from any singing competition in the states. People don’t get behind these singers once the show is over. Seems like we care about competition more than supporting good music lol. Different people, different tastes I suppose)

    • Nedsdag says:

      Apparently, you haven’t been on YouTube where videos of Fifth Harmony have amassed a huge international following. If Simon was smart, he would make 5H the real American answer to One Direction. They are not splitting up.

      • lee88 says:

        THIS. Based on youtube and twitter where Fifth Harmony has trended a handful of times throughout the season, I think they have a good chance of making it in the real world provided they get the right promotion and material. i think Simon should have caught onto this earlier, and could have put more effort into Fifth Harmony instead of shoving Emblem3 down our throats.

  18. Mary says:

    This was the best result show I have ever seen. Xmas came early. I dare say Brit finally earned her money, her facial expression when fifth harmony went thru was priceless. I don’t care who wins now but I think it will be Tate. I would like to see fifth harmony but For selfish reasons I don’t want Simon to win again. I feel Carly needs a few years but I think she will make it one day. Good luck to all finalist.

  19. trickster says:

    I couldnt be more happy with the result. Simon can suck it! Bye E3!

  20. JT says:

    so happy with the top 3. only thing missing is SISTER C!!!!!

  21. That Britney face! It’s as though somebody was waving a severed head around and one of the best parts of the night.

  22. dj says:

    Michael, you must’ve had an extra glass of pinot griggio tonight. You normally don’t have typos in your recaps. Loved Britney’s face. Bruno Mars showed them all how far away from $5 million they are performance-wise, vocal-wise, and every-other-way-wise.

  23. Josh says:

    YES YES YES! The biggest piece of crap vocalists are gone! Beatrice Paige Vino janelle were all better and were outlasted by these douches because of Hormonal Teens and Tone deaf voters! Carly should win this hands down!

  24. jaxguy says:

    When they called Bridgett “What’s Her Name” a hot new pop star it made me realize why so many really talented people rarely win these shows. She was TERRIBLE. I hope Carly wins, but I would not be sad if it was 5H. I find Tate to be too much like every other country singer out there. But I have to say THE best top three.

    • X-lackluster says:

      Agree about whats her name, just awful. Is she Simon’s illegitimate child or something, how the heck else did she get that gig? smh

  25. Sated says:


    This, this right here, this is my Slezak. Bad contestants getting mildly eviscerated. Its my jam.

  26. Ree DeMasi says:

    Brittney is a total robot! Did you see when Carly was chosen to be in the finals it’s as if she didn’t give a flip one way or the other! I remember how enthusiastic Nicole always was for Josh Krajcik last year – standing up, dancing, smiling, praising, etc. This one does squat! Biggest waste of $15 million!!!

  27. teatime says:

    I am really excited about XFactor now. I am glad I stuck it out over the past couple weeks because at least Fifth Harmony was still in it. It was an awesome and fun moment when they got put thru to next week. The finale might actually be interesting.

  28. teatime says:

    I could not help but notice that the Emblem 3 guys seemed genuinely happy for the girls that got put thru. They were genuinely smiling when fifth Harmony got put thru and at least 2 of them joined in a group hug with the girls. They seemed happy for Carly, too, even though that meant they were leaving. It left me with a positive impression of them.

    • JudyVee says:

      I completely agree. They were great sports about the whole thing even though they were still in jeopardy. Others were gracious (Carly) only after they already knew they’d made the top 3. I’m in the minority here (and I usually agree with Slezak!), obviously, but I thought Emblem 3 sounded fine – and they always made me smile. I can see them making it.

  29. Scott says:

    Best Results Show Ever!! So happy for Fifth Harmony! Loved Anything Can Happen!

  30. HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

    “Tate Stevens (prompting more Britney Expressions of Horror [TM] and an intensely puckered lip from Simon Cowell)”

    Hah Britney was awesome.
    They got rid of her poker face and brought her back to her audition face reveals it all-self.

  31. MyTake says:

    I haven’t posted before but felt the urge to vent on the show in general and these last weeks as well.

