Scandal Recap: Shot Through the Heart, and Who's to Blame?

TONY GOLDWYN, KERRY WASHINGTONThe following recap, by the very definition of the word “recap,” contains spoilers from this Thursday’s Scandal.

This week on ABC’s Scandal, in the wake of President Grant’s shooting, Olivia flashed back to the day Fitz was sworn into office — smack dab in the midst of their torrid affair. And while Liv dealt with that drama and a possible leak about Defiance, in the present day she and Cyrus labored to keep an antsy, ambitious VP Langston at bay.

NOW…. | Ambling about the ER in a daze, Olivia finds Fitz’s blood-splattered 48-star flag pin, which launches us into the first flashback segment.

THEN… | Liv gifts Fitz with the Eisenhower heirloom, as he gets a bit handsy. Mellie interrupts, and asks about the pin — a question Fitz doesn’t answer quite as completely as he could. After Fitz is sworn in, Olivia sets up shop at the White House, where she overhears Cyrus and James fight about the former not taking the latter to the inaugural ball. (“I am not your dirty little secret, I am your boyfriend!”) After watching coverage of the ball on the telly, Liv gets summoned to the Oval Office by Fitz, who’s had his fill of dancing not with the person he wants. “We can’t…,” Olivia says, as Fitz draws close. “This can’t happen anymore.” Fitz argues, “I think it can happen… right there on that desk.” And, after Fitz avows that Liv is “the most important person in my life,” it does happen right there on the desk, as Olivia hikes up her white dress and Fitz… etcetera.

NOW… | Stephen Collins guest-stars as a news anchor guiding us through the aftermath of the shooting (using dull-as-dishwater title cards), sharing that POTUS suffered three or four bullet wounds, and that press secretary Britta was shot also. Cut to VP Sally Langston ignoring the directive to go to her residence at the Naval Observatory and instead takes a copter to the South Lawn of the White House, where she declares to cameras, “I am in place, and in charge.” As Quinn, watching TV with the rest of the gladiators, marvels, “Did that just happen?,” Cyrus storms into the Oval Office and slams the veep. “Do you know who lands on the South Lawn? The President of the United States! You are not in charge” in absence of Fitz’s death, removal from office or resignation… or her securing enough signatures form the cabinet. Elsewhere, Olivia rounds up the troops at 1600 Penn to declare, “Yes, I’m back, for as long as you need me.” Cheers!

THEN… | We start to get wind of why Sally is so power-hungry and out for herself, as she launches her VP term by reminding Fitz that she gets to name who fills the first Supreme Court vacancy. This news visibly irks Verna, who had a deal of her own with Cyrus and Olivia, as part of the Defiance scheme. Fitz, meanwhile, gets the 411 from a Secret Service agent about the camera coverage in the White House — including (ahem) the Oval Office. Not quite chagrined, POTUS asks, “So what are my options? Where aren’t there cameras?” We launch into a montage of Fitz, Liv and Cyrus hammering out the State of the Union speech, intercut with Fitz and Liv (minus Cyrus) going at it like teenagers here, there and everywhere (with policy discussions sprinkled in between heavy breathing). And then.. .Mellie shows up, pooping their party.

NOW… | In her first press sesh since reclaiming the press reigns, Olivia states that President Grant is in surgery and critical, as is Britta the press sec. The First Lady is unharmed, and “the president is still the president” (despite Langston’s shenanigans thus far). Watching, Harrison says, “It’s a wonders he ever left the White House.” So why did she? Well….

THEN… | After Mellie’s recent intrusion, Liv has been avoiding Fitz. As she explains, “I am not this person…. I’m feeling a little like Sally Hemings and Thomas Jefferson.” Later, Verna tells Liv and Cy that she doesn’t care what Grant promised Langston, “I whored every ounce of my integrity to get that man elected…. Make it happen!” Speaking of the “Quinntet”: When Liv gets word that a guy at Cytron named Jessie Tyler (aka Lindsey Dwyer’s beau) has been whispering about voting irregularities in Ohio, she loops in Hollis Doyle, who says he’ll handle it. That night, outside the White House, Fitz takes Liv to task for playing the Hemings/Jefferson “race card,” saying, “Don’t belittle us like that…. Don’t drive me away.” Liv launches into a great bit, saying, “You are away. I smile at [Mellie] and I take my clothes off for you. I wait for you, I watch for you…. You own me, you control me.” Fitz counters, “What about me? You control me, I belong to you. I’m in love with you, you’re the love of my life, I can’t breathe without you.” (Seriously, he covered every single 1980s pop song lyric.) “I wait for you, I watch for you, I exist for you…. There’s no Sally and Thomas here…. We’re in this together.”