    First the hosts: The more I watch a lot of shows hosts and the ones on this show in particular, I want to move to LA and paid untold millions to be blind, illiterate and just plain stupid. They have zero personality and can’t even read simple words on a teleprompter without stumbling and babbling like moronic fools. Someone mentioned Cat Deely last night and I SOOOO agree that Simon needs to get her to host next year. She’s so natural and warm with contestants and judges alike. She knows how to move things along and injects both humour and honesty. She’s genuine and comfortable and more importantly makes everyone else feel comfortable. Kloe and what’s his name couldn’t speak a line smoothly if they had a week to practice it and just make everyone cringe everytime they open their mouths. Although I have to wonder even IF they thought to hire Cat if Simons ego wouldn’t allow it. After all, she hosts So You Think You Can Dance (superbly I might add) which is a Nigel Lythgoe show and Nigel also produces AI if I’m not mistaken so perhaps Cat would be Simons last choice for HIS show since he quit AI and wants to prove to AI and the rest of America that HIS show does better, and is more popular. Of course we all can see that his X-factor is the dregs of singing competition shows by now.

    To the judges now:

    Demi – I don’t know why everyone bashes her so much. From her eyebrows to.. well it’s constant bashing. Granted I don’t think she was the best mentor but of ALL the judges I felt she was the most honest and astute with her comments. Ok, I admit she was biased when praising her own contestants, but for everyone else she was, if not “right” (meaning I didn’t agree with her) I still felt she was sincere based on the performance. She was also the ONLY one that stood firm and disagreed with Simon and stood her ground when that bully, well bullied her. For her age and with his power and experience in the industry I have to give her credit for having the moxy to speak her mind and stand her ground with him. You could also tell she really watched the performance (unlike Brittany) and gave some thought to what worked and what didn’t and was willing to share her opinions to guide/help the contestants in how they could do better. Whether she was right or wrong would depend on who you asked (like if she bashed someones favorite, they would disagree with her comments and vice versa) but she at least made the effort to share what she felt was good or bad.

    Brittany – So this is what happens when you become famous. You can then, years later get paid 15 million for staring blankly off to the horizon while your mind is in never never land. This woman made FIFTEEN MILLION dollars for speaking 4 sentences in an hour once a week. To be fair, I didn’t mind her that much and I’d say she showed class in that she avoided the petty bickering, except of course you can’t install hate or anger or any emotion from the viewers or other judges when YOU DON’T ACTUALLY SAY ANYTHING! Her look tonight when 5H was put into the finals was disgusting. I don’t mean she looked disgusted (which of course she did) but making that face when people that have worked hard and done well, and who the voting public obviously likes, was just disgusting of her to do. What ever happened to giving credit where it’s due? What ever happened to sportsmanship. If she wanted to make the incredibly ludicrous “disgusted” face, she had ample time all season whenever CeeCee or E3 pretended to sing.

    LA – I have to say I don’t remember this last year so maybe it’s something that’s just happened this year, OR I just didn’t notice it last year. But can we say “Simons PUPPET?!” Does the man need money so badly he’s afraid to get on Simons bad side and therefore lose his paid gig on the show? Yah, yah I know he’s got a huge music company, but maybe it’s not doing all that great, or maybe it’s just LA personally that’s hurting for cash? Who knows, but it’s pretty obvious as others have mentioned that the man seems to spew opinions the way Simon wants them.

    Simon – Lost ALL respect I ever had for that man. He was my favourite on AI. He was brutally honest and I found myself agreeing with his opinion most of the time even when he was blunt and NOT flattering to some of the contestants. He made his name in the US from that show and from people realizing that for the most part he was saying things nobody else had the guts to say. He didn’t care if the audience booed him, he spoke his mind. Granted THIS show is by design totally biased in that the judges have THEIR contestants and they almost HAVE to praise their own people and bash the other judges people. I’d say this very premise of the show is counterintuitive and can’t foster any kind of honesty from the judges and as a viewer I always felt I had to sift through a bunch of obvious and not so obvious bullcrap to figure out if they were speaking the truth or complete garbage meant to promote someone they liked (whether they could sing or not) or dump on someone they didn’t like personally for whatever reason. He screwed over Lyric145 who I felt was a fun group and had real potential. Last nights show HE as their MENTOR gushed all over the 3 stooges even through their performance was sub par, yet basically brushed off 5th Harmony and very clearly made it plain that he didn’t care if they went through. No gushing over their performances. His ego has grown so big that he’s become deaf, dumb and blind. I had to laugh when he told Demi that he knows what he’s talking about because he’s sold 300 million albums. I SO wish she’d looked at him with amazement and said “Wow and I didn’t even know you sang!”

    The Contestants:

    Lyric145 – They were screwed over. I’m not saying they were fantastic but they had potential to be so. But cannon fodder isn’t there to be promoted, they are there to be a number that’s able to be thrown under the bus when it’s time for the favourites to be pushed ahead.