NOW… | Press secretary Britta is pronounced dead, as Liv gets word that Langston is lobbying for signatures. Liv and Cy decide that Mellie must address the press. FLOTUS at first won’t even let Liv sit beside her at the hospital, but then sees the bigger picture and sends her rival to her closet, where Liv, clutching Fitz’s Navy sweatshirt, flashes back to their visit to the U.S. Constitution, where she first declared, “I’m in love with you too.” Then, in the closet, she breaks down sobbing. Later, speaking to the press, Mellie makes clear, “America has a living president, and his name is Fitzgerald Grant. He hasn’t given up on you, so please don’t give up on him.”

THEN… | Looking to sink Langston’s Supreme Court nom plan, Cyrus tips off James, and soon enough dirt is dug up on Sally’s boy — and she suspects Cy and his peeps did it. “I am in this for me now,” she growls, explaining her present-day power play. When Liv learns about the Cytron bombing, she confronts Doyle, who reminds, “We all done what we done — can’t get yer cherry back.” Olivia storms away, repulsed. Even when she goes to loop in the newly engaged Cyrus, he says there’s zero to do, especially 90 minutes away from the State of the Union. “Those seven people gave their lives in service to this country, Lindsey Dwyer too. That makes them patriots. And the best way to honor their sacrifice is to move on.” Shaken, Liv suffers another blow when Mellie returns the flag pin Fitz lost at the Constitution, and makes clear she knows what’s going on. “We got him in the White House and we are going to keep him there,” the First Lady says. “We just go about it… differently.” Taken all she can take, Liv places her resignation and the pin on the Oval Office desk, as the president delivers a SOTU promising, “It will be different this time.”

NOW… | Having secured enough signatures form the cabinet, Sally is sworn in as Cyrus tosses his office in frustration. And with Fitz still in critical condition — “He’s lucky to be alive,” the doctor tells Mellie — Liv returns the bloodied pin to the First Lady, who sets it at Fitz’s bedside. We then close with news coverage, where as they play back the shooting, we get the sniper’s POV, and see that the suspect — a guy of average build with a possibly shaved head, in a red hoodie — is…. Well, you saw who. But we’ll omit that here for the West Coasters.

What did you think of this week’s massive backstory download, and the shooter reveal? (And yes, I realize Fitz wasn’t necessarily shot in the heart, but it’s a good headline.)

But wait, there’s even more! In Scandal‘s weekly iTunes podcast, Bellamy Young (aka Mellie) teases the 10 additional minutes excised from this episode that will be included on the DVD. Listen to the podcast here.

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  1. Sarah says:

    #WhatTheHuck…. This was a crazy good episode.

    • Annie says:

      WORD. I admit, Huck was my first thought but then I was all “what would be the REASON?” so I talked myself out of it immediately – end result being, when the final reveal happened, I was all “NO EFFING WAY!” Excellent episode. Great handling of the backstory fill-in, and really good performances, all the way around.

  2. Elaine says:

    There better be a good reason for him to be that shooter!

  3. Slizabeth says:

    FYI, put potions instead of options up there when Fitz is talking about cameras. Haha I guess both work?

  4. Alichat says:

    Huck?? Noooo!!! There seriously better be a good explanation for this!

  5. Slizabeth says:

    I THINK that Hollis hired Huck to kill the Press Secretary. In every flashback, Britta was learning about the conspiracy, bit by unconnected bit. Maybe she was putting it together? And maybe Huck just missed. IDK.

    • Lydia says:

      I think it was the Press Secretary too (poor Lane Kim!) but that to avoid people asking why SHE was killed, it had to be part of an assassination on the President so that so one pays attention to her death and it looks like collateral damage.

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        Oooh, NICE. But did the shooter have to come so close to putting Fitz in a coffin??