    Carly Rose – She’s got pipes. I wouldn’t mind if she won although I think she’s too young for the industry to invest the time and money in her to give her the chance she deserves to make it huge. And that’s exactly what makes a star. We’ve all seem sub par singers make it huge and for the most part it’s due to the advisors/money men to promote the heck out of someone. One thing that bugs me about her is that stupid pout she’s always got on her face when waiting for the results. Like “Oh I have to make the voters think i’m humble and even though i’ve been #1 or #2 the whole show, I can’t let the viewers think I’m cocky so i’ll pout like I’m really worried and sad that i’m going home”. bleh

    Tate Stevens – I’m not a country fan, but from what little country I have heard, I really can’t say he’s worse than a lot of the stars in country. He also seems like a truly nice and genuine man so if he wins, good for him. Regardless, I do think he’ll end up with a music contract and make it in the industry even if he never hits superstardom. He also got this far based on votes. You can bet LA couldn’t care less if he won other than bragging rights and his ego. I mean come on.. Tate is OLD.. ancient, falling apart, one foot in the grave.. I mean he’s over 25 yrs old right? LA needs a reality check on how the rest of the country judges AGE. He needs to get his butt out of Cali where if watching any TV proves, anyone over 25 seems to be considered an old washed up has been. That mind set is perhaps 1/40th of the population and LA needs to wake up to that.

    5th Harmony – I love them. It’s that simple. I have the judges houses episode on my dvd and the only acts I’ve watched more than the first time was Lyric145 and 5H. I’ve watched them several times in fact they were that good and entertaining. Every single one of those girls can sing extremely well. Demi was partially right when she said that a couple of them could make it as solo singing stars. I differ in that I think every single one of them could be a great solo star. Certainly, every single one of them could sing circles around that waste of skin CeeCee. LA harping on them not singing harmony and giving them at best lukewarm critiques while in the next breath he was proclaiming E3 as the next coming (of God, of the Beatles, of the best group of the century!!) when they couldn’t sing their way out of a wet paper bag, was disgusting hypocrisy of the highest order. This season I have ZERO respect for LA. I have even less for Simon and the way he’s all but been ignoring the amazing talent of this group. It’s like he’s got tunnel vision and is so intent on making millions off the back of E3 that every single other contestant is invisible to him other than as cannon fodder when he needs to throw them under a bus to keep E3 around another week. I would love it if this group won the whole shebang. Unfortunately, even if they did, I know that Simons already got his tunnel vision wrapped around E3 and will promote them to high heaven and I doubt he’ll put any effort into 5H. The only reason everyone was so shocked that 5H made it through to the finals is because every single person on that show, from the judges to the producers, engineered their song choices, their critiques, their stories or lack thereof (where WAS the mention of how they all were sick last night but still did exceptionally well.. Simon? Simon?) to make sure they went home in favour of who was predetermined to end up at the top. It’s great to see that the public were able to pull them out from under that honking huge Greyhound everyone on Xfactor was determined to throw them under.

    Enema3.. er I mean Emblem 3 – Well Enema is a good name for them since they are 3 huge sh*ts in my opinion. Right from the start they acted like Gods gift to the world. Their attitude, their posturing, their comments were those of incredibly “entitled” jerkoffs and maybe that crap flys in California but it don’t fly in the rest of the world. I had to laugh when posts popped up listing who their father/uncle/relatives are. That info came out a few weeks into the competition but when I read it, all I could think was “ahh that explains their entitled douchebaggery”. Then a week later, during the obligatory sob story, pull at the strings of the viewers hearts bullcrap (MAN I hate how all these shows have laid on these sob stories more and more every year.. STOP the blatant manipulation already!) they mentioned how one of their moms house was in foreclosure. I admit I don’t even know who’s mom it was, that’s how little I cared about those 3 idiots. But you can’t even pretend to me that there aren’t ex’s or relatives that have the money to help her judging by the pedigrees of the rich relatives mentioned in the previously mentioned articles. I’d love to know how much her house is worth. I mean, not being able to pay the mortgage and being foreclosed on a 3 million dollar house when you can sell at a loss and still buy a 1 million dollar house does NOT make me sympathetic when probably 15% of the country have lost their jobs and lost their normal houses. Where is Simons Susan Boyle singing “Cry me a River”. At least that’s entertaining. Then was it the following week that we were subjected to the oh so obvious staged shopping trip (with a whole camera crew yet) with the screaming hormonally mentally challenged girls chasing the guys? They wanted to buy skateboards. Now, I don’t know how much a good skateboard costs (and judging by those talentless Enema3’s they wouldn’t settle for anything less than the best) but if your mom was about to lose her house and you had to let the whole world know about it (sob sob sob), wouldn’t you save that $300 or whatever and buy food or give to your mom or SOMETHING? I mean come on, when your world is crashing in from financial hardships (or at least that’s what the show was pushing on us), would you go spend frivolous money on something like a skateboard?? Yah right. That’s the biggest problem with this show. They seem to think that the viewers are incredibly stupid or that we all get amnesia from one show to the next. Oh this week they are losing the roof over their head and their poor mother is going to be eating at the soup kitchen and the next week the boys are out blowing their money on TOYS!’

    In conclusion the one highlight of this shows whole season was FINALLY seeing Enema3 go home. Albeit it was well after they SHOULD have gone home but at least we won’t have to grind our teeth and endure further manipulation where those turds are concerned.

    • RodMod says:

      *On behalf of us all, we did not read the post, because it is too long…and kind of pretentious.*

      Please leave the recapping to Slezak.


      • MyTake says:

        I already explained it’s my first time posting (anywhere, ever, on any show) and once I hit submit and saw the mess of words (yes TLDR), I couldn’t edit it. I do apologize for my newbishness.

        However, don’t you think it’s rather presumptuous of yourself speak for everyone that visits this site and to proclaim that “we” didn’t read the post? I’m guessing you have spy cams in the homes of millions of people to make that claim.

        Furthermore, I’ve been reading this site for a few weeks and if i’m not mistaken, every post made is someone “recapping the show” by giving their opinions of what they thought of the show. I just gave my opinion of several weeks in one recap :)

        • HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

          Actually speaking of spy cams in every home. Article just came out on the hacking of HDTV ‘Smart’ TV’s cams. Hah. So maybe he does!

          More seriously, it’s fine. It’s just a pain that the forum software here refuses to acknowledge the concept known as white space and runs everything into a mess. So type more than a few sentences and it looks a mess. Guilty myself.

        • BarbL says:

          Actually, when I post I like to put a period on its own line to simulate white space. I think it helps a little.

        • Alienate says:

          Don’t apologize. I read it. I don’t suffer from A.D.D. like RodMod. And, I tend to agree with most of your points. Thanks!

        • RodMod says:

          I apologize if I offended you. My comment was intended as wry humor. Once again, I apologize if I offended you. :)

          BTW, I DID, indeed, skim through your article! ;)

      • awesome pawsome says:

        I read the whole thing. so speak for yourself

      • Danny says:

        I read every word of what he/she said. I know this comment is a day late, but that was one of the best posts of the year.

        On what he said about Demi, I’d add that I agree it’s nice that she tries. It’s just obvious that at 18 years old she’s outclassed by Simon. Then again, Simon never wants a fair fight. He wants to pick fights with underlings who he can fire on a whim.

        The only area I disagree w/ the post is I don’t think Simon was that great on AI. He was a bully then too. An acid tongue doesn’t make for honesty. Simon ripping into Siobahn, Carly, etc over at AI wasn’t honest in the least. It was pathetic bullying of good talent who might challenge his preferred winnner. .

        Paula was honest. Yea, her glass was 99% full (of what, we’re not sure) but that’s the way she saw things. Randy was reasonably honest until Haley came along, albeit boring. Simon was manipulative in his comments.

        Honesty is Blake, Adam, & Cee Lo over on the Voice.

    • Brian says:

      Dude.. Open a new website already. Haha.

  32. MyTake says:

    Sorry for missing the line spacing :( my first time posting and I cut and pasted this. Don’t know how to edit it.

  33. john swantin says:

    this final 3 is more talented than last year’s: Carly >> Melanie; Tate>>Josh; Fifth Harmony>>>>>>>Chris

  34. HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

    Honestly I could 100% see Simon’s sneaky plan to sink down Britney’s team, with the perfectly placed strike each time and I admit they had me scared he had pulled it off, but America did not go along.
    Ironically, his trap seemed to sort of snap back on himself.

    Thankfully Carly didn’t get dumped out (Simon more or less said 1000x last night that one of these four is different (as in a time to go way) and that one is Carly) and with all the talk about we want a switch at the top and then Carly drops and then 5th may have a miracle and then they have a miracle…. but instead it just hopped them over E3 instead of dumping Carly.