        • Slizabeth says:

          I feel like Huck’s “I’m a professional killer” comment from the preview for next week’s episode COULD be used like, “If I wanted to kill him, I would have. I’m a professional killer…”

          Really I’m just hoping there’s a redeeming aspect of Huck from all this! I LOVE HIM.

          • Russ says:

            This makes total sense now. The Press Secretary was only shot once and died, while Fitz was shot multiple times and lived, Huck could have easily killed him if he wanted to.

          • DeeKayTee says:

            Exactly what I just said to my friend!

          • Alichat says:

            I like the theory, but I’m still with Matt on this. Huck is a professional killer and expert marksman. Did he have to put Fitz in a coma he may never recover from? Yes, he didn’t kill him, but he came damn close.

        • Fido says:

          re: almost killing the President – sure we know he WAS shot, but maybe some of the hospital people were paid to exaggerate his condition, him NOT being in as much peril as it appeared – thus everyone thinks he was the target, thinks he was almost killed when really he just got a little nicked while the real target was blown away.

      • Deyla says:

        I didn’t think of it like that!! Her dying in the shooting just looks like a random bullet hit her rather than her being killed another time. But why wasn’t Mellie shot? Makes me think she had something to do with it… besides just not wanting Fitz to get out of the car.

        • KCC says:

          What does Mellie have to gain if Fitz dies? She’ll lose her position as First Lady and a lot of her power.

        • Crystal says:

          I thought Mellie since the last episode. She didn’t want to get out of the car in the last episode. She kept trying to keep Fitz from getting out of the car. And then if you noticed after he was shot in this one, she breathed in and put her head down almost like she couldn’t believe it happened. I think she knows something.

      • KCC says:

        Ooh…. Good theory. I was wondering about her, and how she played into everything.

      • tmk says:

        not lane?

      • Sara says:

        That is a fantastic theory! I am going to run with it. Huck is just too good to have hit that many on accident (at least that is what the show seems to have established). And when the last time they showed the Press Secretary getting hit, it seemed like a really well aimed shot, not just a random hit. But still…did he really have to hit Fitz that many times?

      • Trista says:

        very insightful!!!! i hope that was it.

    • Mike Henigan says:

      If I am not mistaken she was shot first and not POTUS…I was thinking that with the several people shot that it wasn’t meant for the president but someone else and that being the Press Secretary. Looks like we might just be right :)

      • H.Houston says:

        I believe you are partially wrong… she took the second shot. The first one hit Fitz on the right side of his body knocking him away from the FLOTUS and THEN the press secretary was shot and then the other two shots were fired again at Fitz. And she was standing far enough away from the POTUS and FLOTUS that it does indeed look like she was targeted and not merely hit with a stray shot.

    • DeeKayTee says:

      Huck wouldn’t miss! I think someone hired him to kill the POTUS and he purposely botched it knowing if someone else were hired they would not leave him alive. My only theory seeing as Huck is one of my favorites and I loathe to see him as the bad guy! (Although, stil, a VERY bad decision, lol)

      • Chuck Finley (AJ) says:

        Let’s just throw the second gunman theory out there as well. Maybe Huck was supposed to wound the President and kill the press lady, and then a second shooter was placed for the headshot on Fitz to make sure Huck was a dead man. All we are missing ins a grassy knoll lol.

    • pam says:

      Possible, but Huck is a professional assassin. I don’t think he would miss.

  6. ashley says:

    Well, I didn’t think it would be who it was, but I expected it to be one of the hired killers that were in the room several episodes ago.

  7. Karen B. says:

    Insane and great epi. What now!?!

  8. Leslie says:

    Remember how Mellie begged him to not get out of the car and not go to the party? I think she’s behind this somehow.

    • Chuck Finley (AJ) says:

      I assumed that as well. Seemed like she knew something was going to happen and had a change of heart at the last second. Could just be a coincidence they threw in there to throw people off what was said above about the press secretary being the real target.

      • KCC says:

        She doesn’t gain anything from his death, neither does Hollis. Mellie has more power as First Lady and Hollis has power by keeping Cyrus and Olivia on his leash.