    I actually would’ve taken E3 over Tate (and I have a ‘hunch’ so would have Britney going by that face hah or Simon of course (although he really seemed to want Carly safely removed not so much Tate or so it perhaps seemed, who knows)) since I’m just not a country fan and he seems just like any old country singer to me, certainly not bad, but I don’t know, nothing wow either and if it someone who does one and only one genre and you don’t like the genre to much if they are not TOTAL wow then you’re not left with much, and well actually I do know. Know exactly what we will get from him in the finale. At least with E3 maybe they’d finally spring one of their own works? (They did seem to do better the couple times it was left a bit more to them. Same said for many actually. Then again Tate did seem to survive better more often without relying on heaving backing tracks and such.)

    A bit surprised that 5th actually managed the leap over E3 (not that I’m upset, since I, unlike many of the judges would take them over E3 for sure). E3 might be a bit easier to market I suppose and maybe in that sense they have more X-Factor, but they definitely don’t have more The Voice (5th did show some Xfactor in their Demi cover and the first song this week though).

    • HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

      Anyway the one I cared about the most went through (and the one the second most also), so I can’t complain. (although I’d still love to see Beatrice up there)

  35. Max says:

    Fifth Harmony in the finals and Britney’s AWESOME faces totally made my day! Fifth Harmony to disrupt the chosen final two and become the winners of season 2!

  36. Brian says:

    I believe emblem 3 is not as douchy as you made they seem to be. I don’t know maybe it’s your own personal opinion but I find them fun to watch and entertaining. I agree about your comment on Simon’s wrong strategy for not letting them perform their original sounds if you look up on YouTube these guys actually have lots of sick tunes just listen to their songs like curious, tequila sunrise, my calling and Indigo. I’m very happy for the other acts though for making it thru I was just hoping that I can see more of emblem 3’s performance in the final. Why can’t there be four finalists. Hha. Oh well. (p/s: I look forward to your recaps every week they’re very good and funny!)

  37. Hannah says:

    I hope the judges give Fifth Harmony a fair chance in the finale next week. I’d LOVE to see the, pull off the upset win.

  38. Chris says:

    I do think the right contestant(s) went home.

    I am glad Tate and Carly are still in the competition because they’ve truly been the most consistent. However, I’ve always felt that Tate was a top contender based on who he is, how it shows, and that he fits into the “pop” country scene very well. Carly is great vocalist but she has a lot of growing to do. Being a recording artist doesn’t mean just being a technically perfect singer and I hope that resonates with her at some point – even if she goes on to win this season. However the idea of another “diva” by way of Celine Dion which she emanates is not what I buy to listen to or go see live (not that I make it a practice to see 13 years old in concert). My hope is that Tate wins the contract (and I still feel like Jennel was short changed).

    Bruno Mars is awesome.

  39. pmcd says:

    I would like to have seen Jennel, 5th Harmony and Carly in the final. If not 5th Harmony then Lyric1xx . I still don’t think Tate is anything but an amateur country singer. I do hope Carly never moves in the direction of poor technique just to seem ordinary. The great musicians have technique. Finally, I really liked 5th Harmony’s first song, both of Carly’s songs and Tate’s 2nd song. It was a mistake for Emblem3 to sing Hey Jude, but they have done some catchy songs.

  40. jann says:

    WTF with evry1 5th harmony suckssss!!! They can never do originals or the ability to make a song their own!! They r the most superficial contestants all they care about r clothes hair n they’re Caked faces!! E3 prob. Wasn’t as good vocally but they were mre sincere!! Carly or Tate for the win! Boo on Simon for tryin to sink Britney’s team! And btw demi isn’t as near good as britney- doesn’t hesitate she’s spot on unlike demi& lately Demi is keen to praise Simon n his efforts just to be on his good side!

  41. teatime says:

    If Fifth Harmony wins it will be fun. It will be a good story arc. There is no reason, other than poor choice of material or lack of promotion, they can’t have a pop hit on the radio 6 months from now. If Tate wins, the XFactor will get what they deserve for sending home good singers every chance they got to limit the competition. Tate’s a good guy and a good singer. That is all. His only memorable performance has been his audition.

  42. RD says:

    I think Britney made the face when Fifth Harmony got through because she couldn’t remember who they were.

  43. Matt says:

    Minor correction: You said Carly Rose is from Long Island, but her bio keeps saying Westchester. That’s not in Long Island, it’s north of NYC.