        • Pearl says:

          I keep my impression from before the shooting, that Mellie had arranged all this so she could become the most expressive candidate on next election, like the mothe rof America’s baby and a widow, she would be very appealing on a race. We saw how the reporter was very sided with her, about she staying on the White House. But why Huck? I don’t think Huck knew. I think Mellie made huck aware that the Press Secretary was getting close from what the quintet did, then told him something about POTUS being responsible for the pain in Olivia’s life. Huck went for the best chance of shooting him, on an event that would give a lot of space for him to shoot them, he shot the press secretary to protect Livie and the POTUS at angry of what he did to her, what explains so many shots, (shot on the head was cleary to kill), he was angry, so he shot more than once..

    • Slizabeth says:

      I think she was just genuinely trying to avoid Olivia and all the drama that now seems so insignificant. Mellie is selfish enough about her First Ladydom to give a press conference hours after the shooting… I don’t think she’d risk killing Fitz.

    • H.Houston says:

      I thought the same thing – I thought she at least knew what was getting ready to happen. I think she was aware of this because I bet Hollis told her the only way to make the digging stop would be to get rid of the ones that were looking or that knew anything.

      However, the big question that was NOT answered… how did Mellie get involved with the other four at that table? We were shown in that one episode how the other four ended up there… but NOT how she ended up there….

  9. T says:

    That was sooo good I’m about to watch it again! Well done Shonda!!!

  10. Deyla says:

    Short list of people behind the shooting: Hollis or the VP Sally…Mellie knew something bad was going to happen which leads to me thinking it was Hollis, because of their whole baddiebee voting fraud group.BUT the VP is so freakin’ crazy to me that she could have been plotting this too. I also think the press secretary was onto the voting fraud somehow and had to be taken out to because of it…my thing is, why wait all these years to kill her? Did she just realize what she had stumbled upon??

    • Emster says:

      CONSPIRACY ALERT: I wonder if James called Britta for an official comment after/during his trip to Defiance, she put the pieces together and asked Hollis about it, he called Huck for the job to implicate Liv and get her out of the way, and Huck put a bullet in Fitz to cover his tracks. He said he was going to do something about it.

      Then again, every time I make guesses about a Shonda Rhimes show I’m wrong.

      • Slizabeth says:

        I feel like Huck would shoot ANYONE for Olivia. So this is kind of plausible!

      • KCC says:

        This makes sense

      • H.Houston says:

        Oh that makes sense…. Hollis couldn’t really have James killed or destroyed because he would lose Cyrus… BUT if the information was cut off then James wouldn’t be able to get it readily and would have to start over. But I bet you are right, right after James heard that story at the bday party dinner he ran back to his office and found the papers that David gave him…. ut oh

    • melissa says:

      I agree with you why wait years to kill her? unless I missed something along the way wasn’t it years ago when she started to piece things together about the voting fraud. when did they show in the present that she was onto something. also can someone tell me what olivia said to huck in the past outside the white house?

  11. Phi says:

    Excellent Excellent Episode

  12. chris says:

    OK I believe that the president planned everything, and i believe that all of his speeches tonight were a good indicator of that. he said ” It will be different this time.” The entire episode he continues to say that he loves her, and he can’t breathe without her. He was so unhappy without her that i don’t think that he actually wanted to live anyone. This was his plan for being with Olivia. He knew what would happen, and he knew the right person to do it. But, this won’t go the way he plans it too. Cyrus will get him back into office.

    • Intrigued says:

      Yes I agree with you Chris, after the Pres paid a detective to take pictures of Liv and the senator He devised a plan to break them apart. I believe somehow He hired Huck without Liv knowledge
      To do the job!!!

      • Karen Elizabeth says:

        But why Huck & not Charlie? Huck is suppose to be tight with olivia, and as a trained assassin, he was pretty sloppy with the rifle besides the shot on the Press secertary. Maybe Huck has a twin brother…

  13. juan says:

    Great episode, I’m so mad huck did it, it sucks

  14. Alichat says:

    Fitz counters, “What about me? You control me, I belong to you. I’m in love with you, you’re the love of my life, I can’t breathe without you.” (Seriously, he covered every single 1980s pop song lyric.) “I wait for you, I watch for you, I exist for you…. There’s no Sally and Thomas here…. We’re in this together.”

    It was 80s pop filled, but delivered with complete sincerity. Tony Goldwyn was great in that scene…..I seriously felt so heartbroken for him.