  44. Stacey says:

    It was so sweet. It totally backfired on Simon. His precious Emblem 3 went home. And the one he didn’t want to last, is fighting for the title. Although they have no chance. It’s either Tate or Carly’s. Hated to see Carly sweat it out. But Britney’s eyes when she realized Carly was in danger was hilarious. She should come back next year for that alone. They won’t want to have to replace too many judges since LA is going… I would have loved the drama of the two groups being held the end, and seeing FH truimph. But finding out first probably was genuinely shocking for everyone, including Simon who has been blantant in his favoring his other team!

  45. davey says:

    I haven’t watched the show regularly. Tate gets an award for singing on key but he is like every other country singer out there. He’s obviously likeable but still.

    • davey says:

      And if Carly is a technically perfect singer what happened this week?

      • Marianne says:

        Carly really didn’t sing technically imperfect this week. I think the negative comments were more regarding the production choices and her movement on ‘Imagine’. Most of the comments for ‘Your Song’ were good. I think Simon said he felt she was nervous (I didn’t) and that it wasn’t her best.

    • Guitar Blue says:

      In the larger areas like Kansas City, there are a number of Country singers similar to Tate Stevens ability. Some make a living by playing in a regional loop of the weekend venues along with County Fairs, special events and Country Night dances.

      The show will surely raise his price tag, win or lose — but he’s not a candidate for any long-term stardom. .The buzz on Tate will be mostly forgotten within a year or two. Kinda like Kevin Skinner after the new wore-off shortly after winning AGT.

  46. Marianne says:

    “This is turning into an amazing night!” –Cultural Critic and X Factor “Host” Khloe Kardashian” – – – – – I’m surprised Khloe didn’t say “phenomenal” instead of “amazing”. I’d love to know how many times she has used “phenomenal”.

  47. Tessa says:

    A couple of comments… First of all, I disagree that Simon wasn’t happy about 5H making it through. I think he was genuinely surprised and very happy! I think he almost couldn’t believe it. Also, I don’t think Britney was “cold” when Carly made it through. I honestly don’t think they knew where to go or what to do, i.e. what was expected of them. Everyone was sort of consoling E3 and they just looked like they didn’t know what they were supposed to do. Her facial expressions were so funny because her comments every week are totally scripted, so I liked the spontaneity. It was her “not impressed” face. And I think she was actually a little terrified during the elimination process. Probably she isn’t equipped for that kind of stress level – needs to up her meds.

    Lastly, Khloe K. is just awful. Did anyone else notice her groping E3. Gross…

    • HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

      It seemed like Simon was thrilled he got 5th through but then quickly a bit worried realizing maybe E3 might be in danger and not Carly or even Tate. He really seemed to want Carly gone since he kept saying he thought 5th had a miracle, E3 could win it all and Tate would be there for sure every chance he got this week. It all kinda backfired on him though.
      Britney seemed shocked about 5th since she seemed worried what it might mean for Carly or E3. At some points it did seem like there was some fear and hints of tears in her eyes so I don’t at all think that they she didn’t care about Carly.

  48. Yo' says:

    I desperately need to play some high stakes poker with Britney. (Why play the lottery?)

    • HitTheGroundRunningWonderlandHaleyOhMy says:

      Hah, me too. Me too. Definitely not the world’s hardest to read poker face hah. Gotta love it though. More true response in one look at her face than in an entire season listening to Randy.

    • gregk says:

      She has more facial expressions/contortions than Claire Danes on Homeland.

  49. Shy says:

    Britney is completely useless as judge. She lost all her personality during that meltdown few years ago. Now she is walking robot. I look at her and shake my head in disbelief every time. How can someone’s personality just die and vanish? She is not crazy. She is functional. But her head and soul are empty.
    …I remember how Britney and L.A. criticized Demi’s contestant and she was fighting with L.A. And L.A. smiled and is like: “Say something to Britney. Say!” And Demi just shut up. Which means that producers probably asked judges not to say anything negative to Britney. Like she is some 5 years old girl that won’t handle adult fight. Very sad.

    …But at least she gave us those priceless face expressions. They are amazing. It’s like she can’t control her face anymore. When she thinks: “WTF! How those chicks from Fifth Harmony went through? I can’t believe it” – her face shows it. She can’t give fake smile and pretend that she is happy.

  50. Jason says:

    Simon has no one to blame but himself. He took every ounce of originality and fun out of Emblem3 and tried to turn them intoOne Direction Clones. He should have been thinking Sublime, 311, or Green Day covers. Not The Monkees, The Beatles, and some of the other horrible songs they sang.