  15. Dawn says:

    I really hope that Fitz doesn’t end up not remembering his love of Olivia but I’m expecting that. He’s just going to fall in love with her again.

  16. Josh says:

    Shonda clearly has issues with Rory Gilmore’s best friends :p

  17. I don’t care about Fitz, he can die for all I care. But not Huck, :( This was almost as shocking when I found out it was Toby was part of the A Team. :(

  18. Kategrmx says:

    Is it me but this whole shooting the president and have flashbacks feels like The West Wing episodes “In the shadow of two gunmen I and II”?? been there done that!

  19. Ruins Barry says:

    Okay. Hear me out. Does anyone know what happened to Billy? The last time we saw him was in the elevator with Charlie. Charlie was suppose to take out Billy by request from Huck because Olivia told Huck not to. Is it possible that Billy is behind all of this with a little help from Charlie. Remember, he wanted nothing more than for Sally to be President. What do you think???

    • Trista says:

      I don’t remember Billy and Charlie. Who were they?

    • melissa says:

      I have been asking my self that question many times – where is Billy. But I think Cyrus hired charlie to kill billy. remember how they flashed back to cyrus in his garden after the elevator scene

    • dinadingo says:

      Exactly!!!! They never finished the Billy plot. Totally left it up in the air. I’m betting he is behind this. He was much too big an actor for one season. I think huck killed the press secretary to get Olivia back in the White House where she’s better positioned to cover up the voter fraud. Have to think about the other guy that was shot too. Which secret service dude was it again?

  20. Jooshua says:

    I think there was a second shooter.. Huck was there to kill that woman and someone else was there to kill Fitz.

    • Russ says:

      No, Huck collected multiple bullet casings the Press Secretary was only shot once.

      • Chuck Finley (AJ) says:

        Doesn’t mean that he was the one to headshot Fitz. I may go back and count the shots and how many casings he collected. It did seem as if he was missing one and searching for it.

        • Chuck Finley (AJ) says:

          And by searching I mean did he lose one casing, or did he count the shots in his head and thought he fired one more than he actually did and is short once casing.

    • Jenifer says:

      That is VERY possible…I like that theory

  21. Ana says:

    I am a Grey’s super fan. For years it has been my number one show, but dang it if Scandal is so crazy good that I’m getting ready to switch my allegiance. Outstanding! Everything. How this is not the number drama on TV right now it’s a mystery to me. Fritz and Olivia, good lord, is there a hotter couple out there? And the ending? Huck???? What???? Shonda must be really proud of this show….

  22. OpenSesame says:

    Superb episode. Didn’t guess Huck for the shooter at all, can’t wait to find out the story there. Is President Grant no more? If Sally has taken an oath, she’s the President now and unless she’s impeached or something, I think that’s Fitz done as the president. I hope not. And what can we say about Fitz and Olivia? I don’t know what casting gods were responsible for pairing Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn but they need to set up shop predicting the lottery because they have landed the JACKPOT with these two. Out of this world chemistry that really drives the show. Next week hurry up!

    • KSM says:

      That’s not how it works. A VP can take over for a short time in the event the President is incapacitated. She still has to take the oath. But he gets the Presidency back if he lives.

      • Slizabeth says:

        AND the best part is that to be the President, she had to resign as Vice President. So technically, if Fitz resumes his Presidency, he could nominate a new VP and have that person confirmed to take Sally’s spot.

        • Heather says:

          She is only acting president, so she hasn’t resigned, and would still be VP when Fitz resumes his duties. If you search Wikipedia on the 25th amendment, it does a good job of explaining the situation.

    • Karen Elizabeth says:

      Amen to casting TG/KW just gold.

    • Em says:

      RE: TG/KW – You’re so right… I NEVER would have guessed it, but they are electric! The actress who plays Mellie is also great (I <3 her)… Cyrus, the team… the casting is just so awesome! OH! and the guy who plays Edison was on BROADWAY in Les Miserable! HE WAS SOOOOO GOOOD! He's an AMAZING singer! I recommend watching his performance on PBS (I think)… so good!

  23. Kaliera says:

    You can tell that Shonda Rhimes wrote this episode. Fitz’s speech to Olivia has the same rhythm and similar wording as Derek’s to Meredith (You think I want to be looking at you) right before he slept with her in that exam room.

    And just like Greys I don’t know if I can ever fully get aboard Olivia/Fitz considering how they started. Infidelity is just horrible, and being too weak not to act on your feelings and continue to do that to another woman is just inviting bad Karma.

  24. Fitz&Olivia says:

    Was Fitz holding her breast in their Oval Office foreplay?!

  25. Anna says:

    This episode was everything you said it would be. Thanks Matt!

  26. Caro says:

    Tony and Kerry have so much chemistry it’s ridiculous. That’s all I know.

  27. Sammy says:

    I’m glad that you laced your spoiler warning with sarcasm. It really annoys me when people read recaps and then complain about spoilage

  28. Renee says:

    Oh man Matt. I don’t even watch this show, but that heading? You’re giving me 80’s flashbacks.

  29. L says:

    They need to brush up on their constitution at Scandal. The VP is already in charge when the president is incapacitated so Cyrus bullying her was idiotic… as soon as the president is out of commission the VP takes over, they dont need to be sworn in…. and taking the step of being sworn in before the president is actually dead risks a constitutional crisis if he recovers… in reality they would go on as acting president until the president actually died or it was felt he would not recover.

    • KSM says:

      No, she still needed the Cabinet to give her the OK. Also, I think you have to take the oath even if you are acting President. But she definitely didn’t just assume Acting President when he was incapacitated. The President has to give that OK, and, if he can’t you need the Cabinet.

    • H.Houston says:

      25th Amendment, Section 4 deals with what happens when a President is incapacitated and the Vice President must step into the role – this section is not the same as when the President temporarily makes the VP the Acting President (like when the President has a medical procedure that will require sedation – that is section 3). The VP and a majority of the cabinet sign and send a written statement that the President is unable to fulfill their obligation of their office and that the VP will be the Acting President. This section of the amendment has never been used. This is reversed by the President writing a statement that they are fit and able to discharge their duties as the President again. (I am a Constitutional junkie)

  30. Anna says:

    and i guess huck didn’t leave any fingerprints there huh? :))

  31. M says:

    Couldn’t it just have been a few shots well placed to do damage but not kill the man to the torso? I fret about the fact he took a bullet to the head…

  32. Dawnmac says:

    My God what is wrong with you people Huck just killed someone in cild blood. I don’t care if it was for Olivia or the President, it is still wrong. Olivia trying to take down David for doing the right thing is wrong. Blaming the Praidents wife fir being bitter is completely wrong. Olivia is sleeping with her husband…. Calling her selfish for making that speech when Olivia asked her too and even when she clearly didn’t want to is brave bot selfish. Olivia and Fitz sleeping together all over the Oval Office is selfish. Olivia is not a hero she tramples all over the Constitutiin to get what she and the people she surrounds herself with what they want and what they feel they deserve to he with innocent bystanders. The press secretary was getting to close to the truth so she had to be killed…I repeat what the hell is wrong with you people.

  33. B says:

    Tony and Kerry’s chemistry is amazing. ‘Nuff said. This episode felt like a two-hour show with the amount of dialogue and story they fit in, which speaks to the excellent pacing and story-breaking. Really well done. Also, I love Cy’s diatribes. The first one about what would happen if Fitz left office is what what hooked me on the show.

    What I enjoy most about the show is that they don’t string the conspiracy along. There’s no Cigarette-Smoking Man, no mole. They tell the audience straight up what’s going on and then explain after the fact, which has been immensely entertaining and even more jarring (I think) than letting the audience go nuts with crazy theories. Really good episode!

  34. susela says:

    It made no sense to me that Fitz was shown with his head swathed in bandages and the doctor assured Mellie that the pressure in his brain was stabilizing…but in the slo-mo of the shooting event, Fitz took no shots at all to the head, only to what seemed like the arm and torso. When they hustled him back into that limo, his head was not bleeding at all. That’s pretty sloppy, Shonda.

    • Wallace says:

      You obviously didn’t watch close enough but it was at the limo when he got shot in the head. Pay attention next time before making a comment.

    • Fitz definitely took a shot to the head, it’s at the end of the episode where you see it.

    • H.Houston says:

      Shot 1: Fitz is hit in the right side of his torso
      Shot 2: Press Secretary is hit
      Shot 3: The bodyguard and the president were both hit
      Shot 4: head shot… I am not sure it was initially intended as a head shot however, it was when they were trying to shove him in the car

  35. intelliwoman says:

    I keep trying to watch this, but I can’t stand the arrogant over acting no talent Kerry Washington, and she and the guy who plays the president have absolute 0 chemistry

    • Lucie Jones says:

      Wrong. On all points.

    • Dawn says:

      You have the right to your opinion; however, if you are not enjoying the show, then stop watching it! If you are not amuse or like the show, or the actors stop watching the show. We are here to discuss a show we find interesting and fun. It is just a TV Show. I do not think that you are watching the same show that we watching. You are letting your dislike for the actors cloud your judgement and therefore you are not going to enjoy it. So just give it up and stop annoying us on the message board. Take your pity party somewhere else.

    • H.Houston says:

      obviously not partaking of your nickname are you sweetie

    • Em says:

      I always notice that a certain type of person places, in their user names, traits to which they cannot measure. “Intelli”woman… it’s called, change the channel. You are clearly trolling. I have not seen chemistry like that, on-screen, in a VERY long time. Why watch a show when you cannot stand its stars… that does not sound too “intelli” to me.

    • dee says:

      Anyone who doesn’t see the chemistry between KW/TG has NEVER been in love — therefore they don’t see it. Too bad.

  36. Jenifer says:

    Before they get out of the limo, Mellie says she doesnt want to go, and that they could just go home…but it almost looks as though she is having second thoughts bc she KNEW something was going to happen…I think she is in on it…

  37. Amy H says:

    I slo-mo’d the pic of the shooter, and it seemed to me that it wasn’t Huck. Anyone else try it? Could the previews just be a misdirection?

    • Connie says:

      I was thinking the same- I had a hard time telling if it was Huck. It sure seems like he would kill ONLY for Liv- so who would he have been doing this for? Unless whoever it is blackmailed him and said “Do this or I (we) will kill Liv.” I think it may be the whole “group.” It was ordered by either Hollis, or that Supreme Court Justice… because they did make it seem like Mellie knew something was going to happen that she was privy to when she told Fitz she didn’t want to go. I can usually figure these things out- but this one has me totally thrown. This show has me hooked! I wish they could just keep them coming- can’t believe next week is the last one for a while. I wonder how long of a “hiatus” it will be…

  38. Allison says:

    So many things I just love about this show! The chemistry is amazing between Liv and Fitz! President Fitz makes me want to be Liv week after week! Now, I really thing when they go back and show what really happened its possible Huck was sent there to kill the press secretary as she knew something that may tie to James away being nosey.. Hollis has to be behind it as he was with Quinn’s set up. But, the only thing who was the other shooter! I really believe there is 2. I read an interview and Diaz who I believe is Huck said he can confirm that Huck becomes Olivia’s client! Can’t wait for more…..

    • melissa says:

      in the coming attractions that’s maybe why you see Olivia and huck walking together. maybe she takes him on as her client. or that scene shows that they know each other and people will start asking olivia how she knows him. I couldn’t hear what Olivia said to Huck at the security gate in the past. did she ask him to take care of the problem at Cytron?

  39. sydiest says:

    It was Mellie remember how she didn’t want Fitz to go into the Gala. She was sick of being played for a fool by Olivia and Fitz. She has her own white house ambition. She knows of Huck.

  40. Amy says:

    I do wonder about Fitz being shot in the head. Not like he’ll be back in the White House any time soon. There’ll be all kinds of questions of whether he’s able to run the country. Still don’t think Huck is the shooter. Maybe accused, but not the one. Hollis trying to get rid of everyone involved, and Huck’s included in that so another case of framing the wrong person.

  41. Mellie has everything to gain if Fitz dies, she basically gets to be America’s First Lady for the rest of her life. Win/win for her.

  42. Annick says:

    It might be Fitz himself who ordered his own hit…It is far fetch, but it is a way to free himself from the presidency and Mellie so he can be with Olivia, now that he thinks he lost her to the other guy… And Huck would do it for Olivia. It’s just a theory….

  43. catherine says:

    anybody knows whats on pages 4 and 5?

  44. Kizzy says:

    It was Becky. Didn’t she tell him to come to the hotel? She was a plant all along!

  45. Ruddy says:

    only watched the episode now love all your comments.